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The Lion King vs. Pocahontas


During the heart of the Disney Renaissance 2 movies went tinto production at the same time. The A team of animators went to create one movie. While the B team of animators went to create another. Everyone thought that one movie would do better than the other and thus The Lion King and Pocahontas were born. Today we are going to look at what went wrong for Pocahontas and what went right for the Lion King.

The Lion King did very well at the box office. And is the highest grossing traditionally animated movie. It is the 4th highest grossing Disney animated movie.

Pocahontas was a hit but no where near the success of the Lion King.



The Lion King.

The protagonist.

Simba is our protagonist. A lion cub who dreams of becoming king, only to have his world turn upside down when his beloved father is killed and Simba is to blame. Simba starts out as a cub who has childlike dreams of what being a king means. He thinks he will be able to do anything he wants and can always have his way. He loves his father and wants to make him proud. Through life lessons he learns what it means to truly be a king. In SImba we see character development. We see him facing his past and stopping Scar’s rule and reclaim his rightful place as king. Simba has personality and is a really fun character.


Pocahontas is a stiff princess who loves to just stare at you while her hair blows in the wind. Most people find her very boring. It doesn’t help that this movie is based on history and most of this movie is just the names of the historical story playing roles in a make believe story of themselves. In real life Pocahontas was a child when she saves John Smith and many people believe that this event might not have even taken place. But anyway Pocahontas


The villains

Scar is one of the best Disney villains Disney has ever created. He is awesome from the way he moves to the way he is evil. In early drafts of the movie Scar went from being a baboon to a massive rogue lion who just straight up murders Mufasa who was much smaller than Scar during this time of production. He changed so much that by the time it was decided he should be Mufasa’s brother he looked much different than Mufasa. The greatest weapon Scar has is his silver tongue. With this tongue he is able to manipulate situations in order to get what he wants. Also Scar is one of the very few villains to kill off a character and to succeed in their goals. Scar’s goal was to become king no matter what. And it comes true. For a good 2 to 3 years Scar ruled over the Pride Lands. Scar is a much better villain than the one we will talk about next. His death was actually supposed to be Gaston’s death. But in his case wolves instead of hyenas.

Ratcliffe is not a bad villain but he is not the greatest. He is not very smart and should really research how to dig for gold before he digs for gold. But Ratcliffe gets 2 songs and is racist and wants to attempt genocide. He is by no means a bad villain. But compared to Scar, he might as well be Edgar from the AristoCats. Just forgettable. There is nothing that really stands out about Ratcliffe.

So what went wrong with Pocahontas? Well I think that when you add historical inaccuracy plus bland characters you get a flop. Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of this movie. The songs are great, the animation is top notch. It is a beautiful film to look at. But when you have a boring lead character, a weak villain lack of story your movie is going to suffer. There is a small presence of Pocahontas in the parks. She is mostly found in Animal Kingdom has a meet and greet. She is in no parade. She is in a few shows such as Fantasmic, World of Color and Happily Ever After. I think  what really hurts Pocahontas is that the A team of animators worked on this project.

So want went right for the Lion King? We for starters this movie is about lions in Africa. How was that not going to be good? Also this movie went through many changes before we got the awesome movie. It went from a battle between lions and baboons to a Hamlet based movie with lions. Another thing is that the B team of animators worked on this project and became the A team. They had to create a new way to animate particularly with the wildebeest stampede. Thousands of wildebeests hand drawn would have taken years to animate. But by using computers the  animators were able to create a breath taking animation sequence. Also the stakes are very high in the Lion King. Mufasa is built up to be the perfect king and the perfect father and he was also very powerful. And then to kill off this beloved character was a bold move. There was a death in Pocahontas. Did we care? No. There was no reason for the audience to be sad about Kocoum because he was such a boring character. He never got much screen time and when he was on screen he is standing still doing nothing. We should have seen him interact with Pocahontas or something. But Pocahontas didn’t even like him. So how is the audience supposed to be sad when Pocahontas wasn’t even sad. When Mufasa is killed it went on to be one of the saddest moments in Disney history right up there with Bambi’s mother. And it tears Simba apart. He is lost without his father. Plus he was told he was to blame which just adds to his guilt. Overall the Lion King is the better movie because the story was well told. Lion King has a much larger presence in the parks and not just in Animal Kingdom. But in Animal Kingdom we have the awesome show Festival of the Lion King that is amazing. Lion King is also featured in parades, shows and fireworks. When your movie does good and is popular you have a larger chance of showing up in the Disney Parks.

The Songs.

Now to be far if Can You Feel the Love Tonight was not in the Lion King,( which it almost wasn’t)  it might not have done so well. Also Circle of Life is just an epic song to a wonderful opening. In Pocahontas we just get people boarding a ship. Yeah not really as epic as the birth of king is it? All the songs in the Lion King are memorable and awesome. The songs of Pocahontas are also a good part of the movie. I think both movies win with their songs.

I am sure there is more than can be said here but Lion King is the better movie. But Pocahontas is still worth a watch as well.

I hope you enjoyed  the Lion King vs. Pocahontas. Let me know if you want to see more movie vs. movie blogs by liking this or commenting. So until next time… May all your dreams come true.

Disney marsupials

So we have talked about what marsupials are on the Animal page. Now we are going to look at some Disney marsupials. There are not that many mostly just kangaroos since those are about the most famous of the marsupials. So without further ado here are some Disney marsupials.


Our first Disney marsupial is  just a cameo. We don’t know their names nor do they play a role in the  movie. But in Dumbo a kangaroo is blessed with a joey from Mr. Stork. She does seem to love her joey although this joey is practically already grown from the looks of him. Remember kangaroo joeys start out very small. But this one is much larger.


Bambi has the opossums that hang upside down by their tails and say good morning to Bambi.


Then 1977 rolls around and we get the most famous Disney marsupials of them all. Kanga and Roo who live in the 100 Acre Wood with Winnie the Pooh and the gang. Kanga is a sweet mother who loves her son. She is kind and very motherly to the other animals in the Wood. She is the only animal that Tigger never bounces. She loves to call him dear and considers Tigger to be a dear friend. Roo adores Tigger and wants to be just like him. In the Tigger Movie Tigger searches for his family, He soon learns that his friends are his family and that he considers Roo to be his little brother.


Then we come to the movie Rescuers Down Under. This movie takes place in Australia but only features a few marsupials. None of which are main characters. You have cute wombats who are friends to Cody. And Faloo who Cody can ride and help animals in need. And then we have Red and Krebbs in Mcleach’s place. They are all minor characters but they should have had more screen time in a movie that is centered in Australia. And no Jake the kangaroo rat is not a marsupial.

A koala is seen in Zootopia.


There we have it. Those are the Disney marsupials that we have come to know and love. There aren’t that many of them. But Kanga and Roo are well loved Disney marsupials and that is very good. So who are your favorite Disney marsupials? Did I miss any? I believe there are some in Song of the South but that movie is not very mainstream. What animal should we look at next? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like this please share this blog with a friend. So until next time… May all your dreams come true.

