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The First Lion King

Summary – Rafiki tells Kiara’s cubs about the First Lion King

Simba-  the current king of the Pride Lands

Nala-  the current queen of the Pridelands

Rafiki-  shaman mandrill of the Pridelands

Zazu- majordomo to King Simba and Queen Nala

Kiara- daughter of Simba and Nala and Future Queen of the Pride Lands

Kovu -Kiara’s mate and future Prince Consort of the Pridelands

Pumbaa- Friend of Simba’s

Timon Friend of Simba and Pumbaa

Kion- Son of Simba and Nala, brother to Kiara and leader of the Lion Guard

Bunga- friend of Kion

Nefu -apprentice of Rafiki

Mohatu-  the first Lion King

Dalila-  Mohatu’s mother

Asali- Dalila’s sister

Zuberi-   Mohatu’s father

Kopa- Kiara and

Sansa- Kovu’s son and daughter

Rashidi-  Rafiki’s ancestor

Zuri- Mohatu’s mate

Ahadi- Mohatu’s  son

Enzi an evil lion who once ruled what is now Pride Rock


Chapter one.

Rafiki’s Story


It was a hot day in the Pridelands, Zazu the king’s majordomo flew overhead. He was heading to Pride Rock a majestic mountain in the center of the Pridelands. Pride Rock is home to a pride of lions who rule over the Pridelands. Simba and Nala are the current king and queen of the Pridelands.  The Pridelands has seen many great kings. Today Zazu was on his way to Pride Rock because Simba’s daughter, Kiara had just given birth to her cubs. Kovu, Kiara’s mate beamed with pride has he looked at his new cubs. “oh, Kiara they are beautiful” said Nala. “Simba come look at your adorable grand-cubs” said Nala. Simba laid down beside them and they crawled to him. “They are wonderful” said Simba. Timon and Pumbaa, friends of Simba’s came over to see the cubs. “Ah Pumbaa just look at these little guys.” Timon picked one up and cradled it in his arms. “Oh yes there are very cute” said Pumbaa. “I wonder if they eat bugs?” Just then Kion walked in the cave with Bunga. Kion, leader of the Lion Guard was out on patrol making sure the Pridelands stays safe. “Zuka zama they are so cute” said Bunga.  “Oh, Kiara your cubs are just great” said Kion. “Thank you Kion” said Kiara. Everyone was admiring the new cubs, Zazu noticed Rafiki in the back of the cave leaning against the cave wall. “Rafiki aren’t you going to come meet Kiara’s cubs?” asked Zazu? “Of course,” said Rafiki rather weakly. “Rafiki?” “Are you OK?” “No Zazu, I am not.” “I am afraid that it is time for my circle of life to come full circle.”  “Oh no” said Zazu sadly. “Do you think you will be here to perform the presentation of Kiara’s cubs?” “I am not sure” said Rafiki. “But I do want to leave something for the cubs to remember.” Rafiki walked slowly over to Kiara’s cubs. Hello, young ones. The circle of life is a marvelous thing. Some perish while others experience life. The circle of life is a never-ending circle. But an individual’s circle does have an end. And I am afraid mine is just about complete. I wanted to leave something behind so that you cubs would know the history of how this great land came to be. Rafiki gently picked up both of the cubs and walked to another part of the cave. This part of the cave was filled with paintings. Most were of lions and each painting told a story. Gather around young ones and I will tell you the tale of how all of this came to be.








Chapter 2

Enzi’s Pride


it was a very long time ago; this rock was home to an evil lion. This lion was very strong and had a dark mane. He ruled over his pride with a firm paw. Many lions who attempted to challenge his rule were defeated. Enzi which means powerful was his name. And he was indeed powerful. Enzi had many lionesses and did not tolerate outsiders or betrayal from his lionesses.  Enzi also had other male lions who helped defend his pride. A lion named Zuberi was one of them. He was also a very powerful lion and was destined to have a strong blood line. Zuberi loved one of Enzi’s lioness’ and had a cub with her. Her name was Asali. She was a beautiful lioness and a strong hunter. Enzi loved her as well, but Asali preferred the kinder Zuberi. When it was discovered that Asali was pregnant Enzi sought out to find the father. He knew that it was not him. Asali feared for her life and the life of her cubs. Zuberi told Asali that it might be best for Asali to leave. “But I can’t leave you sobbed Asali. “I won’t leave you!” Asali this is the only way said Zuberi. Enzi is sure to find out and we would all be doomed. “You won’t be going alone Asali said Dalila. Dalila was Asali’s sister. I will go with you said Dalila. Enzi’s shadow darkened the cave they were in. Quick! Out the back whispered Zuberi. Asali had no choice but to leave. Zuberi, I should have known it was you said Enzi. For what you have done there is no escape Enzi roared. And with that he pounced on Zuberi and killed him.







