Disney/Pixar: The Merger Era



Disney and Pixar’s rocky relationship continues into the next Pixar Era known as the Merger Era. This is because during this time Disney and Pixar feuded on who owned the rights to the Pixar movies and who had the right to make sequels. Pixar is not a fan of making sequels unless there is a good story to tell. But Disney at the time felt that they could make Pixar sequels without Pixar’s approval. Which is partly why Toy Story 2 was created. It seemed that Pixar was ready to say goodbye to their partner and strike out on its own. But when Eisner left and Bob Iger became CEO of Disney, things began to change for the better. Disney bought Pixar and gave them complete control of the Pixar products DIsney would just distribute the Pixar films and name. With this the Merger Era was born. This era started with the movie Cars and ended with Toy Story 3. So lets look at these movies and see if the can compete with the Golden Era of Pixar.




Our first movie during this time is a movie that I am convinced was just a way to sell toys. While Cars is a decent movie, it does have its flaws. The story is very predictable. We have a hot-shot race car who is selfish and thinks that the world revolves around him. He soon learns some humility when he crashes into a town that is on the brink of extinction. They force him to repair a road that he destroyed. Along the way Lightning McQueen learns to respect his elders and learns that winning isn’t everything. Cars has become a franchise and is heavily featured in the parks especially in Disneyland California where a whole land was built dedicated to the world of Cars. I like Cars but it could have been better.

6 June 11


Ratatouille is our next movie during this era and it is the Pixar movie that I like the least. I am just not into rats making my food I guess. The animation could be better but it still is not horrible to look at. Ratatouille is featured some in the parks. It has a ride dedicated to it in Disneyland Paris and will soon have one in Epcot as well. There is some heart to this movie I will say that. But like I said it is just not for me. But that doesn’t make it a bad movie. I think it tells its story well and the characters are both funny and interesting. You should watch it if you haven’t. I don’t have much else to say about Ratatouille.

6 June 12


Now we come to Wall-E, a movie about an Earth that has been destroyed by pollution forcing all the humans to evacuate the planet. Wall-E units were left on Earth to clean it up. And our cute little Wall-E is all that is left of these units. Wall-E spends his days hanging out with a cockroach and watching VHS movies and cleaning up trash. Till his world changes when a strange new robot comes to earth. Eve has been sent back to find out if the humans can return to earth. And soon Wall-E meets Eve and they form a bond and we now have an awesome romance between 2 robots and it is very sweet. I love the scene where they dance through space. The villain in this movie is not really evil, he is just programmed to never return to earth. And he takes his job seriously. When Eve discovers a plant on earth, she realizes that the earth is still alive. So the humans can return. This movie is so well-loved that it was thought that it should be nominated for Best Picture, but it was not meant to be. Also despite this movie being very successful Wall-E is practically absent in the Disney Parks. It may be seen on merchandise but that is it. No rides, meet and greets, or being in a parade. Nothing, and it is a shame. Go watch Wall-E, you won’t be disappointed.

6 June 13


And now we come to Up, a movie that is both sad and funny and has a lot of heart. A movie about an old man who loves his wife so much that he can’t let her go even after she dies. They met as kids and became friends that eventually blossomed into romance. They shared a wonderful life together. Some dreams never came true for them. Unfortunately they were not able to have kids, but still hoped that their dream of seeing Paradise Falls would still come true. For Ellie though, she never got to see Paradise Falls. And it remains one of the saddest moments in Pixar history. And I love how they tell this part of the story with just music and animation. You feel the sadness when they discover they can’t have children, the joy when they get married and once again the sadness when Ellie dies. Now we have a saddened Carl who still lives in the house that he and Ellie purchased so long ago. He still has a dream to see Paradise Falls. However due to losing Ellie, and construction workers trying to move his house, Carl has become kind of grumpy and doesn’t take it all very kindly. Soon he meets a kid named Russell who is Wilderness Explorer and needs a merit badge for helping the elderly. Carl fed up with everyone telling him what to do, turns his house into an airship with millions of balloons. Russell is discovered to be still at the house during take off. So now Carl must take this kid along with him. And then we finally get to Paradise Falls and we meet Dug a dog who has just met you and loves you SQUIRREL!….. Dug is after a bird Squirrel!! A bird that will make his master very happy SQUIRREL!! Soon Carl learns to let Ellie go and begins a new life with Russel, Kevin the bird that Dug was looking for and all her babies. And Dug comes to live with him too. Up is a very good Pixar movie. It was nominated for Best Picture being the second animated movie to have this great honor. The first was another Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. Up is mostly seen in Animal Kingdom. Dug and Russel have a new stage show where they look at the world’s many bird species. And recently Kevin has been seen walking around. Up is a very good Pixar movie. Watch it soon.