The Disney bears ranked from least favorite to favorite


We love bears and Disney is no exception. Over the years Disney has given us many bears to love and cherish. From dancing, singing bears, to honey loving bears, Disney has some awesome bears. So in this blog I am going to rank the Disney bears from least favorite to favorite and give a brief reason why they ranked this way.


S tier

these are my all time favorite Disney Bears.

Baloo and Winnie the Pooh.

Baloo is awesome because he is from the Jungle Book an awesome movie that was the last movie that Walt Disney personally produced. Also I love to dance with Baloo.

Winnie the Pooh is awesome because he is cute and fun to watch. Plus how can you hate Winnie the Pooh?

In the A tier we have…

The Gummi bears, Kenai and Koda

The Gummi bears were a 90’s tv series where these magical bears live and had many adventures. Paul Winchell the voice of Tigger voiced one of the bears which was always a delight. I think my favorite Gummi bear was Cubbie. He was the smallest bear and was pink but he loved adventure and also dreamed of becoming a knight.

Kenai and Koda are from the movie Brother Bear. It teaches us that bears are not monsters and that we need to love each other and not kill cub’s mothers. Koda is cute and annoying. What else can you expect from a little brother?

In the B tier we have Bongo and Lulubelle and Little John

Bongo is a sweet bear who longs to be free of his miserable circus life. Once he escapes he meets a beautiful bear named Lulubelle. One of the bears that might be forgotten by most but not me. This is a cute love story and Bongo is a very cool bear. He rides a unicycle and defeats a rival bear with it. So cool.

Little John is cool because he helps those in need and really likes his pal Robin Hood. He does all he can to help bring happiness back to the people of Nottingham. Little John is one swell bear.

In the C tier we have…

The bear from Fox and the Hound and Duffy the bear

The bear from Fox and the Hound may be see as a villain. But it was just a predator defending its territory. But it helped rekindle the friendship between Tod and Copper. Despite the odds, Tod rushes to protect his friend from certain death. Even after being falsely accused and hunted for injuring Chief. So the bear goes in the C tier.

Duffy is here because while I like him, I don’t have much of an attachment to him. Other than taking him around World Showcase in Epcot and visiting all the countries with him. So Duffy has to go to the C tier as well.

And now we come to the D list…

And in the D list we have

Humphrey the bear and the Country Bears

Humphrey is this far down because while he is likable there are better bears in my opinion that deserve the higher ranking. He is cute, funny at times. But he can also be annoying.

And the Country Bears are not my favorite either. I understand that this attraction is an opening day attraction and that is cool. And since Disneyland closed theirs, Disney World is the only place you can find the Country Bears. But I just find the Country Bears to be boring. Plus they really try to get away with a lot raunchy subject matter and I am not a fan of that at all. If I had to pick a favorite of the Country Bears it might be Big Al. But for me this attraction mostly a skip.

So there we have it. Those are the Disney bears ranked from best to worst in my opinion. I will add for those who thought that Mordu or Merida’s mother should be on this list. I didn’t include them because they don’t stay bears. Kenai actually becomes a bear in the end. But if I had to put Merida’s family in a tier, her brothers would go to B, because they are really cute and funny as bear cubs. Her mother would get a C and Mordu would get a D. There now they are included.

th (2)

But anyway, if you like this please share with a friend. I really want to get this blog noticed in the world. Also I will be taking a break during the Christmas week. I return on the first Wednesday of the new year. We will be looking at Pokemon based on bears. So stay tuned for that. So until next time… Merry Christmas.

Disney Christmas movies review


Merry Christmas everyone! Today we are going to be looking at a few of Disney’s Christmas movies. We all love a good Christmas movie and Disney has many of them so today for this blog we will be looking at 6 Christmas movies from Disney.


The Santa Claus

We can’t talk about Disney Christmas movies without talking about the Santa Claus. The Santa Claus has become a classic Christmas movie that is watched every year. It is an awesome story about a guy becoming Santa after having the original Santa fall off his roof. He puts on the suit and becomes Santa. I love this movie and I love that the elves are played by kids. Most other movies have the elves look old with goatees and stuff like that. Much better if the elfs are kids. This movie is an awesome Christmas movie and I would tell you to go see it but lets face it.. You already have.



Snowed in at the House of Mouse

Snowed In is a sweet Disney movie that has a great story and awesome characters. The House of Mouse is a club where all animated Disney classic characters such as Snow White and Simba come to hang out. Mickey and is friends run the club and it is Christmas. This movie shows some old Mickey cartoons as well as some new ones. Mickey tries to get Donald into the Christmas spirit. This movie also features Mickey’s Christmas Carol, another wonderful Disney Christmas special. In it we see a lot of old characters such as Jiminy Cricket and Willie the Giant help that old Scrooge McDuck find his Christmas spirit. I love this movie, it is sweet and has a simple story but tells it in a sweet and awesome way. I also love the Cinderella’s mice friends who give Cinderella the dress that her evil stepsisters rip to shreds. I chose to believe that they gathered the scraps and remade the dress. This song also has on of the best Christmas songs. I am going to give House of Mouse Snowed in at the Mouse an A. So, what do you think about this movie? Have you seen this movie? Let me know in the comments below. And may all your Christmas wishes come true. And may you always have the Christmas spirit.



Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Enchanted Christmas

During the phase where everything had to have a sequel, Beauty and the Beast got 2 midquels. Belle’s Magical World is a slap in the face of the original with poor animation and awful stories of a failed Beauty and the Beast tv series. However, Belle’s Enchanted Christmas is a much better Beauty and the Beast midquel. Set in between the wolf attack and the ballroom scene, Belle wishes that the castle celebrates Christmas. The Beast however hates Christmas because it was the day that he was turned into a beast. To make matters worse in a secret room in the West Wing, an evil pipe organ is bolted to the wall. Forte is the only enchanted object who doesn’t want the enchantment lifted. Before his enchantment he was not as needed by his master. Plus, he has a man crush on the Beast and does not want Belle and Beast to fall in love. This movie is not a bad movie, I own it and watch it every Christmas. Some people complain that Belle’s character is different but I think she is the same. She still speaks her mind and is still kind and forgiving. Belle is my favorite Disney princess so I wouldn’t watch this if her character was different. The animation while not great is way better than its counterpart. The music is awesome, I love almost all of the songs. I definitely recommend giving Belle’s Enchanted Christmas a watch. k0ijxxNbR3PXZtmLNjsVUWOIroN.jpg

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

Our next Disney Christmas movie consists of 3 shorts that tie in together what Christmas is all about. In the first short Huey, Dewey and Louie wish it was Christmas everyday. But they soon learn that having Christmas everyday doesn’t make it as special. And they learn a valuable lesson about caring for others and spending the holiday with friends and family. The next short features Goofy and his son Max. Goofy really wants to prove to Max that there is a Santa. Goofy really loves his son and hates to disappoint him. As long as Max is happy so is Goofy. They really do love each other and it is a sweet short. Probably my favorite of the shorts. The last short features Mickey and Minnie playing out the Gift of the Magi story. This sweet story shows each of them trying to get each other a gift. In the end they learn that being together is the greatest gift of all. This movie is an awesome and sweet Disney movie.


Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

This movie is a sequel to Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas it is much longer with several stories instead of just 3. Minnie and Daisy share the spotlight together on the ice rink. Max brings a girl home for Christmas and tries to make a good impression despite his Goofy dad. And Mickey learns that he really loves Pluto and misses him when he runs away. These are just a few of the many stories in this movie. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Watch it. You won’t regret it.


Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too

It is Christmas in the 100 Acre Wood. Everyone is busy writing their letter to Santa. But when it is discovered that Pooh didn’t ask for anything, they try to get the letter back to write down what Pooh wants for CHristmas. After failing to send the letter to Santa, Pooh decides to take the letter to Santa himself. Now the gang is forced to spend Christmas without Pooh bear. This movie is a sweet story and an awesome Christmas movie. If you love Winnie the Pooh then you  will love this movie too.


So there we have. Those are just a few of the awesome Christmas movies that came out from Disney. Which are your favorite? Do you watch these every year? let me know tin comments below  and if you like this you can share it with a friend. I would really like for more people to read my  blog. So please share it with friends and family. So until next time Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true.

Is Disney Entering a New Slump Era?


Today we are going to discuss whether or not Disney is fixing to enter another slump era or dark age. Disney has had 2 of these in its lifetime. One after Walt died and the company was in danger of being sold off. They experienced their first box office bomb from the Black Cauldron and Disney was really hurting from its competition at the time. And then Disney was able to rise out of that dark age and give us the Disney Renaissance. For a while Disney was on top and movie after movie was a hit. Tarzan was the last movie in the Disney Renaissance and you could see that the musical format was trying to change. After Tarzan more movies decided to not do the musical/broadway style of storytelling. Not that this form of storytelling doesn’t work. For the most part, Pixar movies have no musical numbers and is not a broadway style story. But Disney just didn’t seem to be able to make it work. Disney was in jeopardy and many were considering closing down the animation studio and just make live action movies. Disney also suffered another box office bomb with Treasure Planet. Things changed when Bolt entered our world. From that time till Moana, all of the movies released have been hits and have made millions. Disney is finally on the rise again and we entered what is now known as the Revival Era. But now Disney has seemed to have lost its ability to create original concepts and new stories. We have seemingly entered the sequel/remake/reboot era. If you look at the list of upcoming movies from Disney, the vast majority of them are sequels to already established franchises, remakes to many of our beloved classics and reboots of a previously tv series or movie. It is not happening now but there was talk of rebooting the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. There is a whole wiki page about the upcoming many remakes of beloved Disney animated classics. Now the recent remakes of Aladdin and Lion King have been successful and made money. In fact Lion King (2019) is now the 7th highest grossing movie of all time. But does that mean that these remakes are good? Many will tell you reasons why they hate the remakes. They loose some of the emotion, art or sense of the story or they have a need to “fix” a plot hole that was in the original. Also Disney has acquired Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and now 20th Century Fox to make more content for us. And what is the first thing that we hear about their plans for Fox? Remake Home Alone. Is Disney really out of stories or ideas that all they can do now is just remake stuff? They rebooted Ducktales. There is sequel to Lizzie McGuire coming. The list goes on and on. I love Disney but they really need to give us something new and not really on franchises or already made content to just reuse. And if this is the case, what are they going to do when they run out of things to remake? Yes I do understand that some of this is to keep the rights to many of these characters. I remember reading some where that in a random number of years, Mickey Mouse if not used could become public domain. Which means anyone can take him and use him for whatever they want. That is why they are constantly using him. But enough of the movies lets discuss the Disney Parks.  Which I will do in my next blog.





The live action remake of the one and only Lion King is about to roar into theaters. So I thought I would give a brief summary of each of the Lion King characters… We will start with the minor characters….

Sarafina. Mother of Nala. She once had a larger role but she was ultimately given one line and her name is only mentioned in the credits.

Gopher. Gopher is an assistant to Zazu. He also only had one seen. But he appeared in many Zazu episodes of the Timon and Pumbaa show.

Now we move to the supporting characters.

Rafiki. Rafiki is actually a mandrill. Mandrills do not climb trees and do not have much of a tail either. Rafiki is not native to the Pridelands he once lived in a place called the Grass Walls. He is a funny character who helps Simba find his way back to the Pridelands.

Sarabi. Is the mother of Simba and she is rather large lioness. She stands nose to nose to Scar while other females are much smaller than Scar. She also shows no fear when she walks past of a bunch of hyenas as she makes her way to Scar.

Timon and Pumbaa are probably the most beloved and used characters of the Lion King. They got their own tv show and movie. Timon is a walk around character in Disney World. They also help teach about park safety in the parks.

Zazu is the majordome of the Pridelands and often babysitter for Simba and Nala. He is a red billed hornbill.

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed are Scar’s hyena henchmen. While it is obvious the Scar despises them, he knows that they each have a hatred toward Mufasa. Scar is able to convince the hyenas to help him become king of the Pridelands. They are not very successful henchmen. In fact they fail at every task that Scar gives them. However they are a force to be reckoned with. Scar learns this lesson that hard way. Also before they were hyenas, they were African wild dogs.

And now for the main characters

Nala. Nala is the love of Simba’s life and also childhood friend. Sarafina is her mother. Her father is unknown. Since her father would not have added anything to the plot of the movie, the creators of the Lion King hoped that we would ignore his absence. We didn’t. Her father is mentioned in the tv series the Lion Guard which confirms that it is not Mufasa or Scar.

Mufasa is the Lion King and one of the most beloved character of the Lion King. We love him because he is an awesome dad and a very powerful lion. He is also voiced by Darth Vader. And he is part of makes this movie so awesome. And also sad.

Simba is an awesome character and I love him a lot. He goes through some tough stuff during his life. Being told that he caused his father’s death. Exiled from his home and not being able to get past his father’s death. But through it all he is able to limb Pride Rock in one of the best scenes in the movie and become king of the Pridelands and make his father proud.

Scar. And now we come to the best Lion King and Disney character ever. I love Scar ever since I was a kid I have loved this evil lion. He is one of the few Disney villains to actually kill off a main character and give us one of the saddest scenes in all of Disney. Scar was originally going to be a baboon when the story was about a war between lions and baboons. Then he became a rogue lion who was much stronger than Mufasa and straight up kills him in a fight. But now he is the younger brother of Scar and has to use his silver tongues and clever wits to get what he wants. Scar is awesome!

So there we have it those  are all of the Lion King characters from the original masterpiece. Nothing will ever replace the love for Lion King that I have in my heart. And while this live action remake will never be the original I sure I will love it as well.


THE LION KING, Ed, Scar, Shenzi, Banzai, Rafiki, Mufasa, Simba, Sarabi, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa, Nala, 1



Jafar ( 1992) Vs. Jafar (2019)




Today we will decide which Jafar is better. In 1992 Disney gave us one of Disney’s best disney animated classics known as Aladdin. This movie was a boys movie that had everything from magic and action to romance and awesome music. One of the things besides casting the amazing late Robin Williams to voice the Genie, was the creation of one of Disney’s greatest villain…. Jafar.

