The Disney Parks page.

Hello and welcome to my new page on my blog… the Disney Parks page. On this page I will discuss all things that are related to the Disney parks. Whether that is my love of the parks, my favorite or least favorite things of the parks. News and any other great Disney park topics that  I can think of. I go to Disney pretty often and I think I know enough to share some advice or my opinion on certain attractions and shows from the Disney Parks.

Disney Bag Security Check Etiquette

I recently wrote about how to deal with rain in Disney World. Well now I would like to share some tips I have learned over the many years of going to Disney about going  through bag check. These tips will help move this process along and not just help you but the millions of people behind you.


  1. How to pack your bag.

The security guard will check everything in your bag. So to make things easier try to put everything in your bag in a clear ziploc bag. This helps keep things together and also allows the guard to see everything you have in that ziploc bag so that he doesn’t have to open that as well.

2. Know what not to pack.

As long as you don’t pack weapons, questionable items, lose ice and animals such as monkeys, parrots or tigers (yes someone actually thought she could bring a tiger into the park) you should get through security. But a trip back to the car to put back what is not allowed in the park is pain you don’t want.

3. Have your bag opened before you get to the table.

This will also help move things along if you have every pocket of your bag opened for quick access for the guard.

4. There are 2 sides of the table.

This one is pretty obvious but it baffles me how many people  go to one side of the table when there are actually 2

5. Divide and conquer.

Not everyone in your party has to go through the bag check. Unless you have multiple bags choose one member from your party and let them go through bag check while everyone else just goes through the no bag line. In my party each member gets a turn going through the bag check. It is always fun deciding who it will be this time.


So there we have it. Those are my 5 tips for getting through bag check as quickly as possible. Did I leave any out? What tips do you have? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like this please share it with a friend. So until next time Disney fans… May all your dreams come true.




Why I keep coming back to Disney World


I love going to Disney World. There are many different reasons for why I will always be returning to Disney World. So in no particular order here are 6 reasons for why I will always return to Disney World.

  1. There is always something new to try.  Disney World is massive with many things to do. From parks to resorts and other hidden gems in between. I have been many times and still have not done everything. I look forward to coming back and trying something new. I have yet to do the Hoop-de-doo revue, or a character meal or even conquered all of the mountains. There is so many things to do. That is one of the reasons I love returning to Disney World.


2. I love Disney. Disney is awesome and this is one of the reasons I love coming to Disney World. I get to be in a world surrounded by all the different stories and characters from my favorite Disney movies. I love the Lion King so anything Lion King is a must do when I visit Disney World. I also love Peter Pan. So Peter Pan’s Flight is a must do. There are so many things that I love about DIsney and Disney World lets me enjoy on a different level.




3. The Resorts. As I said before I have not done everything and that includes staying at all of the Disney resorts. Now I don’t have to stay at the resorts to enjoy them. There are restaurants and other reasons to visit a Disney Resort. During Christmas all of the resorts will have their own Christmas tree decorated to match the theme of the resort. So Animal Kingdom Lodge has a massive tree dedicated to animals. Also The Grand Floridian creates a massive gingerbread house. There are so many wonderful resorts that I have stayed at. Pop Century and Port Orleans Riverside are awesome Disney resorts. 


4. There is so much to do. I am not a big roller coaster fan, but at Disney World you don’t have to be. There are so many attractions and rides that are not roller coasters that I love doing at Disney World. The peoplemover, the Haunted Mansion. The list goes on.


5. The Fireworks. If you know anything about Disney, you know that they have the best fireworks shows in the world. And often times we find ourselves comparing other firework shows to Disney’s. And time after time Disney is always supreme. I loved Wishes and Illuminations and I am sure I will love Illuminations replacement. And I absolutely love Happily Ever After. So yes the fireworks keep me coming back to Disney World.


6. My nephews. Taking my nephews to Disney World has been a blessing that I will treasure forever. I love taking them for the first time and letting them experience the Disney Magic. They always have a blast and they can’t wait to come back. Plus as their uncle I get to share something that I love with them. All of my nephews are DIsney fans and I can’t wait to bring them back to the Happiest Place on Earth.