5 May 4

Toy Story 3

And our final Pixar movie for this era is probably one of Pixar’s best. Toy Story 3 is an awesome adventure where the toys now have to deal with Andy all grown up and heading for college. Play time is over, most of the toys are no longer together. But Woody and the gang still hope that Andy still loves them. This movie is a nice conclusion to the story that started it all. The story is awesome, full of evil bears who runs a  daycare like a concentration camp and force toys to be played with kids who don’t know how to take care of toys. And then we have one of the most intense scenes in all of Disney. It makes me tear up every time. The incinerator scene was done so well. Oh my, I can hardly write about it now. Just the amount of terror in this scene is very intense, but also the bond that these toys share with one another. Even when all hope seems lost, they are together. I hate seeing Bullseye in this situation. He is so scared and he doesn’t talk and Jessie just takes his hoof and each toy joins hands awaiting their terrible fate. And then those awesome toy aliens save the day. Oh my, I know we all started breathing again after seeing that scene for the first time. But the ending is what most people can’t get through. When Andy gives away his childhood toys. These toys that have given him so much joy. He even gives Woody away. It is a very sweet and sad moment. Toy Story 3 is an amazing movie. This movie grossed over 1 billion worldwide and is the 4th highest grossing animated movie. Toy Story 3 won Best Animated Feature and was nominated for Best Picture. Clearly people loved this movie. And of course Toy Story 3 is everywhere in the Disney Parks. Toy Story 3 is not the final story, Toy Story 4 will hit theaters this summer and I can’t wait. I would tell you to see this movie but let’s face it you already have.

6 June 14


So there we have it, those are the Pixar movies that came out during the Merger Era. All of these movies are good in their own right. Some are definitely better than others. The next era is the longest era known and the Experimental era. This era is filled with sequels and some originals. We will discuss this era next time. So until next time To Infinity and beyond!

Disney/Pixar: The Golden Era



You may be wondering if there are eras of Pixar. Well there are. There are actually 3 eras of Pixar history, the Golden Era Toy Story to The Incredibles. The Merger Era from Cars to Wall-E and finally the Experimental Era from Cars 2 to Incredibles 2. A new Era is dawning that hasn’t been named yet and it will start with Toy Story 4. But let’s look at the movies from Pixar’s Golden Era


Toy Story

Much like Disney, Pixar has been around for a long time. They were originally called Computers Graphic Lab where they mostly sold large computers that didn’t sell very well. Overtime they began to have a relationship with Disney and began helping them with some of their movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and the Lion KIng. But it was time for Pixar to strike out on its own and make the first computer animated film, Toy Story. So Toy Story is basically Pixar’s Snow White. And this movie was an instant success. I remember everyone going crazy over the army men and Buzz Lightyear and seeing this awesome new world that Pixar had created. Toy Story is an awesome movie that has an awesome story and songs and is a real gem for Pixar. We love Woody and Buzz and all the rest of the toys. You can tell that it is computer animated and the people can look odd at times but they are still improving. By the time we get to The Incredibles, humans will look much better. This movie also started some of the famous easter eggs that appear in almost every Pixar movie including the A113 number, the Luxo ball, and the Pizza Planet truck. We all know the story. Toys come to life when their kid leaves the room and they all fear that they might get replaced by new toys. Then we meet Buzz Lightyear who is a toy space ranger but actually believes that he is a real space ranger. And we go from Woody and Buzz being enemies to the best of friends. And this movie has spawned a massive franchise that never seems to want to end. And I am ok with that. Toy Story is everywhere in the Disney Parks from meet and greets with Woody and Buzz, to rides and the new Toy Story Land that opened last year in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Toy Story fame has not died down and we will be getting Toy Story 4 in a few months. But we wouldn’t have any of it, if it weren’t for the original Toy Story. It’s the story that started it all and we all hope that it will never end.


A Bug’s Life

Now we must talk about the bug war. A lot was happening in the Disney company in  1998. Presidents were dying and successors were not getting promoted evil men left and founded a rival animation studio and started a bug war. The evil man’s name was Jeffrey Katzenberg and the rival animation studio is Dreamworks.  And the Bug War he started was A Bug’s Life vs. Antz. Dreamworks would be a thorn in Disney’s side for years to come. While Jeffrey Katzenberg was at Disney, a bug movie was being developed by Pixar. So to prove that he was better than Disney, Katzenberg decided to make his own bug computer animated movie. His movie was called Antz and Disney or Pixar’s movie was A Bug’s Life. Both movies about ants, both movies about battling another insect species to survive and both starring beaten down heroes who are at the bottom of the colony who must rise from this and save their colony. Which is better? A Bug’s Life antennas down. The animation and story are much better than Antz. Plus the story is based on the famous Ant and the Grasshopper story. Flik is our outcast ant who likes to use his brain to solve problems and doesn’t believe that they should serve the grasshoppers. He goes in search of warrior bugs to rid them of Hopper and his gang. And we meet some awesome circus bugs who come to help out. One thing Pixar does great in the beginning that is, is make every character need to be there and each have their own character development. Dot is a cute royal ant who actually likes Flik, while Atta the future queen stresses over becoming queen and ruling a whole colony. And there are many others. A Bug’s Life is definitely worth the watch. While this movie has never gotten a sequel, it does have quite a large presence in the parks. Mostly in Animal Kingdom with the famous It’s Tough to be a Bug that is located under the Tree of Life which fits well since the ants in the story live under a tree. And in Disneyland there used to be A Bug’s Land, a land where you shrink down to the size of a bug and enjoy all the things that bugs like. A Bug’s Life is a great addition to the Pixar library.