Chapter 3

Grass Walls


Asali and Dalila ran till they could run no more. When they realized they were in a new land, they found a safe place to rest for the night. The next morning, they saw that they were in a land full of elephant grass. There were lots of baobab trees and not much else. Giraffes walked by and a few monkeys swung in the trees. Dalila stretched, I guess we should see if there is anything to eat in this strange land. Asali was too pregnant to hunt but Dalila was a very good hunter.  Due to her name being gentle, Dalila hated separating fawn from mother, so vowed to if possible never hunt fawns even if they were easier to catch. She would usually prey on older males. She brought back a Springbok and Asali and Dalila ate. Although Asali didn’t feel much like eating. All she could think about was that her mate was gone and she and her sister were now without a pride and she would soon have cubs to take care of.  A few weeks passed and Asali gave birth to 2 male cubs. She named the youngest Azizi which means treasure was a small cub with small spots. Mohatu, the eldest was a strong cub with brownish gold fur. Asali and Dalila both took turns hunting and nursing the cubs. One day when the cubs were a little older they decided to have some fun. “Hey Mohatu” said Azizi. “I dare you to climb the tallest baobab tree in this land”. “I can do that with my eyes closed said Mohatu. And off they went in search of the tallest baobab tree. “Hey this one looks pretty tall” said Mohatu. “Well start climbing then” said Azizi. Mohatu climbed up the tree and began to look around. The tree was massive, and as Mohatu searched the tree, he noticed paintings all over the tree. When he came to one in particular that shocked him. It was a painting of a lion killing another lion, and a cub growing up and defeating the evil lion. When Mohatu looked closer he was shocked to discover that the cub looked exactly like him. He stumbled back and thought to himself. What am I looking at? “You are looking at your future” said a voice. Mohatu turned around to see a mandrill. “Who are you”? asked Mohatu. “My name is Rashidi and I am a shaman who can see into the future”. “But how”? wondered Mohatu. “How isn’t what’s important. What is important is that you fulfill your destiny” said Rashidi. “Also welcome to Grass Walls, this land has been my home for many years” said Rashidi. Mohatu raced out of the tree past Azizi and ran straight home. “Mohatu what is the matter” cried Azizi? “Mother!” “what is it Mohatu? What’s wrong? Asked his mother. Mohatu told her everything. “Is what I saw really going to happen? Who is the evil lion and who was the lion that was killed asked Mohatu? Dalila paused for a moment, hung her head and said sadly, “the lion that was killed was your father. And the evil lion’s name is Enzi. We were once part of a wicked pride. I was driven out for matters that are too young for your young ears my son”. “So, this is not out home” asked Mohatu? “Our original home had no title, but we lived in a massive rock formation. The land was filled with good food and water and it was a fine place to raise cubs” said Dalila. “Sounds like we need to go back to that land” said Mohatu “And one day we will. When I am older and stronger I will return to this land and make you proud mother “vowed Mohatu. “No, you mustn’t, Enzi is very powerful you will be killed just like your father”. “Mother I promise I will avenge my father’s death and I will succeed”. Seeing the determination in his eyes, Dalila knew that could say no more. She knew that she could be proud of her son. Just then Azizi came home. “Mohatu, are you going to tell me what happened in that tree” asked Azizi? Mohatu told Azizi all that he had learned and the vow he had made. “Let me help you” asked Azizi. “No, the image only showed one lion not two” I think this is something that I have to do alone. “Then I will help guard you until that moment comes” said Azizi. “You can call me a lion guard” said Azizi. And off the two went to become better fighters.