So there we have it. Those are the 6 reasons why I love returning to Disney World. And I will keep coming back to Disney World. Nothing will ever change my love for Disney and Disney World. So what are some reasons you keep returning to Disney World?








What to do in Disney World when it rains.


Recently I have been seeing a lot of people ask what to do when it rains at Disney World. Or they are bummed when the forecast shows a 80% chance of rain every day during their stay at Disney World. Well I am here to help share some of the tips that I have learned and used when it rains at Disney World.

1. Know what living in Florida is like.

I live in Florida and I love it here. Yes the cold bothers me so I would hate to live anywhere it is cold for a long time. After Christmas, cold has no more use to me. But when you live in Florida you generally never have to worry about cold. Heat on the other hand, yes you do have to deal with Florida heat and I love it. With this heat however comes rain. But in Florida it mostly rains in the afternoon and that is it. By the time you get on your poncho in the Magic Kingdom or run for shelter, the rain is over. Now every now and then there will be a thunderstorm where it looks like it is the end of the world. So bottomline weather is unpredictable. I have been in the park with the 80% chance of rain and not a drop of rain falls. I have also been in the parks with a no chance of rain and it pours. I really love the cloudless rain. Like where is it coming from? So always be prepared for the weather.

2. Do not leave the parks when it rains!!!

As I said earlier showers in the afternoon are usually short. But even if they aren’t do not leave the park. If you are in the Magic Kingdom or Epcot, there are many attractions that are indoors. And unless it involves water they should not close due to a storm. Also if it rains this might be a good time to have lunch or go shopping. Even at Disney Springs, there are tons of places to get inside and still have a good time at Disney. Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom may have less indoor options but they are there. Voyage of the Little Mermaid is a nice option in Hollywood Studios or the Frozen Sing Along. In Animal Kingdom you have It’s Tough to be a Bug or Festival of the Lion King. These shows are quite long to so maybe by the time it is over the rain might be over too. Also in the Magic Kingdom if it is a deluge where you where your poncho all day, you might be treated to a rare parade that ONLY happens during a rainy day at the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom Rainy Day Cavalcade. This when many Disney characters get into various vehicles and drive down Main Street. Again this only happens on a rainy day so if you stay in the park you would be experiencing something that not many people get to experience. I have never experienced it myself. Also because people don’t like rain and leave wait time for certain rides might go down. Or up depending on whether it is inside or not. Sometimes you will get to see a different version of a show if it rains. In Hollywood Studios if Fantasmic is rained out there is a condensed version of Fantasmic. No Mickey vs. Dragon but it would still be an awesome show. And by the time you leave and get to your mode of transportation the rain could be over and now you have lost a day in the park. So when it rains in Disney just put on that poncho and keep on going.


3. If it rains do not take it out on the cast members.

Cast Members can do many things but they can not control the weather. Pudge the fish does. So if it rains and a ride has to be closed please be kind to the Cast Members and do what they ask. Your day doesn’t have to be ruined just because of the rain. This was a short one but an important piece of advice. Cast Members have to do a lot already and they don’t need guests yelling at Cast Members who have no control of the weather. And think about it, if the ride has to close during a storm, there is probably a good reason and the Cast Members are trying to keep you safe.

4. If there is a threat of a hurricane do not cancel your trip.

Again I live in Florida and have survived many hurricanes. If one is heading this way and you have a Disney trip during that time, do not cancel. Let the other people cancel and watch the crowds plummet and many rides that can have 60 minute waits become 30 minute waits or even walk ons. I have been to Disney during the threat of a hurricane and it was one of the best Disney trips ever. Also if the parks close and you have to stay in your resort during the hurricane you are literally in the safest place in the world to wait out a hurricane. Disney World is a self sustaining city. They have their own power plant, water facility and they have enough supplies to feed a small city for days. Also resorts will have fun activities to do character meet ups. Trust me you will regret canceling your trip if a hurricane is heading our way. That is not me saying out your life in danger just for a Disney trip. What I am saying is if you want low crowds and low wait times for ride at Disney, go during a hurricane. You won’t regret it.