Toy Story 2

We were so in love with Toy Story that we just had to have more so in 1999 we got Toy Story 2. Buzz and Woody are now best friends, but now they must worry about the day when Andy grows up and won’t play with them anymore. We see more humans in this movie that in the previous Toy Story and they are better animated, their hair looks real and they look like real people. Plus the backgrounds look better and overall the animation improves. And the story is great as well. We meet new toys and even have our first toy villain. Jessie is a toy who used to be owned by a girl named Emily. Since Emily sold her like she was nothing, Jessie now believes that humans including Andy would abandon her or forget her. Woody helps her see that being loved by a child is the best feeling a toy can have. Woody also learns that he is a rare and valuable toy. Buzz and the gang go after Woody when he gets stolen by an evil man. Our first villain is the Prospector who spent his life on a dime shelf watching every other toy get sold. So he has never been loved by a child and doesn’t have the desire either. His one ticket for meaning in life is for he, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye get sold to a toy museum in Japan. In the end Jessie and Bullseye become part of the gang and we learn that you’ve got a friend in Woody and Buzz. The animation not only improved with the humans but I also think that this is the first time we see fur in a Pixar film. In Toy Story we had the evil dog Scud who did not look like much of a dog, in this movie we see Andy’s dog Buster and you can tell that this dog is a mammal. That is what is cool about Pixar, each movie demonstrates a new feature of computer animation. As mentioned above Toy Story is everywhere in the Disney Parks and now Jessie can be met as a meet and greet character and she also appears in other Toy Story related places as well.


Monsters Inc.

Now we enter the world of Monstropolis and learn why monsters appear under our beds and scare us while we are asleep. They scare because they care. Monsters Inc. gave us the vast world of Monstropolis were not one monster is the same. Some have fur like Sulley while others have one giant eye in the center of their body and are nothing more than a ball with arms and legs like Mike. They were at Monsters Inc. A place where monsters go into the human world to collect the screams of children to power the city. And Sulley is the considered to be the best scarer, even better than Randall Boggs, a monster who can blend in to his surroundings and hates Sulley. Life couldn’t be better for Mike and Sulley until one day Boo enters the city. Boo is a little girl who wandered into Monsters Inc. when a door was left open. The funny thing is, the monsters believe that kids are toxic to them and are actually scared of them. I just the plot in this movie. The monsters collect screams of children to power the city by the screams. So they have to act all scary and tough when in fact they are actually terrified of the kid that they are trying to scare. This is why Pixar makes good movies, because they pay attention to detail and good story telling. Along the way we learn that a child’s laughter is much more powerful than their screams. So now the monsters collect kids laughter instead of screams. Monsters Inc. also ha a strong presence in the Disney Parks. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is a show where the monsters bring you to Monstropolis to collect your laughs. I believe there is a ride in other Disney Parks as well. Monsters Inc. also spawned the first prequel made by Pixar. But more on that movie later. Monsters Inc. is definitely worth the watch.


Finding Nemo

This next movie to the world by storm and remains one of Pixar’s best movies, the beloved Finding Nemo. This movie showed us that Pixar can animate water and make us believe that we are under the sea. We see birds, all kinds of different fish and even some humans. Pixar keeps pushing the animation bar up and they deliver every time. But aside from animation that is beautiful, FInding Nemo is also a great movie because of the characters and the story they tell. Marlin is a overprotective father who lost his wife and most of his offspring. Now he swears  he will never let anything happen to his son, Nemo. Nemo however wishes that Marlin would trust him and let him do things for himself. Because of this, Nemo gets captured and Marlin must now swim across the ocean to find his son. Along the way we meet the funny Dory who suffers from short-term memory loss. She immediately wants to help Marlin and stays with Marlin through the rest of the adventure. She helps Marlin learn about trust and helps Marlin do things that he would never do without her. Like swim with sharks, battle deep-sea creatures, speak whale, the list goes on. We also meet some other cool dudes like Crush and offspring Squirt sea turtles who ride the EAC. Nemo wants to get back to his father and the ocean. He gets captured by a dentist who takes him to his aquarium in his office. Nemo is going to be the present for a fish killer named Darla. But through the help of the tank gang Nemo is freed and now searches for his father. In the end they make it back together back to their reef. But now Marlin lets Nemo go have adventures and hangs out with sharks and swims with turtles. And Dory lives in their reef too. And they all enjoy the big blue world together. Finding Nemo is an awesome massive movie. I mean the ocean is pretty big. But Pixar animated this movie wonderfully and told a great story. Finding Nemo is everywhere in the Disney Parks. In Epcot we have the Living Seas with Nemo and Friends and it is an awesome dark sideways ride where you go though the events of the movie and enter into an aquarium where you can learn more about the animals featured in Nemo. You can also talk to Crush and he shares all of his knowledge of things in the big blue world. In Animal Kingdom there is Finding Nemo the Musical. A stage show that retells the story of Nemo but in song. It awesome and you should do it at least once. And there is a sequel to Finding Nemo called FInding Dory but more on that movie later. I would tell you to go see Finding Nemo but I know you already have, so go watch it again you won’t be disappointed.


