The Disney Parks page.

Hello and welcome to my new page on my blog… the Disney Parks page. In this page I will discuss all things that are related to the Disney parks. Whether that is my love of the parks, my favorite or least favorite things of the parks. News and any other great Disney park topics that  I can think of. I go to Disney pretty often and I think I know enough to share some advice or my opinion on certain attractions and shows from the Disney Parks. So let’s kick things off with my discussion on why I love the Magic Kingdom.



Why I love the Magic Kingdom




There are so many reasons why I love the Magic Kingdom. When you think about Disney, this is one of the things you think about… The Magic Kingdom. The thought of going to this magical place where princess and pirates hang out and where dreams come true. We all have dreams and if we believe in them, they are sure to come true.


The transportation to get to the Magic Kingdom are some of the best modes of transportation in all of Disney World. You have the monorail or the ferryboat and both have their pros and cons. The ferryboat really helps build excitement for your day ahead. It can hold a lot of people, and if you are lucky and can look out the side of the boat you get to watch the beautiful castle come closer and closer. You can also ride the ferry back to your car which has the opposite effect. As it takes you away from the Magic Kingdom. The monorail is as classic as any ride in Disney World. Now the monorail can also take guests to Epcot and resorts that are on the monorail line. But mostly it takes you to the Magic Kingdom and you get that sense like in the ferry that you are on your way to the most magical place on earth. Unless you get a window seat, the castle might not be visible until you get off, but you can usually at least see Space Mountain. But once you get off and you enter through the gate, you see all the people enjoying their day at the Magic Kingdom.

The train is another reason I love the Magic Kingdom. My nephew loves trains so this is something we always do, ride the Disney train. And I love to hear the announcement that the trani is making a round trip around the Magic Kingdom. There are 4 trains at the Magic Kingdom, the Walter E.Disney, The Lillie Belle, the Roy O. Disney and the Roger O. Broggie. Maybe in another blog I will go into more detail about the trains. But the train helps you realize that you are in the Magic Kingdom.

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The food is also a great part of the Magic Kingdom. I love mexican food so I love to go to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. It has a large amount of seating, great food and you can use the mobile order system on the My Disney Experience app which cuts down waiting time for your food. I have eaten here in the rain and when a bird stole one of my nephews food. We were sitting outside and my nephew was not eating is food so an egret just walked over and grabbed it and walked away. It clearly had done it before. It knew exactly what to do. But there are other awesome places to eat like Be Our Guest, Casey’s and even Cosmic Rays. I have never understood why this restaurant gets so much hate. It is large and has good food plus if you eat here as the sun goes down, you get to watch the castle light up and it makes the night so much nicer. I have eaten at Cosmic Rays many times and have never been disappointed.


Now let’s talk about the rides.. Peter Pan’s Flight is my favorite ride in all of Disney. It is a classic dark ride about one of Disney best movies, Peter Pan. How can I hate this ride? You get in a pirate ship and fly around Neverland. Fun Fact look for Ariel in this ride. Just look for the mermaid with red hair. But other than Peter Pan’s Flight there are so many awesome rides and attractions. I love the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear. The list could go on forever. I do have some rides that I am not fond of in the Magic Kingdom but I still love watching my family go on them and they get to experience something that may never experience.


The night life of the Magic Kingdom is great too. The castle shines in various colors as we wait for the best nighttime show ever to appear on the castle… Happily Ever After. I loved Wishes but this new fireworks show blows Wishes out of the water. The love given to Disney movies that really needed some love like Hunchback is shown in this show. And the projections on the castle are awesome. Also the Lion King is my favorite movie so I was really happy when the Lion King is featured quite heavily I might add in this amazing show. Oh I just love the Magic Kingdom!!!


There are so  many other things that I love about the Magic Kingdom. But I think I will end this session of my love for the Disney parks here. I look forward to sharing what I love about all of the parks. So until next time….May all your dreams come true.