5. Use ponchos not umbrellas.

When it rains at Disney World it is more practical to wear ponchos than use umbrellas. You have to cart the umbrella around where ever you go, you have to make sure that you don’t hit anyone when your umbrella is up and a parade of umbrellas in a limited space is never fun. And with the massive crowds at Disney there is not much room left for tons of umbrellas. Ponchos are cheap and easy to pack. Also bring a plastic bag to put the wet ponchos in when the rain stops and air them out when you get back to your resort.

Well these were just of the many other tips I am sure other people have discussed already. If you have any tips for how you handle rain when it comes to Disney World, please share in the comments below. And if you like this please share it with a friend. Get the word out that your life doesn’t end if it rains at Disney. You are in Disney World. There is no bad part of Disney World. Except leaving it, that part is bad and sad and oh  hate it. Ok until next time put on your poncho and always remember … May all your dreams come true.




Why I love the Magic Kingdom




There are so many reasons why I love the Magic Kingdom. When you think about Disney, this is one of the things you think about… The Magic Kingdom. The thought of going to this magical place where princess and pirates hang out and where dreams come true. We all have dreams and if we believe in them, they are sure to come true.


The transportation to get to the Magic Kingdom are some of the best modes of transportation in all of Disney World. You have the monorail or the ferryboat and both have their pros and cons. The ferryboat really helps build excitement for your day ahead. It can hold a lot of people, and if you are lucky and can look out the side of the boat you get to watch the beautiful castle come closer and closer. You can also ride the ferry back to your car which has the opposite effect. As it takes you away from the Magic Kingdom. The monorail is as classic as any ride in Disney World. Now the monorail can also take guests to Epcot and resorts that are on the monorail line. But mostly it takes you to the Magic Kingdom and you get that sense like in the ferry that you are on your way to the most magical place on earth. Unless you get a window seat, the castle might not be visible until you get off, but you can usually at least see Space Mountain. But once you get off and you enter through the gate, you see all the people enjoying their day at the Magic Kingdom.



The train is another reason I love the Magic Kingdom. My nephew loves trains so this is something we always do, ride the Disney train. And I love to hear the announcement that the trani is making a round trip around the Magic Kingdom. There are 4 trains at the Magic Kingdom, the Walter E.Disney, The Lillie Belle, the Roy O. Disney and the Roger O. Broggie. Maybe in another blog I will go into more detail about the trains. But the train helps you realize that you are in the Magic Kingdom.

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The food is also a great part of the Magic Kingdom. I love mexican food so I love to go to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. It has a large amount of seating, great food and you can use the mobile order system on the My Disney Experience app which cuts down waiting time for your food. I have eaten here in the rain and when a bird stole one of my nephews food. We were sitting outside and my nephew was not eating is food so an egret just walked over and grabbed it and walked away. It clearly had done it before. It knew exactly what to do. But there are other awesome places to eat like Be Our Guest, Casey’s and even Cosmic Rays. I have never understood why this restaurant gets so much hate. It is large and has good food plus if you eat here as the sun goes down, you get to watch the castle light up and it makes the night so much nicer. I have eaten at Cosmic Rays many times and have never been disappointed.




Now let’s talk about the rides.. Peter Pan’s Flight is my favorite ride in all of Disney. It is a classic dark ride about one of Disney best movies, Peter Pan. How can I hate this ride? You get in a pirate ship and fly around Neverland. Fun Fact look for Ariel in this ride. Just look for the mermaid with red hair. But other than Peter Pan’s Flight there are so many awesome rides and attractions. I love the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear. The list could go on forever. I do have some rides that I am not fond of in the Magic Kingdom but I still love watching my family go on them and they get to experience something that may never experience.




The night life of the Magic Kingdom is great too. The castle shines in various colors as we wait for the best nighttime show ever to appear on the castle… Happily Ever After. I loved Wishes but this new fireworks show blows Wishes out of the water. The love given to Disney movies that really needed some love like Hunchback is shown in this show. And the projections on the castle are awesome. Also the Lion King is my favorite movie so I was really happy when the Lion King is featured quite heavily I might add in this amazing show. Oh I just love the Magic Kingdom!!!


There are so  many other things that I love about the Magic Kingdom. But I think I will end this session of my love for the Disney parks here. I look forward to sharing what I love about all of the parks. So until next time….May all your dreams come true.