Recently however Disney has been on this need to remake all of our beloved animated Disney classic movies into live action remakes. Many of these remakes have been disatures and none of them will ever eclipse the greatest the were the originals. Aladdin is Disney’s most recent live action remake with The Lion King. The remake Aladdin was good definitely better than the remake of Beauty and the Beast. But there were some things that the original movie did better. Will Smith was fine as the Genie and I am sure Robin WIlliams would be proud. But we are here to determine which Aladdin movie had the better villain.


As I said, Jafar is one of Disney’s best villains. From the moment we see him, we know that he is evil. Jafar is cunning, sadistic and very good as masking his evil self when he needs to. He has a thirst for power and will do anything to get power. Which is why he seeks the lamp. What is unique about Jafar is the amount of screen time he gets. If you watch closely he has many scenes and most of them are back to back scenes to Aladdin” scenes. If I counted correctly Jafar has 12 scenes. Ursula from the Little Mermaid has 7 scenes. So this means that Jafar is more vital to the plot than Ursula. Everything Jafar does effects Aladdin in some way. The reason Aladdin discovers the lamp….Jafar. The reason Aladdin’s lie is revealed…. Jafar. The reason Jafar is defeated…. Jafar for bringing Aladdin into his life. In the remake Jafar has way less screen time and is not responsible for many things in the movie. Also in the remake, we see Jafar kill people.  He also has a need to destroy the Sultan’s wife’s country for reasons that are never explained. And it is implied but never proven that Jafar killed Jasmine’s mother. So they had good ideas for Jafar but they never followed through with them. But the thing that made 1992 Jafar so awesome was that he didn’t need to kill to be evil. He took pleasure in rubbing salt into a wound by keeping people alive to watch them suffer under his tyranny. He had no problem killing people if he needed to, but if he could humiliate and make people do whatever he wanted he was fine with that. And there is one final reason that the 1992 Jafar is the best version. The end battle scene. In the original it was awesome. Jafar took the hero’s song and used it against him. Played golf with a tower and gave us one maniacal laugh. He also exposed Aladdin’s lie and reversed Genie’s wish on Aladdin. Then Aladdin faces off against a powerful Jafar who manages to thwart every attempt of getting the Genie’s lamp. Even killing both Abu and the Magic Carpet and almost killing Jasmine. And then Jafar turns into this massive awesome tiger cobra. This thing was so big that all of it could not fit on screen. He had viper fangs instead of cobra fangs and he could constrict like a python. The only he didn’t have which would have been cool was the ability to spit venom. But Aladdin takes him on and has to use his wits to defeat him. By saying that the Genie is more powerful than Jafar. This part is pretty much the same in both movies. In the original he tells the Genie to make him a genie. In the remake he says make him the most powerful being on earth. Both are trapped in a lamp and sent to the Cave of Wonders. But the remake’s end battle scene, Jafar does not turn into an awesome snake. No, he turns Iago into a bigger version of himself to get the lamp back. There is practically no battle and Jafar is just defeated. The orignal did it so much better. I don’t understand why these remakes have to strip the things that makes a character awesome and give that role to a minor character. In Maleficent the remake of Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent does not turn  into an awesome fire breathing dragon, her raven does. Why? Why would you do that? Oh these remakes make no sense. Bottomline the original Jafar is the best Jafar and that will never change. He is more evil, thinks of other ways to gain power when it seems the lamp is out of reach now, he had a better end scene. He also was not killed off and got a whole sequel dedicated to him. And he almost succeeds in that movie as well. Also Iago is reduced to nothing but a pet who has no relationship with Jafar. So Iago reforming in the sequel probably won’t happen. The remake’s Jafar was boring and weak and there   was no awesome battle scene. I think that is all I have to say about this. If you believe that the remake’s Jafar is better than the original, I would love to know why. So until next time…. May all your dreams come true.


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Donald Duck

What can I say about this duck that has not been said already. We all love Donald Fauntleroy Duck. He entered our lives on June 9, 1934 when he was introduced in the cartoon called the Wise Little Hen. From that time til now we have loved watching this duck with no pants lose his temper time and time again. Donald has a very large family. I used to have his family tree on my computer but I have lost it. But lets just say, Donald comes from a lot of ducks, coots and geese. He lives in Duckburg with his 3 nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. Donald loves his nephews very much but he does also love to pull pranks on them and sometimes humiliate them. Leading them to retaliate and cause Donald some grief. Of course we can not talk about Donald with out talking about the love of Donald’s life, Daisy duck. Daisy also has a rather explosive temper although she can keep the lid on hers a lot easier than Donald can. But they love hanging put together and kissing under mistletoe and losing their tempers together.Donald also has a relationship with Chip and Dale. He usually like his nephews gives them grief and then they get him back in one way or another. There is also an unspoken rivalry between Mickey and Donald. Donald has always wanted Mickey’s spotlight. This rivalry is nothing compared to the rivalry between another duck and bunny. Mickey doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with Donald and is a good pal to the duck. Being a member of the Sensational Six and a very famous Disney character, Donald Duck is seen all over the Disney parks. He is in every parade, show etc. You name it and Donald is there. You can visit Donald’s boat in Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland. Meet Donald at meet and greets. The list goes on. We love Donald Duck and I don’t think that will ever change. So what do you love about this crazy duck? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like this like it and share it with a friend. So until next time … May all your dreams come true.



You’ve got a friend in me

One of the awesome thing about Disney movies is that there are many friends to the main character that are willing to do anything to see their friend’s dreams come true. So lets look at a few of these amazing friends.


Timothy Q. Mouse

Dumbo is movie about a cute baby elephant with big ears. Because he is different than all the other elephants he is made fun of and even abused. His mother comes to his defense and is locked away for it. Now Dumbo is all alone. Until of all creatures a mouse appears. We all know that elephants are afraid of mice. Well Timothy shows Dumbo what being a friend is all about. Timothy goes through great lengths to make Dumbo happy. He tries to make him famous, takes him to see his mother and defends him from the people who mock or tease Dumbo. And in the end with the help of Timothy mouse, Dumbo is able to prove to the world that being different is good and that those big ears help Dumbo to soar. Timothy Mouse is a true friend to Dumbo.


Cinderella’s mice and bird friends.

Cinderella was a girl who was forced to work as a maid in her own home by her evil stepmother and sisters. Their sole desire in life was to make sure Cinderella never have a happily ever after. Living high in the attic, Cinderella found some sweet and loyal friends. Jaq and the mice really want to see Cinderella happy. She cares for them, so they in return do all they can to see her happy. They brave cats to make a dress for her so she can go to the ball. To me that pink dress meant more to Cinderella than the magical gown the Fairy Godmother makes. This dress was Cinderella’s mother’s dress. She was never going to be able to get it ready for the ball. So her mice and bird friends decide to make it for her. They were so happy to give it to her and she was so thankful to them. Well we all know what happens. The Stepsisters tear the dress to shreds. Cinderella is heartbroken. And once again the mice help Cinderella go to the ball by becoming horses for the pumpkin carriage. But in the end what really makes these mice awesome is when they get the key to get Cinderella out of her room. They climb all those stairs and battle Lucifer in the process. And when the slipper fits, the mice are so happy that Cinderella finally gets her happy ending. In the tv show House of Mouse the Christmas special, the mice give Cinderella her mother’s dress back. I would like to think that the mice gathered all the torn fabric of the dress and sowed it back together. Further demonstrating their love for Cinderella. A princess couldn’t ask for better friends.




