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The Spinarak family


Today we are talking about a bug/poison Pokemon named Spinarak and Ariados. Both Pokemon are based on spiders, with Spinarak being based on the happy face spider. Ariados seems to be based on spitting spiders. These spiders are able to spit their webs from both ends and can swing through the trees. Spinarak evolves into Ariados at level 22. Spinarak and Ariados are bug/poison which is a quite common type combo. They have 4 weaknesses and isn’t immune to anything. They are weak to Stealth Rocks. They are not the strongest pokemon. They are very slow for spiders but their attack is their strongest stat. Being bug/poison has its advantages and disadvantages. It is good against the powerful Fairy type,but weak to very common types like Fire and Flying. While not my favorite Pokemon but they are not bad. I do love Ariados’ shiny. The Spinarak family have had a few appearances in the anime but no main characters own one. They are gen 2 pokemon and you face a Spinarak in Bugsy’s gym in Gold and Silver.  The Spinarak family are cool Pokemon. So do you like the Spinarak family? Let me know in the comments below.







The Honedge family


Today we are going to talk about a rather unique Pokemon family. The Honedge family are an evolutionary line of a Steel/Ghost type. Honedge evolves into Doublade at level 35 and Doublade evolves into Aegislash with the use of a Dusk Stone. No other Pokemon has Honedge’s type combination of Steel/Ghost.  They are seem to be based on the sword and the shield. Honedge is a single sword with an eye on the hilt. It’s Pokedex entry states that if one touches the hilt, Honedge drains the person of their life energy. Honedge as the ability No Guard which allows Honedge to hit through anything. Due to being a sword, Honedge and its family learn many sword based moves such as Sacred Sword. Being Steel/Ghost, Honedge and its family have 9 resistances are are weak to 4 very common types. Aegislash is not a bad Pokemon on competitive play. It has the ability Stance Change which allows Aegislash to attack or defend itself based on the attack it is using. This makes Aegislash unpredictable and able to strike at anytime. It has no fear of entry hazards or poison, though it doesn’t like being burned. While Honedge and its family are very cool Pokemon and I love the concept of a Pokemon sword, however it is not one of my favorites. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. I have used Aegislash from time to time and it has never let me down, so I know from experience that it is a useful and good Pokemon. Doublade, Honedge’s middle evolution also has No Guard for its ability. This actually makes since. Honedge and Doublade are both swords with no shield. There is no way to block an attack. But Aegislash has a sword and shield so it makes since that its ability would be different. And while Doublade has no shield,  it is tied with its final evolution of having the highest defense of all Ghost types. So have you ever used Honedge and its family? Is it one of your favorite Pokemon? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like this share it with a friend. So until next time always remember… Pokemon are awesome.








Staryu and Starmie


Introduced in Gen 1, Staryu and its evolution Starmie have been fan favorites of Pokemon fans since the beginning. Starmie is an awesome Pokemon to battle with and have in a team.. It can be a sweeper, or a spinner.  With access to attacks like Scald, Recover, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam as well as Psychic and Dazzling Gleam, Starmie and Staryu are a force to be reckoned with. Design wise their design is not terrible. Staryu resembles a golden star but also resembles a starfish. It can regrow its arms like a starfish if they are bitten off. Starmie has one of the best shiny color designs and I love that I have one. Staryu and Starmie have been used many times in the anime, most notably from Misty the water gym leader of Cerulean City. Interesting, Misty seemed to favor her Staryu over her move powerful and evolved Starmie. Staryu has won Misty some tough battles. Staryu has been a pokeball item for Super Smash bros since Melee. Staryu is pretty powerful too and can be used in the Little Cup tier. It evolves by a water stone so you can easily train up Staryu to learn all of the moves you want before evolving it into Starmie. It also has the awesome ability Natural Cure which removes status conditions when switched out. Pair that with Recover and the item Leftovers and Staryu and Starmie become even more hard to defeat. However since they are Water types, they are weak to Electric, Grass and  as well as Ghost, Dark and Bug for Starmie due to begin Water/Psychic. But Staryu and Starmie are still very cool Pokemon and I look forward to seeing them in battle soon. So until next time always remember…. Got to catch em all!