Chapter 4

Mohatu Meets a Friend


Years went by and soon Mohatu and Azizi grew into strong young lions. They were very good hunters and brought down many large animals. But they always respected their prey and vowed never to hunt more than they needed to live. One day Mohatu was hunting, he had targeted some impalas. Little did he know that another lion was after the same impala. Mohatu crept up quietly, so did the other lion and as Mohatu tried to pounce on the impala, the other lion pounced on Mohatu. They rolled and rolled. “Hey who do you think you are?” roared Mohatu. Mohatu got up and shook himself and when he finally saw who had pounced him, his attitude changed. The lion was a lioness and she was beautiful. She was rather small but had gorgeous blue eyes which is rare for lions. Oh, my said Mohatu. Forgive me was I trying to take your prey back there? Well I think what happened was we both saw that particular impala but didn’t check our surroundings and I pounced on you instead of the impala said the lioness. Well I apologize said Mohatu. Would you like to hunt together? Asked Mohatu. Sure, you seem like a nice lion. Great. My name is Mohatu. Mine is Zuri. Zuri, why that is a lovely name said Mohatu. After meeting Zuri, she and Mohatu spent all their time together. They hunted together and enjoyed each other’s company. Zuri, I have never met anyone like you before. You are beautiful and a great hunter. You would make a lovely queen some day said Mohatu. But wouldn’t we have to have a kingdom first said Zuri. Yes, we would. And then Mohatu told Zuri of the hardships that his mother had to endure. And he told Zuri that he plans to overthrow Enzi. But Mohatu, he sounds so powerful. What if you don’t succeed? I will I have to for my mother and all of the other animals as well. A king should never rule with terror and only think of himself. I am going with you said Zuri. I will go wherever you go she said as she nuzzled him. Mother, I have decided that it is time to reclaim what rightfully belong to us. And I have asked Zuri to be my queen. Dalila saw the same determination in his eyes that she saw the first time Mohatu told her his plan. But this time there was love in his eyes as well. Wonderful Mohatu. Zuri welcome to the pride. May Mohatu treat you well. You will make a fine queen. Mohatu began sharpening his claws and practicing his fighting skills with more fierceness than ever before. One day he was sharpening his claws on a tree and sliced right through it. He knew this was the moment. He knew he was ready to face Enzi. Azizi are you with me? Asked Mohatu. Of course, brother, even to the death said Azizi. Even though they said they were ready they continued to train to become even better fighters. Azizi said Mohatu, I know we are training to fight to overthrow a lion, but let’s make a law that says we never use violence to solve a conflict unless there is no other alternative. Well I kind of enjoy fighting said Azizi. But I see your point. You are going to be a wise and strong king. I just hope we have trained enough to overthrow Enzi. I think we have said Mohatu. They told Rashidi what they were about to do. Ah you will be good rulers of that land. I foresee many cubs being presented on top of that big rock for all your subjects to see. Those cubs will be the future kings and queens of your land. But there may not always be peace in your land said Rashidi. No peace may not always be present in our land but hopefully with the laws that we set in our new kingdom will help future kings restore peace to the land said Mohatu. Mohatu asked if Rashidi would join them on their quest and become the shaman of the pride. Rashidi agreed. So Mohatu, Azizi, Zuri, Dalila, Asali and Rashidi all rushed back to their home land in hopes of overthrowing the wicked tyrant Enzi.

