Where have I been?

Dear readers, I know it has been a while since I posted something and for that I apologize. But lately I have been busy with my new job and also I have not had much to talk about recently. I am fixing to go to Disney so I will definitely be writing about that. But just know that I will be blogging much less than in the past. I just wanted to let you know in case you were wondering if new content was going to return. And it will, just not any time soon.

Disney Legends

Disney Legends are the people behind many of our beloved Disney characters. Others are legends because they did something great in Disney history. Today we are going to look briefly at three Disney legends that have stood the test of time and our beloved members of the Disney family.



Verna Felton.

We kick things of with a woman who was with Walt Disney right from the start. Her first role was the Elephant Matriarch in Dumbo. She has voiced countless other beloved characters as well. Such as the Fairy Godmother, The Queen of Hearts and her last role an elephant in the Jungle Book called Winifred. Winifred would be the matriarch of her herd if her husband Colonel Hathi wasn’t in charge. Verna Felton died one day before Walt. She is missed but her voice lives on in the characters that she brought to life.


Paul Frees.

Paul Frees is a Disney Legend that acted in many live action movies for Disney such as the Absent Minded Professor and the Shaggy Dog. He is also the voice of the Ghost Host in the Haunted Mansion ride. You may recognize his voice by his non-Disney work. He voiced many Christmas characters such as Jack Frost in the Rankin/Bass Christmas movies. I am a huge fan of the Haunted Mansion and it is nice to finally have a face to go with the voice that invites us to join his mansion of happy haunts. He really is a haunting and awesome Disney Legend.

Jodi Benson

One of the most beloved characters, Ariel is voice by a wonderful woman who has the voice of an angel and gave this little mermaid a beautiful voice. Jodi Benson is a wonder and I love her a lot. Aside from Ariel, Jodi Benson has voiced many other characters for Disney. Including Lady in the Lady and the Tramp sequel, as well as Barbie in the Toy Story franchise and she has also voiced some tv characters like Helen from the Hercules the tv show. She is also the voice of Weebo in Flubber. I love to hear Jodi Benson sing. She really is a wonderful Disney legend.

pjimage (1)

So there we  have it. Those are just three of the countless Disney Legends that have lent us their acting talents and given us amazing characters and attractions to love and cherish. As I said there are many more Disney Legends and I would like to look at more of them in the future. So until next time Disney fans…. May all your dreams come true.

My Trip To Disney

I recently went to Disney and I had an amazing time.


I stayed at Shades of Green which is a military resort on Disney property. I have been to this resort many times and love it. I was at Disney for 2 days and I had a blast. The first day I went to Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is my favorite Disney parks. There are so many awesome things to do in the Magic Kingdom. My first attraction was the Enchanted Tiki Room, not my favorite but I needed something before I did my first fast pass which was Pirates of the Caribbean. There were some letdowns on this trip. Peter Pan’s Flight was closed for most of the day and Peter Pan’s Flight is a must do for me. Plus it was Peter Pan’s anniversary so I really needed to ride this ride. Also the Peoplemover was closed. Another ride that I love. So I didn’t get to ride Peter Pan until later that night when I waiting for 80 minutes to ride it. I was able to ride the ride finally and still make it in front of the castle to see the fireworks show. It was very windy so the fireworks and Tinkerbell didn’t fly. But they still showed the castle projections and it was still awesome.


The next day I went to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Rode Frozen, Finding Nemo and ate at Coral Reef. It was an amazing and expensive experience. You ate in front of a massive aquarium. A few sharks came by and a massive guitarfish swam by as well (look it up). Saw the new Beauty and the Beast sing along in France. It was nice and very fun. Then I rode the gondolas for the first time to Hollywood Studios. I have to say I was not impressed. It was slower than we were told it was going to be and at some points you felt like you were going to crash into the car in front of you when it came in to land. But it was new so I did it and now I don’t have to do it again. In Hollywood Studios I finally got to see Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land. But nice places paying very close attention to detail. I didn’t ride any rides I just wanted to see the lands. Saw Fantasmic and called a night. I love Fantasmic.