I never used a Quagsire before Pokemon Colosseum, I had no idea of how good it was. But then when I played Pokemon Colosseum I met a little cute guy named Wooper. I caught him and named it Happy. And ever since then we have been the best of friends. Quagsire is a water/ground pokemon which grants Quagsire an immunity to electric but a 4x weakness to grass. Grass is its only weakness but it is a big weakness being 4x weak to it. Happy was amazing in Colosseum and ever since then if I have the opportunity to train another Quagsire, I always name it Happy. Quagsire aren’t the smartest Pokemon. They can bump their head on things and not seem to care. They don’t move a lot so they don’t need to eat a lot. They mostly just lie still with their mouths open and eat whatever swims in. Quagsire are also cute in my opinion and very cool. I love using Pokemon that I have never used before. And Quagsire is a member of this awesome group. I will continue to use Quagsire if the situation presents itself. It also has nice abilities. Water Absorb is my favorite because you can switch in on a water pokemon using a water attack and gain help from it. Damp protects from self destruct and Explosion. While not as useful as Water Absorb I do hate these attacks. So a way to avoid them is always nice. Unaware is another one of Quagsire’s abilities. If there are any stat changes Quagsire ignores them and attacks as if nothing happened. Which makes sense since this Pokemon doesn’t mind bumping into things. What is your favorite Pokemon? Quagsire while not my absolute favorite is one of my favorites. Also what Pokemon should I look at next?












If there is one Pokemon that everyone knows about besides Pikachu it is Charizard. And with good reason. Charizard is an awesome Pokemon. He is a fire type and looks like a very cool dragon. Charizard is extremely popular and Game Freak knows this. No matter what Pokemon game it is, you can be certain that Charizard or a member of its family will be in it. When mega evolution were introduced, Charizard received 2. In the anime we all know and love Ash’s powerful Charizard. We remember when he was a cute Charmander and was one of Ash’s best Pokemon. And then it evolved into the rebellious Charmeleon and finally into Charizard. For a long time Ash’s Charizard did not obey Ash and only battled when it wanted to test its strength against another Pokemon. But once Charizard chilled and started obeying Ash, Charizard once again became one of Ash’s best Pokemon. Charizard has faced many powerful foes and came out the victor. He has battled legendaries and pseudo legends. Charizard even had a finishing move in Seismic Toss. Not only in the anime but in our world we love using Charizard. In the competitive scene however Charizard has had it rather rough. Being fire/flying he is very weak to Stealth Rocks. Dealing massive damage every time it switches in. But Charizard has a wide move-pool and hits pretty hard. It’s megas are what make Charizard stand out in competitive. Charizard Y is a good sun user and Solar Beam is super effective to all of Charizard’s weaknesses. Charizard X finally allows Charizard to become a dragon and hits hard with physical attacks such has Fire Punch and Dragon Claw. I love Charizard and that is something that will never change. Charizard is strong and looks awesome and is a fire type which is also amazing.
























Today on this page we will talk about the Pokemon of the day. And today’s Pokemon is my favorite Pokemon… Rapidash. I love Rapidash and I use him quite often. I know some people say that Rapidash is not good but I have proven that it is wonderful. I have knocked out legends with it and have used in many Pokemon games. I have had the same Rapidash with me since Emerald while training some new ones as well. Part of the reason that I love Rapidash is because it is a fire type which is my favorite type. My favorite move is Flamethrower. It’s reliable with no negative side effects and is very powerful. So Rapidash a fire type who can learn Flamethrower is awesome. I love Rapidash and that will never change. For years I have wanted Rapidash to evolve but I may never get my wish. If it were to evolve it should evolve into a Pegasus. Could imagine a beautiful fire/flying or fairy Pegasus? I think it would make Rapidash even more awesome. So yes Rapidash is my favorite Pokemon and I am sorry that you don’t get a rare candy for listening to how much I love Rapidash. So what Pokemon should we talk about next time?