Princess Ariel has one of the most loyal friends in all of Disney. Flounder loves Ariel with all is heart. He is able to forgive her almost instantly when she turns him into a howling hairfish. And follows her on every adventure, despite how terrified he is when going on one. Also he is the one friend who never has a problem with her fascination of the human world. He even does all he can to help her become human and marry Prince Eric. Even if that means being separated from his best friend. I love Flounder and he is such a good friend to Ariel. We could all learn a lot from Flounder. When Ariel is sad so is Flounder and even sheds a tear from seeing her so unhappy. And when Ariel is happy so is Flounder even if it means not being together anymore. In a deleted scene when Flounder is trying to get Ariel to the wedding boat so that they can stop Ursula. Glut the shark from the beginning of the movie was supposed to return. Flounder defeats Glut on his own to save Ariel. Yes Flounder is an amazing friend to Ariel.



So there we have it. Those are just a few examples of loyal friends in the Disney world. I plan to talk about more of these awesome friends in the future. Who is your favorite loyal Disney friend?

Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket is one of the most recognizable Disney character of all time. Coming from the classic movie Pinocchio that was released in 1940 as Disney’s second animated film. JIminy Cricket starts out a poor cricket with nothing to do but to break into someones home and enjoy himself by the fire and enjoy the workmanship of a woodcarver named Geppetto.Jiminy Cricket didn’t believe in dreams coming true until a Blue Fairy entered the house and brought a puppet made of pine to life. Jiminy Cricket decides to be the boy’s conscience and now we have our story. In the novel that this movie is based on, Jiminy cricket’s story is not very pleasant. Pinocchio is not the naive little boy he is in the movie, he is actually quite a jerk. Kicking Geppetto has he is being carved and then killing the talking cricket with a mallet all because he was singing to loudly. Soon Pinocchio redeems himself in the book but not before being tricked by a fox and a cat and many other adventures. But in the movie JIminy Cricket tries to be a good conscience to Pinocchio, but like many conscience Jiminy gets ignored a lot. So Pinocchio must learn from his mistakes if he wants to be a real boy. But Jiminy never gives up on the boy. Even when JIminy is angered about his behavior and going to Pleasure Island. In the end Jiminy is there for Pinocchio and helps him escape Pleasure Island and find his father who had been swallowed by a whale. Once Pinocchio became a real boy, Jiminy finally understood that dreams can come true by wishing on a star. Jiminy Cricket sings one of Disney’s greatest songs and the anthem of the Disney company, When You Wish Upon a Star. Jiminy Cricket is a common sight in the Disney parks. He is seen in parades, his own ride in Disneyland and used to host the fireworks show Wishes in the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Jiminy Cricket can also be seen in Fantasmic. I like Jiminy Cricket, he is a nice character who never gives up on his friend. Thank you Jiminy Cricket for teaching us to believe in our dreams and to wish on a star. Until next time… May all your dreams come true.







Disney rabbits.


Easter is on its way so I thought it would be fun to talk about some of Disney rabbit characters. And our first rabbit to look at is none other than the awesome and cute Thumper.




Thumper is the best friend to the fawn Bambi. Thumper helps Bambi learn about the world around him. He learns what birds and butterflies are through Thumper and what food to eat. Thumper is a good friend to Bambi but he can be a little self centered. He is proud of his knowledge and his “thumping ability”. Thumper also teaches Bambi how to skate on ice and what hibernation is. In the midquel, Bambi 2, Thumper is annoyed constantly by his sisters who never leave him alone. He also gets jealous of Bambi when he begins spending more time with his father. Stating that he never has any time for his friends anymore. We don’t see Thumper again in the original movie until Bambi, Flower and he are all grown up. Friend Owl tells them about twitterpation. All of them vow that it will never happen to them and march off. One by one each of them becomes twitter paited. Thumper is shocked to meet the beautiful rabbit. All he can do is stare at her as she approaches him. And then he turns to mush when she kisses him. So seems to be a bit annoyed by his thumping, but he just keeps on thumping. Somehow Thumper survives the attack from Man on the forest and is seen at the end of the movie with 4 of his offspring all who thump just like him. They all go to see Bambi’s new fawns. And life in the forest continues on. Thumper was not originally in the novel that Bambi is based on. He and Flower were added to provide comic relief. I like Thumper, he is cute and is a good friend to Bambi. Thumper is a walk around character in Animal Kingdom and topiaries of him and his friends can be seen in Epcot. Keep returning to learn about our next bunny friend. She dreams of becoming the first bunny cop and believes in trying everything. But until next time…. May all your dreams come true.










I love finding God and the Bible in Disney things . Well I think that I can find God in the Lion King. Many believe that The Lion King is based on the play Hamlet. But it only shares some key elements of that play such as a brother murdering his brother and his nephew seeing his father’s ghost. After more exploration you will find that The Lion King has more in common with the Exodus story from the Bible. Lets look into this and see what we find.

Simba vs Moses. Simba is the Moses in our story. He grew up living in the palace aka Pride Rock and dreams of becoming king of the Pridelands. Now unlike Moses there wasn’t a decree to kill male babies but Scar/Pharoah does have his hyena friends attack him and Nala as cubs. Also Simba did not kill anyone, he was only accused of killing someone. But because of this Simba is forced to flee the kingdom that he knows and loves and if forced to live in exile with foreign friends. Moses flees Egypt after killing an Egyptian and lived in Midian for a while. Along the way Moses finds a wife and life is awesome. Simba now lives with Timon and Pumbaa and life is awesome. Nala arrives and Simba finds his mate. Moses sees the burning bush and is told to basically take his place in the Circle of Life and free the Hebrews from slavery. Mufasa’s ghost could be a “burning bush” figure. A device that convinces our hero to fulfill his destiny and become a hero.So Moses takes his wife and brother Aaron and also his sister Miriam and they return to Egypt and confront Pharaoh. Simba returns on his own to Pride Rock. Nala, Timon and Pumbaa follow and offer their help. Now going through ten plagues would make a really long movie so the confrontation of Scar is basically the 10th plague of the Bible story. The let my people go line could be “step down or fight”. Now unfortunately there is not really a red sea moment. But inn the end Scar/Pharoah is defeated and Simba/Moses brings his people to the Promised Land. Which in Simba’s case is the restored back to life Pridelands. Now Moses does not actually take his people into the promised land but he does get to see it. And maybe Kovu or Kiara could be Joshua who does take his people into the promised land.