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Chapter 5

The Battle


It was time. Mohatu was now more determined than ever before to avenge his father’s death and reclaim the land the rightfully belonged to him. Dalila. Asali, Zuri and Rashidi as well as Azizi all went with Mohatu. “I want to make sure that you are aware that though you are a strong lion, that Enzi is a very powerful lion and will not be easy to overthrow” said Mohatu’s mother. “Yes, mother I am aware and I am confident that I will triumph. I will bring peace to that land and hopefully the subjects will allow me to be their king. I will be a good king. I will set up laws that allows our subjects to protect themselves from us while we are hunting and that us predators will only hunt what we need to survive nothing more. And when we are at a water hole with each other there will be a truce between predator and prey. No predator is to hunt prey while they are at the water hole.” “Those are very good sounding laws” said Asali. “But first you must defeat Enzi and here we are.” They came to a clearing and Mohatu saw for the first time the land that he was destined to rule. It was very large full of trees and rivers. Live was thriving. But life was not easy for the inhabitants of the land. Enzi was an evil tyrant who killed whenever he wanted and it didn’t matter who it was from a crawling ant to the leaping antelope. If Enzi wanted it he killed it. And he had other lions that worked for him that were almost as strong as Enzi. This was going to be Mohatu’s biggest challenge of his life. Mohatu and his friends crept toward a massive rock formation. “ We used to live here” asked Mohatu. “It is very nice. A fine place for us to live and rule.” Quietly they subdued anyone they came across. “Mother do you think that the lionesses will side with us?” “I am not sure but let me and Dalila go talk to them. We will meet back up with them if they do” said his mother. “Sure, me and Azizi and going to look for Enzi. Rashidi you might want to stay out of sight, I would hate for the lionesses to hunt you.” “Don’t worry about me Mohatu I can handle a few lionesses.” Rashidi was an older mandrill so he walked with a stick with gourds tied at the top. The gourds were very hard and would also serve as food whenever he needed them. But they were also good for hitting things. And Rashidi could hold his own pretty well against hyenas and leopards with this stick. “I am sure that you will be fine” said Mohatu “but please be careful”. “I will” said Rashidi. And off they went in search of Enzi. Azizi, maybe we should split up to search for Enzi said Mohatu. If you think that is best then sure said Azizi. And off they both went. Mohatu searched everywhere for Enzi but never found him.  Suddenly a chill ran down Mohatu’s spine and a large shadow engulfed his. The shadow let out a loud roar, so loud that it shook the rocks and trees. Mohatu turned around and there stood the largest lion that Mohatu had ever seen.  “And just who are you and how dare you come into my domain?” asked Enzi. “I am Mohatu” said Mohatu when he could finally speak. He had heard all the things that his mother told him about Enzi but seeing him for the first time was so overwhelming. His dark mane whipped in the wind. “I don’t usually do this, but I am giving you a chance to escape” said Enzi. “Leave right now and never come back but your pretty lioness that you came with stays with me. Oh, and your mother will be staying too. We have some unfinished business to attend to. Yes, I know exactly who you are and why you are here. You are the son of a lion who used to work for me. I killed him I want you to know. And it was a wonderful kill too. There was so much blood, your father never stood a chance.” Now anger was swelling in Mohatu. “Oh, and if you think that your brother was going to help you defeat me, well I am afraid that won’t be happening”. Enzi’s lions dragged Azizi’s body out to Mohatu. “Azizi!” cried Mohatu. “You should know that he fought bravely and even managed to claw me.” There were 3 slashes over Enzi’s eye and his was swollen shut. “But nevertheless, I prevailed as I always do to pathetic little rivals like you.” Now rage was building in Mohatu he could bear it no longer. “Enzi! I challenge you and I will defeat you! Step down or fight!” said Mohatu. “Oh, I never back down from a fight”. “But maybe this time I will”. He started to walked away then he turned around and leaped at Mohatu. They fell to the ground Enzi struck Mohatu with his claws in the chest. Mohatu got Enzi off of him and ran away. Enzi chased Mohatu till they were at the top of the rock. Mohatu was scared and sad and angry all at once. He realized that he should have never agreed to split up to look for Enzi. It was apparent now that Enzi found Azizi and that he killed him. He had no idea that Enzi would find him or that Asali and Dalila found the lionesses and that they are on Mohatu’s side. But there is nothing that the lionesses can do at this point. Now they hope that Mohatu has what it takes to defeat Enzi. What do you think? Do you think Mohatu has what it takes to defeat Enzi?