The Incredibles

And our last Pixar movie in the Golden Era is the Incredibles. A movie about superheroes and what would happen if the world decided that superheroes should only be normal people. So now these people with awesome talents must hide their powers and never be heroes. We meet the Parr family Mr. Incredible who has super strength and misses the glory days with he was a famous superhero. Elastigirl can stretch her body to make herself more flexible who misses the glory days but also wants her family to stay safe and hidden till the world needs them again. Violet is a shy girl who can become invisible and make force fields. She just wants to blend in and be loved for who she is. Dash is the competitive troublemaker who can run super fast. And then we have Jak-Jak who  is just a normal baby. We see a lot more humans and they are better animated and don’t look as plastic as they did in Toy Story. We also have one of Pixar’s greatest villains Syndrome. Syndrome was idolized Mr. Incredible until he was given the cold shoulder by Mr. Incredible and this tore him apart. He decided to kill off real superheroes to find Mr. Incredible and once he did, Syndrome was going to find a robot and save the day and become better than Mr Incredible. This movie is full of action and is a fun superhero movie that is not  from Marvel. Edna Mode is also a fun character. This movie has a presence in the parks but not as massive as the other movies of the Golden Era. But The Incredibles did finally get a sequel and it did not disappoint. See the Incredibles you won’t regret it.



So there we have it. Those are the movies from Pixar during their Golden Era. These movies established Pixar for what we know them to be. An awesome animation studio that tells great stories and creates characters that we love and keep coming back for more. After the Golden Era of Pixar we entered the Merger Era. Studios butted heads over who was in charge of these awesome movies and who had the right to make sequels. We will talk more on this next time. So until next time… To Infinity and Beyond!!!



This year was not a bad year for Disney. It probably could have been better but I would say that Disney is proud to leave 2018 strong. That being said Disney did have some minor bumps throughout the year. So here is the best things to happen to Disney in 2018. A worst list will follow.
This years movies were some of Disney’s best. Christopher Robin was a sweet Winnie the Pooh story that is adorable and is definitely a highlight this year.
We also finally got a sequel to the Incredibles. And did not disappoint. It was well received and made us want even more Incredible action.
I have not seen it yet but Mary Poppins Returns has gotten a lot of love. Apparently it is sad too. Angela Lansbury and Dick Van Dyke appear in this movie. 2 Disney gems that are practically perfect in every way.
And Ralph Breaks the Internet was another sequel that we go this year and it was awesome. I do think one of the characters went “turbo” which was a bad thing in the original, but somehow it is not in this movie. But still Ralph wrecks it in a good way once again and I can’t wait to add it to my collection of Disney movies.
Disney Parks
I visited the Disney parks twice this year and I had a blast. I stayed at a resort that I have never stayed at and it is one of the best Disney resorts to me. I stayed a Port Orleans Riverside and it was beautiful and spacious and we took a boat to Disney Springs and got to see Disney Springs at night. My nephews went and they had a blast too. My second trip, I saw Illuminations Reflections of Earth one last time. This is the firework show in Epcot. I am sad to see it go but look forward to seeing what replaces it. And seeing Disney at Christmas time is always fun.
Toy Story Land
Toy Story Land opened this year in the summer and although I have not seen it yet, I have heard very good things about it. Slinky Dog Dash is a fun looking roller coaster that I might actually ride. Some negative things have been about the lack of shade and no Al’s Toy Barn to buy Toy Story merchandise. But still this new land looks awesome and I can’t wait to visit it.
I am sure there are other great things that Disney gave us this year but these were just some of the awesome things that I thought were awesome that we got from Disney this year. I am really looking forward to 2019, some awesome movies are headed our way. But until keep an eye out for the worst things that Disney has done this year. And yes Disney does have a few. See you in 2019 and as always may all your dreams

Disney’s Revival Era

After a series of failures and box office bombs, Disney was finally tired of doing so poorly. Disney was ready to become known once again as a studio who knows how to tell good stories and give us great movies again. This gave us the Revival Era. The Revival Era in my opinion started with Bolt and has continued to this day and this is one era that I hope will never end. But we will talk about that later. Right now let’s just look at these awesome movies that came out during the era known as the Revival Era.

Caution : we will be looking at Ralph Breaks the Internet. I will try not to spoil anything. But you might want to see Ralph Breaks the Internet before you view this section.




Some argue that should be a part of the 2000 Slump era, but for me this movie does not belong in that era. If anything, it ended the era so we could call this movie the transition movie. The movie that helped make everything better. Bolt is an awesome story about a dog that is part of a tv show and thinks that he has superpowers. It is pretty fun to watch him learn how to be a normal dog. The story is done very well and it is animated beautifully. There is not one character that I felt didn’t need to be there, well maybe Rhino but he is funny and doesn’t really hurt the plot like some trolls I know. This is really a simple story but it is told very well. A girl just wants to be with her dog, a dog that thinks he is a superhero and doesn’t know how to be a dog. So, when he believes that Penny has been kidnapped, he stops at nothing to rescue her. Along the way he meets a declawed cat name Mittens. They travel cross-country to find Penny. Along the way Bolt learns that he is not as super as he thought. He has to learn how to be a dog. And in the end being a normal dog is better than being a superhero if you can be with the ones you love. This movie did very well at the box office and is the best Disney movie since Lilo and Stitch, sadly a franchise has not been made, but Bolt does appear sometimes in the Disney Parks on merchandise. He has a card in the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom game. If Bolt were to appear as a meet and greet, he would be met in Animal Kingdom. Bolt is a hidden gem that needs to be watched. Also, the pigeons are hilariously stupid an as Rhino would say, that is totally awesome. Oh, and puppy Bolt is very cute.