So what do you think? Is my theory wrong? Or is there some other Disney movies that God can be found in? Are you looking forward to seeing Lion King once again in July? I know I am. So until next time my name is Trey Masters and as always remember … May all your dreams come true.












Grandmother Willow and Gramma Tala


In 1995 we got Disney’s version of the story of Pocahontas. It is basically a myth because many of the facts of the historical account are not present in this movie. Disney wanted this movie to be as realistic as possible so, no animals talk in this movie. Not even to Pocahontas who seems to have a talent for being in tune with nature. Then we ask the question why did they create a talking tree? Grandmother Willow is a spirit that gives advice to Pocahontas. She is centuries old and has a lot of wisdom. She also seems to know Pocahontas’ mother and gave her advice as well. Grandmother Willow really wants Pocahontas to find her path and helps her as much as she can to find it. She also meets John Smith. Pocahontas does not talk about Grandmother Willow to anyone, so it makes you wonder if anyone else knows about her. For Pocahontas to reveal Grandmother Willow to John Smith meant she trusts John Smith. Grandmother Willow offers John Smith advice as well. Even things that they might not have wanted to hear. She does have a sense of humor and allows creatures to make her tree their home. When all hope seems lost Pocahontas confides in Grandmother Willow. Pocahontas believes that nothing can be done, but Grandmother Willow encourages her to find a way. Once Pocahontas knows her path, Grandmother Willow tells her to follow it. I think Grandmother Willow was a good voice of reason that Pocahontas could share her deepest secrets with. Pocahontas couldn’t even count on her best friend to keep her secret. Pocahontas needed someone who no one knew about to talk to. Grandmother Willow has some presence in the parks. She can be found in Animal Kingdom in Rafiki’s Planet Watch and she used to be apart of the show called Pocahontas and her Forest Friends. She has a segment in the Disney Dream cruise show Believe where she sings her song Listen With Your Heart. She had a few cameos in the TV show House of Mouse.



Gramma Tala


In another land Gramma Tala tells the story of how Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti and made this once peaceful goddess become the lava goddess Te Ka. Due to Maui taking Te Fiti’s heart the world as they knew it has begun to die. She explains that someone must find Maui and make him restore the heart of Te Fiti. She believes this with all her heart but her village does not believe in this story and forbids anyone from going beyond the reef. Moana is Gramma Tala’s granddaughter. They have a close bond and they both share a love of the ocean. She says that when she dies she will come back as a manta ray. She encourages Moana to go on the quest of restoring the heart of Te Fiti. Moana is reluctant to go. After almost drowning and her father forbidding her to go past the reef. But when her grandmother dies and she sees that the darkness on her island is spreading, she makes the decision to go. Gramma Tala is wise but she lets Moana do her own thing. If she stays on her island that is find. If she goes on this mission that is fine as well. She trusts that Moana will do the right thing. When Moana is at her lowest after Maui abandons her Gramma Tala returns to her. Moana is ready to go back home. Instead of telling her that she can still do this, she is OK with Moana going home. But she encourages Moana to find out who she is. Once Moana realizes who she is and that she can do this quest she decides to restore the heart herself. Gramma Tala loves this ocean and wants her island to survive but she loves her family more and Moana as well. When Moana is ready to give up, Tala is fine with it and tells her, she will be there all the way home. This demonstrates Tala’s selflessness. No matter what Moana does, Tala is proud of her. Moana carries on and restores the heart of Te Fiti and saves her island. We Tala in manta ray jump for joy when Moana returns home victoriously. Tala doesn’t have a presence yet in the parks but that could change with time.




Grandmother Willow and Tala do have some similarities. Both are considered to be wise and are sought after for advice and wisdom. Willow is already a spirit, while Tala becomes a spirit. Willow doesn’t want Pocahontas to stray from her path no matter what. Tala understands that she loves Moana and whatever she does is fine with her. No one else really confides in Tala since they don’t believe her story but she is still a respected member of the tribe. Tui her son wishes that Tala would give up these beliefs. But Tala doesn’t have to listen to him because he is her son. And she is the village crazy lady. I feel like Tala is the stronger character here, because like I said though she gives advice and wisdom, she is also lets Moana figure out what she needs to do and discover who she is. But then again not straying from the right path easy or not is good advice too. But what do you guys think? Do you think they are the same character? What similarities to you see? Let me know in the comments below. And as always until next time Disney fans… May all your dreams come true.

































Disney movies that make us cry


Disney is a wonderful company that tells awesome stories. And sometimes in those stories sad things happen. So today we are going to discuss some of them. Got your tissue box? Good here we go.


Let’s start with the Disney movie that started it all. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. This movie is fun with lots of nice and cool characters, But it is also a story about a vain Evil Queen who must be the fairest in the land, So when her mirror tells her that Snow White is fairer the Queen. The Queen does everything she can to kill Snow White. She actually is one of the few villains to actually  succeed in her goal. And then we get one of the darkest scene is all of Disney… the funeral scene. It is raining and there is sad music playing and all of the dwarfs and animal friends are around Snow White’s bed. No one is happy in fact this is the only time that Happy is not happy and sheds huge tears. Dopey hides his face and just sobs. But then we have tough old Grumpy surely he won’t cry. Oh, there he goes, not Grumpy. But the saddest part in the scene besides Grumpy is the poor little raccoon who is just pressed to the window and has a look on his face that is just heartbreaking. He is like why did this happen to my friend? The whole scene is a very powerful scene and Walt Disney did it perfectly.








But there are other sad moments in other Disney movies. Such as Bambi, Dumbo, Fox and the Hound and Cinderella. We know what is sad in Bambi but I wish the scene that follows Bambi losing his mother was not a happy one. In Snow White the next scene feeds off of the previous scene and we are still sad about Snow White’s death. But in Bambi we get happy little songbirds who are twitterpated and don’t care one bit about a fawn who just lost his mother. This is why I am fine with Bambi 2. We actually get to see Bambi deal with his mother’s death. In Dumbo the whole movie is sad. Dumbo is tormented just because he looks different. And the only one who accepts him who he is, his mother is taken from him. I love it when he learns to fly and gets back at a few of those haters.  But when Dumbo goes to see his mother who is locked up in a truck. He grabs her trunk and just sobs. He misses his mother and it is heartbreaking that they are forced to be apart. Fox in the Hound is saddest when Widow Tweed realizes that she can’t keep Tod safe any longer and releases him back into the wild. Tod doesn’t know what is about to happen and doesn’t fully understand why when he finally does figure it out. Both Tod and Widow Tweed are heartbroken that they will never see each other again. So this scene isn’t sad because of something evil. It is sad because of how much they loved each other and how hard it was for Widow Tweed to let him go. And then we have Cinderella. she was a victim of abuse in her own home and forced to become a servant. When a chance came for a break from this cruel life. Her step-family saw to it that she never have her dreams come true. So when Cinderella decides to go to the ball in her mother’s dress, the evil step sisters cruelly rip her mother’s dress to shreds. One that was her mother’s dress and 2 her mice and bird friends risked their lives to make the dress for Cinderella. This breaks Cinderella feeling that there is nothing left to believe in.