Chapter 6


The Lion King

Mohatu ran up the side of the rock after Enzi. Mohatu had so much rage and hate swelling in him. Not only had Enzi killed his father, chased his mother away. Now Enzi had killed his brother. Mohatu leaped up to the top pf the rock and  there stood Enzi. His eye was  still dripping with blood from where Azizi had slashed him. “You are going to pay for what you have done to my family” said Mohatu as he lunged toward Enzi. Enzi lunged toward Mohatu as well. Both clawing at  each other. Enzi was a powerful fighter and every strike was hard and strong. Enzi knocked Mohatu the ground. He leaped toward Mohatu to finish him off, when Mohatu dodged and sunk his teeth into Enzi’s left hind leg. Mohatu broke Enzi’s leg. But Enzi was not finished yet. He still had enough strength to fight with 3 legs. Finally all of Mohatu’s strength allowed him to deliver another bite to a leg. It looked like it was the end for Enzi. Mohatu pushed him off the rock. Mohatu was breathing heavily, he hoped that this was the end of the battle. When Enzi actually climbed back up and still tried to attack Mohatu. You will never defeat me! I am all-powerful and I will return. You will never be safe. It was very dry and a lightning strike caused a fire on the rock. Enzi started laughing manically. You will never defeat me, he kept saying. Then suddenly Enzi caught on fire. He kept laughing until he was nothing but smoke. And that was the end of Enzi. Mohatu breathed a sigh of relief. Soon it began to rain. The fire was put out, Mohatu slowly walked down and greeted his family. He rubbed heads with his mother, and embraced his future bride. Rashidi walked over to him. He bowed and said “climb the rock and become king”. Mohatu did was he was told. He climbed up the rock. Rain was pouring. As he was climbing the thoughts of being a king ran through his mind. Would he be a good king? Would he be remembered? When he made it to the top, he let out a mighty roar. Soon animals made their way to the rock. Fellow creatures let us together rebuild this world and let us share in the days of peace. I promise that if you allow me to be your king, I will defend these lands with all of my strength. We must allow the Circle of Life to carry on. Let these lands be known as the Pridelands. We love this land. I ask that you allow my pride to stay in this rock which I will call Pride Rock. After Mohatu gave his speech, he waited for the animals to respond. All of the animals made noises and cheered they were so proud that they had a new king. From then on there was peace in the Pridelands. Mohatu made Rashidi his shaman. He met a hornbill name Zuzu who he made his majordomo. Zuri was so proud of her mate. Soon Zuri gave Mohatu a cub. All of the animals journeyed to Pride Rock to see the cub. Rashidi picked up the cub and anointed it with some liquid from a gourd and lifted him up for all to see. This cub’s name was Ahadi. Mohatu was loved so much by all the Pridelanders. When Mohatu died, the Great Kings granted him the pleasure of being the brightest star in the sky which made the constellation of Leo. And that my dear cubs is the story of the first Lion King said Rafiki. He stopped talking, hugged the cubs and walked slowly out of Pride Rock.




Chapter 7

The Circle of Life Continues


The next day was the grand ceremony when Kovu and Kiara’s cubs would be presented to the Pridelands. All the animals of the kingdom traveled to Pride Rock for this glorious celebration. Soon everyone was waiting for Rafiki to arrive. Zazu said Simba, please fly over to Rafiki’s tree and see why rafiki hasn’t arrived yet. Oh yes sir right away. SO off Zazu flew. When he arrived at Rafiki’s tree he was heartbroken at what he found. Rafiki!! No!! Tears fell from Zazu’s eyes. Through his tears he noticed a leaf rolled up like  a scroll. He unraveled the leaf and read what it said. Then he pick up the the leaf and flew to Pride Rock. When he arrived he told Simba the sad news. Oh no cried Nala as she buried her face in Simba’s mane. I’m so sorry Nala, Zazu said. I found this in his tree, he said that it is for Sansa and Kopa. It reads. Dear Kopa and Sansa, I will not be able to present you to the Pridelands. My circle of Life has come full circle. I leave you with the hope the you will follow Mohatu’s laws and become good kings and queens of the Pridelands. Always respect the Circle of Life. My apprentice Nefu, will be the new shaman of the Pridelands. He will present you to the Pridelands. Among my possessions in my tree I have written down the stories of your ancestors I am calling it the Chronicles of the Pridelands. May you read it and learn from the mistakes of the wicked Enzi and Scar. And respect the Circle of Life like Mohatu and Mufasa and now Simba have done. Zazu brought in many more leaves all wrapped up like scrolls. And then a young mandrill climbed up Pride Rock. ” My name is Nefu, I am honored to succeed my good friend and mentor Rafiki as the shaman of the Pridelands. Welcome Nefu, said Simba. I wish we were meeting under different circumstances. But I am sure you will be a great shaman. Rafiki would be proud of you. Please present Sansa and Kopa to the Pridelands. He bowed and then hugged Simba. He then walked over to the cubs Sansa and Kopa. Broke open a gourd and anointed each cub with the liquid inside the gourd. Then he sprinkled some dust over their noses. They both sneezed. Then he gently picked up Sansa and walked to the end of Pride Rock and lifted Sansa high for all to see. All the animals rejoiced at the sight of the future queen. Then Nefu returned Sansa to her mother and picked up Kopa and lifted him up for all to see. The Circle of Life will continue to circle and life will go on. And so we say good bye for now to the wonderful world of the Lion King. Though who knows maybe there will be another story to tell in the Chronicles of the Pridelands.


                                                           THE END