Princess and the Frog


After the disaster that was Home on the Range, Disney decided to distance themselves from 2D animation. The very thing that gave us Disney. They decided to move to the computer animated movies and we got the horrible Chicken Little. Well over time Disney decided to return to their roots and make another 2D animated movie and thus, Princess and the Frog was born. Princess and the Frog is a very good and funny 2D animated film. With this movie we got our first African-American princess and she is awesome. Instead of wishing on a star and her dreams magically coming true, Tiana learns that if you want something in life you have to work hard and maybe your dreams will still come true. But this doesn’t stop her completely from wishing on stars. Her dream is to open a restaurant that her father never could. Along the way she learns that not getting what you want but having what you need is more important. She learns this from a lot of different and awesome characters We have Louis the alligator who loves jazz music and can even play the trumpet. Also, Mama Odie who is the voodoo queen of the bayou and she is funny and awesome. We also have the Shadow Man aka Dr. Facilier as the villain. While not my favorite villain, he does have a nice villain song and made us cry for a bug. Oh yeah, he evil. Ray is one of the best sidekicks since Timon and Pumbaa. He never gives up on his friends and does all he can to help Tiana’s dream come true, And Naveen the prince who gets turned into a frog by the Shadow Man is not a bad Disney prince. Just a little selfish and a lazy bump on a log. But he learns that he should put others first and find love.  This movie did very well at the box office and it showed Disney and the world that you can still make awesome 2d animated films. The songs in this movie are awesome as well. I love the Evangeline song and Dig a Little Deeper. This movie is heavily featured in the Disney parks. Appearing in parades, meet and greets and nighttime shows. Princess and the Frog is an awesome Disney movie.




Disney has been known for its sometimes-expensive movie projects and a few have held the title of most expensive animated movie, well Tangled is the queen of this title and remains the most expensive animated movie ever. However, while movies like Sleeping Beauty did not do well originally, Tangled blew the competition away and was tremendously successful. With a new form of animation, the blended CG and 2D animation together to look like a painting. As well as an awesome story, characters and songs, Tangled as gone on to be one of Disney’s greatest achievements. Tangled is an awesome movie from beginning to end. Maximus is probably the best Disney horse ever and an awesome character. I mean he sword fights Flynn Rider. What horse does that? And Rapunzel is an awesome Disney princess who wants to leave her tower and has a dream but also doesn’t want to upset her “mother”. You know the story. Her hair has magical powers that can glow and heal and even make villains younger. This is why Mother Gothel had her locked in a tower where no one would ever find her precious flower. Flynn Rider is probably a descendant of Aladdin because he loves to steal and has a nice smolder. He also loves Rapunzel and reluctantly at first helps Rapunzel’s dream come true. The songs are probably the best feature about this movie and of course the best one is See the Light. It is a very nice romantic and sweet song. Some of the best characters are those who never say a word. Rapunzel’s real parents lost her on the day of her birth. For 18 years they had been searching for their daughter. They never say a word but we can see it on their face that they are heartbroken. I love it that the movie takes time to let us see that. This movie is amazing. I have a dream that you see this movie. In the Disney parks Tangled is present. We have the Tangled bathrooms in the Magic Kingdom and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider can be met and they are featured in parades and night-time shows. And there is a new tv series about Tangled and a few shorts from Tangled. Have I said it enough times? Tangled is awesome and deserves a watch.


Winnie the Pooh


Another 2D animated movie that came out during the Revival Era was a movie about everyone favorite bear Winnie the Pooh. This movie is a sweet story about Pooh’s quest for honey and the search of Eeyore’s tail. This is probably the weakest movie that came out during this time. It is not bad but it could have been better. A lot of the plot I feel has been done before such as Eeyore’s tail. So I feel like they should have tried to tell a new story. But for what we got like I said it’s not bad. I have often said I don’t think you can make a bad Winnie the Pooh movie. The Backson was a nice credit scene. And it is funny. So give this movie a watch if you love Winnie the Pooh. This particular Winnie the Pooh movie is not featured as much but Winnie the Pooh himself and his friends are present in the parks. With rides and appearing in parades and night-time show. For more details about where to find Winnie the Pooh in the Disney parks visit the Dark Age of Disney blog on here.

Wreck-It Ralph

11 November 13



Our next movie is another awesome movie known as Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph is tired of being the bad guy in his game and learns that being a bad guy does not mean you are a bad guy. He goes from game to game looking for a medal that will make him a hero. He soon lands in Sugar Rush a racing game that has an evil presence within its code. He meets Vanellope a kid racer who is very annoying at first but over time, they begin to bond and become friends. King Candy is an evil racer who loves the spotlight and doesn’t want to share. He took over Sugar Rush when his game got unplugged and went “turbo”. Going turbo is when a game character abandons their game and causes both games to be unplugged. My favorite character in this movie is Fix-It Felix who is the star of Ralph’s game and finds love along the way in searching for Ralph. I love his antics and he is just a very cool character. This movie was very successful and has even spawned a sequel which we will talk about later. This movie has heart and is very sweet. It also gave us our final traditional villain battle. After this movie no villains die and some movie don’t even have villains. Wreck-It Ralph has a presence in the parks. With the standard parades and night-time shows. He doesn’t have a ride which he needs, so he can wreck it. Wreck-It Ralph is a great addition to the growing Revival Era. I wonder what could top it?