And then we have the best movie ever made the Lion King. And Lion King gave us the best Disney villain ever. Scar is one of the few villains to actually succeed and kill off a main character. And that main character of course is Mufasa. Mufasa is one of the best Disney dads and is a very cool character. So when his evil brother Scar lures him and Simba into a terrible stampede you knew tragedy was about to take place. What is worse and sad about this scene is the build up. It just gets worse and worse and just when you think that both Mufasa and Simba are going to be OK. Mufasa’s brother Scar drives his claws into Mufasa;s paws that are clinging to the side of the gorge and utters those famous lines “long live the king”, he throws Mufasa back into the stampede. And finally when Simba is searching for his dad, he finds him dead under a tree. The whole scene is very powerful and sad . and when Simba lays with Mufasa for a while is tear jerking. And then Scar appears and adds insult to injury by saying that Simba was the reason that Mufasa is dead. Could you imagine being a kid, your father dying and you being the reason he is dead? This is why Scar is an awesome villain and that Lion King is the best movie ever and this scene is the saddest scene in all of Disney.



So what are your saddest moment is a Disney movie? Let me know in the comments below and if you like this please share this blog with your friends. So until next time Disney fans… May all your dreams come true.







Disney movies to watch to get ready to visit a Disney Park


There are many movies in the Disney library that would be great to watch before you visit a Disney park. I often watch Disney movies before I go and it does help me get in the mood to go. Of course, I am always in the mood to go to Disney. So here are some Dinsey movies that I think are great to watch to help get you ready to visit the Happiest place on Earth.



Snow White and the 7 dwarfs

You can not visit Disney World without watching the movie that helped give us this Magic Kingdom. If it weren’t for Snow White we would not have any of the other great Disney movies to help get us ready to visit Disney. Snow White is seen all the time in the parks and even has her own ride. And the song to listen on the way to Disney is Someday My Prince Will Come.

12 December 1


As you go through the Disney parks you will hear the anthem of Disney When You Wish on a Star. You need to know where this awesome song came from and learn what Disney is all about. Dreams coming true. Pinocchio also has a great presence in the parks and even his own restaurant.

2 February 1.jpg


Fantasia features our beloved friend Mickey Mouse in his most famous role as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. You see Mickey everywhere in Disney since he is the mascot and Sorcerer Mickey is seen more than others and makes an awesome appearance in Fantasmic.  Fantasia can also be seen on the miniature golf course in Disney World.

11 November 1.jpg


3 Caballeros

To understand the ride in the Mexican Pavilion in Epcot.

2 February 3



As Disney’s most famous princess Cinderella is a can’t miss if you are about to go to Disney. And A Dream is a Wish Your Heart makes is also a great song and used quite frequently and is amazing.

2 February 4


Peter Pan


Peter Pan really does help give you the Disney magic that we all love. We get to visit a magical land where you don’t grow up. We love Captain Hook and Peter Pan. But we all love it when Tinkerbell flies from the castle. Tinkerbell is probably almost as well known as a mascot for Disney as Mickey Mouse. She is seen in practically everything. So, Peter Pan is a must watch if you are heading to the Disney parks.

2 February 5


Little Mermaid

You can watch this great movie back to back with the next movie.


11 November 4.jpg

Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast is Disney at it’s best. When we hear that music in parks we can’t help but smile and for me get a little teary eyed. Beauty and the Beast is an excellent choice to watch if you are about to go to Disney.

11 November 6

Lion King

If you are visiting Animal Kingdom then this movie is a must watch. But if you’re me it’s a must watch regardless. Lion King is my all-time favorite Disney movie. There is not a better movie for me to get excited for a Disney trip.

6 June 3

Some few other choices if want more.


Tangled, Frozen, Moana. Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Mary Poppins.

11 November 1211 November 14

11 November 16

11 November 185 May 38 August 1

So, there we have it. Those are just some of the great Disney movies that I think you should watch if you are going on a Disney trip. They just capture the Disney magic best and make you ready to visit Disney. What Disney movies do you love to watch before you visit Disney? Let me know in the comments below and if you like this like and share it with a friend. So, until next time Disney fans… May all your dreams come true.


























































One of the strangest characters that Disney has ever given us has got to be the Ocean from Moana. It is a silent character that actually plays a big part in the story. In the beginning there was only ocean. Which means this ocean is the oldest thing on earth even older than Te Fiti. When Te Fiti was born she brought life that surrounded the ocean. Ocean liked this. Islands sprung up and people fished in the ocean and sailed on it and the Ocean was happy and there was peace in the world. Until Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti and caused chaos and destruction in the Ocean and islands. The Ocean knew that this could not continue. It did not want to go back to being alone. So it sought out a person who was kind and loved the ocean and who was willing to help the Ocean. While the Ocean does chose Moana, it was Moana that had to decide whether or not she should. The Ocean has a mind of its own. It is angry at Maui for causing all of this destruction, is annoyed by Heihei and even has a sense of humor. It does seem to really like Moana and helps her out along the way. I really like the way it plays with Moana when she is a child. And how frustrated the Ocean is with Maui who at first does not want to help Moana. But with the Ocean’s influence and not allowing Maui to leave, Maui finally helps Moana.  Once the heart of Te Fiti is restored and life is good again, the Ocean is once again sailed upon and fished in and enjoyed by the islands around it. Due to Ocean being the ocean I am not sure how it can be a walk around character, but it could appear in floats and other Moana related things. The Ocean is a strange and unique character But what do you think about the Ocean? Let me know in the comments below and if you like this please share this blog with your friends. So until next time Disney fans…. May all your dreams come true.







Disney World opened on October 1971, a lot has changed over the years. Many of the rides and attractions that are there now were not there in the past. Such as Buzz Lightyear and Astro Orbiter. So in this blog we are going to look at some of those awesome attractions that are no longer with us. Lets start with Snow White’s Scary Adventures. This ride was one of the original rides that opened with the park in 1971. In the early days the rider was supposed to be Snow White witnessing all  the scary things such as the scary forest and the Evil Queen. Many didn’t like that Snow White was not in her own ride. So the ride was refurbished with Snow White now in the ride. I loved this ride. It was very fun and awesome to ride.  May 31, 2012 was the last time we rode this ride. The ride closed and in its place is a Princess Fairytale Hall a place where you can meet many of the Disney Princesses. We do still have a Snow White ride with the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train a kiddie coaster that has a long wait time but is still pretty fun. I miss Snow White’s Scary Adventures.


Another ride that is no longer here is Mr.Toad’s Wild Ride. This ride once lived where The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is now. I never had the pleasure of riding this ride, but I know that it was very popular. You rode a model T and Toad took you along on one of his adventures. One of those adventures actually takes the rider to hell. Despite protests on September 1998 Mr. Toad gave the deed to the ride to Owl and the ride is now home to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I am sad that I never got to ride this but Disneyland does still have their version.


These are just 2 of the many rides and attractions that are no longer with us. Walt Disney always said that  Disneyland and Disney World would never  be complete. It would always be growing and changing. And with change some things have to be replaced. I look forward to the new things coming but I do miss some of the old things such as Dream Along With Mickey. This was the castle show that played every day at the Magic Kingdom. The music and songs were awesome and the story was cool too. But now it has been replaced by Mickey’s Fantasy Faire and it is not as good in my opinion.

pjimage (17)


We  will be looking at more extinct attractions in the future. Are there any attractions and rides that you miss the used to live in Disney World? So long everybody… See ya real soon.









August Disney Movies


Well it is now August and it is time to celebrate the movies that came out in the month of August


Mary Poppins flew into our lives on August 27, 1964 so please celebrate with me Mary Poppins’ 54th anniversary.

8 August 1

Guardians of the Galaxy blasted into out lives on August 4, 2014.  So Happy 4th Anniversary.

8 August 1

Live Action

  1. Monkey’s Uncle         August 18, 1965
  2. The Castaway Boys August 1, 1974
  3. Condorman August 7, 1981
  4. Cheetah August 18, 1989
  5. A Kid in King Arthur’s Court August 11, 1995
  6. First Kid August 30, 1996
  7. Air Bud August 1, 1997
  8. Air Bud: Golden Receiver August 14, 1998
  9. The Princess Diaries August 3, 2001
  10. Freaky Friday August 6, 2003
  11. Princess Diaries 2     August 11, 2004
  12. Invincible August 25, 2006
  13. Underdog August 3, 2007
  14. The Odd Life of Timothy Green August 15, 2012
  15. Pete’s Dragon August 12, 2016


  1. Christopher Robin August 3, 2018


These are the many live action Disney Movies of August. Including Christopher Robin which opens in theaters very soon.


8 August 1
















So there we have it. All the Disney movies that came out during the month of August. Which are your favorites? Are you a fan of Mary Poppins? Are you going to see Christopher Robin? Let me know in the comments below. Well, see ya real soon.





The Great Mouse Detective













After a period of what most Disney fans call the Dark Era, Disney was tired of producing mediocre movies that never performed well or flat out bombed. Disney started looking for new ways to tell stories. The Great Mouse Detective and Oliver and Company were “test movies”. Movies that would test what audiences wanted to see. The Great Mouse Detective is about the famous mouse detective Basil of Baker Street. Based off of Sherlock Holmes, whom he lives under. Basil loves crime solving and has spent years trying to stop the evil Professor Ratigan. This movie is awesome. It is a full-on adventure in the sewers of London. Alan Young the voice of Scrooge McDuck voiced Olivia’s father. Vincent Prince voiced Ratigan. While the Great Mouse Detective did well, it good not trump the other mouse movie that came out about the same time, American Tail. It did help pave the way to an era that would remind people that Disney is awesome and a force to be reckoned with… The Disney Renaissance. This movie could be scary at times and even has a few jump scares. And the fight scene at the end is pretty brutal. But this movie is so awesome, I know you will enjoy it. A few Easter eggs to look for in this movie. Dumbo can be seen in the toy shop; the snarls and howls of Toby are recycled from Trusty from Lady and the Tramp. The Great Mouse Detective is quite an underrated Disney movie. Not many people even know this movie exists or that it is a Disney movie. But I love it and would give this movie a C. The Great Mouse Detective has a very small presence in the Disney parks. Basil and Ratigan used to be walk around characters, but they have been retired. It was said that Ratigan would scare children. Well he did drown orphans so I would be scared of him too. Ratigan is a pretty nasty Disney villain. He has a history of villainous schemes and always getting away with them.  Also, in this movie was the some of the first uses of computers in animated films. Computers were used to help animate the Big Ben gears during the Big Ben scene. The Great Mouse Detective is a great Disney movie that is celebrating its 32nd anniversary. So, wish The Great Mouse Detective a happy anniversary by watching it today. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I do. Until next time Disney fam… May all your dream come true.




























































Saturday was our beloved Donald Duck’s birthday. On June 9, 1934 Donald Duck entered our lives, his first cartoon was the Wise Little Hen. And he was a success. Since that time Donald has made us laugh at him and with him. He is well known for his temper and lack of pants and trademark duck speak. Donald loves a good time and loves naps and doing things his own way. He is another cartoon duck who also has to share the spotlight with another fellow animal cartoon character that everyone loves. But unlike Bugs who is fully aware of this rivalry and always gets the best of Daffy, Mickey doesn’t seem to be bothered by his rivalry with Donald. But Donald is very popular in his own right. He has starred in various cartoons and media. He got a short-lived tv show called Quack Pack and sometimes appeared in Ducktales. Donald is a staple member in the Disney parks and appears in  various shows, parades and even some attractions such as Philharmagic. We can’t talk about Donald without talking about the love of his life, Daisy Duck. Previously called Donna Duck, Daisy was not supposed to be a recurring character. She first appeared as Daisy Duck in the cartoon Mr. Duck Steps Out. And she as been the love of Donald’s life ever since. Donald also have 3 nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie. They love playing tricks on each other but at the end of the day Donald loves his nephews. Donald is one cool duck and Disney wouldn’t be the same without him. So happy birthday to Donald Duck. Until next time may all your dreams come true.

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I just saw this Disney challenge and I am going to try to do it. So for everyday I am going to share one of these challenges.


Yesterday the challenge was who is  your favorite Disney character. Well that’s easy it’s Scar from the Lion King. I love that lion. He is just so evil and very good at it. The reason Scar is an awesome Disney villain is because he has no magical powers or potions or any of the things that help make other Disney villains great. Scar is a lion that is not very strong but is very cunning. And he is very good at devising plans. He is one of the few Disney villains to actually murder a main character. He is also one of the few Disney villains to succeed in his goal. For a good 2 years, Scar is king of the Pridelands which is what he wanted. Now some people argue that after he achieves this he becomes boring because he doesn’t do anything. And my answer to that is by him not doing anything he is actually destroying the Pridelands and thus murdering a mass amount of animals, which if you’re a villain is something you want to happen. So even by not “doing anything” he is actually very lethal. And Scar is an uncle and a brother which makes him a threat to his family and they never knew it. Also Scar is a very good fighter we he has to use his teeth and claws. He totally defeats Simba in the final battle and if it weren’t for Nala’s move that she would always use on Simba, Simba would be hyena chow and not Scar. Scar’s most powerful weapon is his silver tongue. He was able to convince the lionesses in a matter of minutes that Simba was guilty of killing Mufasa and pushed Simba almost to his death. And even Sarabi, Simba’s mother believes Scar. Now his weakness is his overconfidence. Some people question why did Scar reveal to Simba the truth? Well in Scar’s eyes he had won. Simba was hanging off the side of Pride Rock ready to fall into a pit of fire and Scar would still be king and nothing would change. But Scar makes an error in telling Simba the truth and thus creates his downfall. Scar is awesome and is seen a pretty good amount in the Disney parks. He sometimes appears on Disney villains parade floats and is featured in a few nighttime shows including the new firework show Happily Ever After. Scar is my favorite Disney character.