11 November 14

And now we get to talk about the big movie the movie. The movie that showed everyone that Disney will never be topped again. Frozen is a Disney movie that everyone knows about. Some love it while others can’t stand it. But Frozen is the highest grossing Disney movie and has spawned a massive franchise. I like Frozen, it’s not my favorite but I do like it. The story is good and most of the characters are awesome. I hate the trolls. I wish they were not in the movie. They make everything worse when they are around. And they have no redeeming qualities. Elsa and Anna are awesome and they play off of each other very well. Kristoff is a nice love interest and you can tell that he loves Anna. Olaf is amazing and he really captures the innocence and fun of Elsa’s ice powers. Hans is a very good villain. He is modeled to be the love interest and hero but, in a twist, he is in fact an evil villain who can change his plan on a dime to make things work out for him. He also as a silver tongue and is very charismatic. The songs are what we love most about Frozen and can sing them all. Walt had wanted to make a Snow Queen movie, but could for some reason never make it. And this movie had been in development hell since 2011. I am glad to see that their hard work paid off and we got an awesome movie because of it. Frozen is everywhere in the Disney parks. Frozen Ever After is a fun ride based on Frozen. And of course, Frozen is featured in parades and in shows. Frozen is now on Broadway and a sequel is coming next year. Frozen will never go away and I am ok with that. We will never let Frozen go. So, let it go.



Big Hero 6

11 November 15

Big Hero 6 had to follow a really successful movie and it did not disappoint. Disney’s first Marvel animated feature and one that is not a part of the MCU is a nice superhero movie. Baymax is awesome and Hiro and Tadashi are cool as well. But none of the other characters are cool some of them are annoying. The villain is a one-dimensional villain who was very lame. But other than that, this movie is worth a watch. As tradition with Marvel movies there is an end credits scene and a Stan Lee cameo. And a pretty cool one at that. Other than Baymax being available to meet there is not much else of Big Hero 6 in the Disney parks. If you’re a Marvel fan you will enjoy this movie. It is worth a watch.




3 March 3

Zootopia is another movie that is awesome from the Revival Era. Judy Hopps just wants to be the first bunny cop and believes that she can be a good cop. But everyone else in her world does not believe that she can. She sets out to prove them wrong and along the way meets Nick Wilde. Nick Wilde is a con artist fox who trusts no one and originally bumps heads with Judy. But along the way they bond and become friends. They work together to find out why animals are going savage. Flash the sloth is one of the funniest characters. I love the DMV scene it was so funny. The villain is kind of forgettable but her plot is what helps drive the movie so that’s cool. Zootopia is a fun ride that is awesome. Other than appearing in parades there is not a huge presence of Zootopia in the Disney parks. Zootopia was very successful at the box office and is one of the few animated movies to cross 1 billion dollars. You will not be bored by Zootopia, it is so funny and epic and it tells a really good story.


11 November 16

Moana is probably my favorite movie of the Revival Era. The music is awesome and wonderful and actually better than Frozen. I love the character of Moana too. And Maui is fun and as a pretty tragic back story but has awesome hair and a cool song as well. What can else can I say? Moana is awesome. I love the fact that there is not really a villain. Te Ka is just Te Fiti but her heart has been removed. The story is a nice story about a girl who loves the ocean. The ocean is actually a character that has a mind of its own and chooses Moana to be the one who would help Maui return the heart of Te Fiti. Moana as a baby is one of the cutest Disney babies. I love when the ocean plays with her in the beginning. The music is awesome like I said, I think my favorite song is How Far I’ll Go along with I am Moana. I love Moana so much. This movie was released the same year as Zootopia and although both are awesome movies, I like Moana more. It won Best Animated Feature and was nominated for Best Song. Moana has a small presence in the Disney Parks and I hope that changes. She does appear in the fireworks show Happily Ever After in the Magic Kingdom. Thank you, Moana, for being an awesome movie. And Moana says you’re welcome.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

11 November 17

I just saw Ralph Breaks the Internet and it was a good movie. But it was not better than Wreck-It Ralph. For on there are continuity issues and character errors. I can’t say much because I don’t want to spoil it. But a character goes turbo in this movie and I think she is very selfish for doing it. But the movie never accuses her of going turbo. Also, the movie never explains how Vanellope is able to leave her game now. Unless when the game reset in the original she was no longer considered a glitch. Other than that, the movie is great. I like some of the new characters. I wish Felix had gotten more screen time and the subplot they gave him didn’t really go anywhere. But yes, the princesses’ scene was awesome. And I loved exploring the internet with Ralph and Vanellope.


So there we have it. Those are the movies so far that have come out during the Revival Era of Disney. This is an era that I hope never dies. So what do you think about the Revival Era? Which movie is your favorite from the Revival Era. Next time we will begin looking at Pixar.

The 2000 Slump

After the wonderful success of the Disney Renaissance in the 90’s, Disney was hoping that this success would continue in the  new millennium and that their movies would be epic stories that people would love and cherish. Well as they say all good things must come to and end. And after the success of Tarzan in 1999, almost every movie after this were bad movies. There are some that have risen to popularity and decent story telling. But others are panned and deserve the hate that they get. This era would begin with Fantasia 2000 and ends with Meet the Robinsons. Some say Bolt should be included here while others say Bolt started another era which we will get to next time. So now lets look at the Disney animated movies that came out during the era known as the 2000 Slump.



Fantasia 2000

We start this era off with a sequel that tried to match the brilliance of the original Fantasia. I think what hurt this movie is the fact that they had actors talk about each piece that made the movie drag. The segments are nice and some are more memorable than others. Carnival of the Animals is kind of boring as is Rhapsody in Blue. I am also not a fan of the Steadfast Tin Solider. But I do love the Pines of Rome, Pomp and Circumstance and The Firebird Suite. As well as the classic that was brought back from the original, Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Pines of Rome is a nice piece about a pod of humpback whales who are given the ability to fly by the powers of a supernova. So now they can swim in the sky and it is a pretty nice piece. Pomp and Circumstance was used to show that animals marching to Noah’s Ark and is not bad. Donald and Daisy are in this one and they are funny and charming. Also Frank from the Rescuers Down Under can be spotted walking to the Ark. But the best piece of all is the Firebird Suite. Which is about this Sprite who has the power to create life. She is an artist and loves to create and is very curious when here powers stop at the base of a mountain. She has a friend Elk who is always there for her and helps her overcome tremendous despair. So the Sprite goes to investigate this mountain and awakens a Firebird. This Firebird is massive and must have been difficult to animate. He is covered and fire and seeks to destroy the forest and the Sprite. Everywhere the Sprite goes, the Firebird is close behind. But in the end the Firebird is defeated and the forest returns to its former glory and beauty and now even the mountain that housed the evil Firebird is beautiful. The music is probably the best thing about this feature. It starts out soft and then just builds and is very epic sounding.  2000 has a small presence in the parks. It is featured in World of Color in Disneyland but not much else.  We must remember that the first Fantasia was a box office bomb originally but over time gained popularity and became a classic. 2000 was actually more successful than the original, but people argue that its pieces were not as iconic or memorable as the original. That being said, it is still a good movie that is worth a watch.


The next movie in the 2000 Slump is a movie that made money and was a success and is one of the highest grossing Disney movies. This movie is Dinosaur. While the animation is wonderful and the opening scene epic, after these features, the movie tanks. It is just another land before time story about dinosaurs travelling to a land that is green and they can have their babies. A “great valley” and of course there is a big bad non T-Rex that stalks them. But there are some elements that are not like the Land Before Time. The Carnotaurus are not the main villain and instead of Apatosaurus being the main character, we have an iguanodon name Aladar. The story brings nothing new to the awesome world of dinosaurs and it is predictable from beginning to end. This movie has one reference in the Disney parks and it doesn’t even follow the story of Dinosaur. I am talking about the Dinosaur ride in  Animal Kingdom that is actually better than the movie. This movie is worth a watch but I wouldn’t watch it often. There was actually an idea to not have the dinosaurs talk. I don’t if that would have helped or hurt this movie. What was needed was just a better story than a copy and paste from better dinosaur movie. But as I said there are some good elements to this movie, just not enough to make it a good Disney movie.

The Emperor’s New Groove

The next movie while not a huge success was actually a pretty good and funny movie. The Emperor’s New Groove is a funny and awesome and just a fun ride from beginning to end. Kuzco is one pretty selfish king of the world and loves being that way and has no problem destroying an entire village just to make a pool for himself. Along the way we meet Yzma, Kuzco’s crazy adviser and enemy. He gets turned into a llama and is forced to seek help from a peasant and learn to be unselfish and think about other.This movie is full of 4th wall jokes and funny one liners and is a very good movie. It was successful enough to create a small franchise which included a sequel and TV series. The Emperor’s New Groove has a small presence in the parks with very rare meet and greets from Kuzco and Yzma. And is feature in the card game Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom. Originally this movie was going to be vastly different with a more serious plot about Yzma trying to steal the sun for some reason. It was called Kingdom of the Sun and Sting was brought in to write the songs. But this story fell through the cracks and gave us this awesome and funny ride of a movie. Go see Emperor’s New Groove and have a laugh.

Atlantis the Lost Empire

Atlantis the Lost Empire an adventure movie that takes us on a quest to find the lost city of Atlantis. This is Disney’s first sci/fi animated feature and it shows. This movie is massive and has great visuals. It also has a strong princess character that had this movie been more successful would be a great addition to the Disney princess lineup. Atlantis however suffers from a predictable plot and forced romance. They find Atlantis and life goes on as normal. Nothing changes and the characters are even told to never talk about what they found. We do have some awesome characters and one of the best villain lackeys since Flotsam and Jetsam. The villain is just a money hungry villain that has been done over and over again. Although he does get a rather violent end for being such a one-dimensional villain. And then we have our love interests whose romance comes out of nowhere. They meet and at the end of the movie they are married. Neither say they love each other or even share a kiss. It is like the writers said a princess must marry the hero of the story in the end because this is Disney. I might be harsh on this movie but it is a good movie and worth a watch. It is one of Disney’s best underrated movies. Due to this movie not being successful there is very little of it in the Disney Parks. 20,000 leagues was going to be re-themed to a Atlantis themed ride, but since the movie wasn’t successful this idea was scrapped. Give Atlantis a watch and see what you think.

Lilo and Stitch

Now we come to the most successful movie of the 2000 Slump, Lilo and Stitch. After a series of a bad movies Lilo and Stitch are a welcomed sigh of relief. This movie is fun and heartwarming and has a very good story. Lilo is a very special girl who is struggling to fit in and has a sister Nani, who is forced to be Lilo’s guardian when their parents die in a car accident. These sisters love each other and would do anything for each other. Stitch on the other hand is an experiment that was created to destroy. It was supposed to go to a dessert asteroid but Stitch or 626 is very clever and manages to escape to Hawaii and meets Lilo. Over time Stitch realizes where he belongs and becomes more than a creature who was created just to destroy. This movie is awesome and one is Disney’s best. Due to its success Lilo and Stitch were rewarded with a massive franchise that is still going strong to this day. With 3 sequels and 2 TV series and a rumored live action remake as well as a ride in the Magic Kingdom. Lilo and Stitch are amazing and I am really glad that this movie exists among so many failures. I would tell you to see Lilo and Stitch but I know you already have.

Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet is a movie that could have been good but it wasn’t. It doesn’t even know what time period it should be portraying. Is it in the future or the past. Future with all the cool futuristic gadgets such has Hawkins glider? Or past with clothes that look like they are in colonial America. Then we have annoying sidekicks such as a robot named Ben and then we have a boring story. And to top it all off this movie was expensive to make. In fact it was the most expensive movie since Tarzan. But this movie bombed big time. And to add insult to injury, this was the project that the creators of Aladdin and the Little Mermaid actually wanted to make. They really missed the ball on this one. But they will redeem themselves in the future so it’s all good. Avoid Treasure Planet at all costs.


Brother Bear

Since the success of the Lion King, Disney had tried again and again to reclaim that awesome success that the Lion King brought them. Eisner wanted another animal movie that could be as good or better than the Lion King. As if anything can be better than the Lion King. But instead of lions they decided to use bears. And thus Brother Bear was born. Brother Bear is not a bad movie but it is no Lion King. The songs are once again sung by Phil Collins who still sing the songs but now he sings the songs over characters that are talking. It really ruins the scene that is supposed to be sad and could be more tragic if Phil Collins would stop singing. There isn’t really a villain just a misunderstanding that once solved ceases any reason for a villain. Some say Koda is annoying but I think he is alright. Kenai learns a lot from his transformation and stays with Koda. Sitka is another cool character. This movie did better than many other Disney movies during this time and was given a sequel that is not worth a watch. Kenai is a rare meet and greet character in Animal Kingdom. Brother Bear is a nice movie and I am glad it exists with Lilo and Stitch.

Home on the Range

Home on the Range is an awful Disney movie that has no plot and is not worth watching. This movie was so bad that it killed 2D animation from Disney until Princess and the Frog. Avoid this movie like the plague. Since Disney is wise this movie has absolutely no presence in the parks and I hope it stays that way. This movie is the worst Disney movie ever!

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Chicken Little

Chicken Little is the first 3D computer animated movie that Pixar did not produce. And it is terrible. I like Chicken Little and his friends but that is it. This movie is cruel. The whole movie is full of pop culture references of better movies while being a total jerk to the main character Chicken Little. But we have the absolute worst Disney dad in the history of Disney dads Buck Cluck. This dude flat-out tells his son that I wish you weren’t alive so that you would not embarrass me anymore and I wish your mom was here so that I wouldn’t have to deal with you. This movie is just bad. Chicken Little did appear in Kingdom Hearts and I have to say it was hilarious to pummel Hades with baseballs from Chicken Little. The character Chicken Little is a trooper though. No matter what he doesn’t give up on his dream that one day his town would like him and not ridicule him for this one mistake he made. This movie is watchable but not often. Like if it’s on TV give it a watch but don’t pay money to see it.

Meet the Robinsons

Now we come to the last movie of the 2000 Slump and I am proud to say that Meet the Robinsons is an awesome movie with a nice message and has a great story. Wilbur Robinson’s is my favorite character. He is funny and is trying to fix a mistake he made when he forgot to lock the garage door. Lewis is an orphan boy who loves to invent things but is frustrated that no one wants to adopt him. He feels like he has no future. The we have the Bowler Hat Guy who is a rather unusual villain in that he is not the main villain, his hat is. She was invented by Lewis in the future but Doris didn’t come out the way Lewis had hoped she would. So Doris knew that she had a purpose and that was to rule the world. This movie has a great message in keep moving forward. Through failure you learn from success not so much,. And great lesson to learn. But my favorite part is the end. When Lewis’ dreams come true and an awesome song plays and then a quote from Walt Disney appears. ” Around here however we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we are curious…. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney. Oh, I gets chills and a tear goes down my cheek every time. Meet the Robinsons was not well received but I love it. It has a small presence in the Disney Parks. The Bowler Hat Guy appears among other Disney villains sometimes and Doris has a card in the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card game. Watch Meet the Robinsons it is really worth a watch.


So there we have it. Those are the Disney animated movies that came out during the 2000 Slump era. But like all eras this one came to an end and rose with the era that we are currently in the Revival Era. More on that era next time. Please share which of the 2000 Slump era is your favorite. But for now this is Trey saying see ya real soon.