But like all good things my trip came to and end. I will be back and that always makes me happy. But I hate leaving. I can have the best trip ever but when it comes to leaving that awesome castle I hate it. I already can’t wait to go back.

So there we have it. That was a fun trip and as I said I can’t wait to go back. What other Disney things should I talk about on my blog? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like this please share with a friend. So until next time Disney fans…. May all your dreams come true.

Happy Mother’s day

Hello everyone and Happy Mother’s day

There are a lot of awesome Disney moms so I thought it would be cool to talk about a few of these great Disney moms.

pjimage (8)

Bambi’s mother.

Probably one of the most iconic Disney mothers is Bambi’s mother. She loves her son with all her heart and teaches him the ways of the forest. She teaches him about Man and the danger He can cause. She teaches him how to survive in the harsh winter. But most of all Bambi’s mother gave her life to protect her son. When Bambi and her mother were eating grass suddenly they started running for their lives. There was no Great Prince to help save them, Bambi’s mother did what she had to do to keep Bambi alive. She told him to run and don’t look back. I think also sadly Bambi’s mother knew that was not going to be able to escape Man. So rather than have her son see her get shot, she makes sure that all he is focusing on his getting away from Man. Unfortunately we then get the sad scene of Bambi searching for his mother. And he can’t find her. Then finally the Great Prince shows up and informs Bambi that his mother can’t be with him anymore. Then we get a midquel of Bambi dealing with his mother’s death. Something we do not get to see in the original. Bambi’s mother is an awesome mother and a very good Disney character.


Dumbo’s mother

Very similar to Bambi’s mother, Dumbo’s mother loves Dumbo with all her heart and does not find his big ears ugly or annoying nor is she hateful toward Dumbo for being different. She loves Dumbo and they have some sweet moments together. Dumbo’s mother does not tolerate anyone bullying or mistreating her son. And she will do anything to keep Dumbo safe. But the cruel ringmaster locks her up for this and now Dumbo is on his own. He does go to see her one night after being humiliated during a circus show. And we have one of the most sad scenes in Disney history. Where Dumbo grabs his mother’s trunk and just sobs because they can’t be together. And then Mrs.Jumbo sings Dumbo a lullaby while rocking him in her trunk. Oh my what a scene. Finally when Dumbo proves to the world just how awesome he is, is Dumbo reunited with his mother. And Dumbo and his mother couldn’t be happier.


Perdita is an awesome and unique mother. She has 15 puppies of her own and then without question adopts 84 puppies in an effort to save them from the evil Cruella De Vil. And Perdita braves cold temperatures and Baduns to get her puppies back.


Duchess is a sweet mother who wants the best for her kittens and teaches how to be fine ladies and gentlemen.


Sarabi loves her son and is very proud of him. She is not above embarrassing her son either. They have a great relationship. Sarabi is quite a large lioness, standing nose to nose with Scar. She is a fierce lion but also has a gentle side. When Simba returns to Pride Rock, all he wants to do is find his mother to make sure that she is safe. When he saw her get struck by Scar, the furious Simba emerges. Simba and Sarabi are pleased to be reunited. As far as Sarbi knew, Simba died alongside her husband in the wildebeest stampede. So for about 2 or 3 years Sarabi believed that her son was dead and the her land was being ruled by a tyrant. But now her son is alive and is able to defeat Scar. And when Simba climbs Pride Rock in the end. Sarabi looks on with a smile on her face. Her son is the king of Pride Rock and she couldn’t be prouder.

images (2)

There are so many other great Disney mothers. Kida’s mother sacrifices herself to protect her people and her daughter in Atlantis. Queen Leah had to endure 16 long years without her daughter. As did Rapunzel’s mother for 18 years. Ariel’s mother sacrificed herself to save her 7 daughters. And Ariel also became a mother and loves her daughter with all her heart.

Sina loves Moana with all her heart and is very understanding of her daughter’s love of the ocean. She also understands her husband’s fear of it and the reason he does not want Moana going on the ocean. But in the end when Sina understood that Moana needed to go on this quest to restore the heart of Te Fiti. Sina is very supportive of her daughter and helps her pack. Giving Moana her blessing on the quest. In the end mother and daughter are reunited and they begin sailing together and they both couldn’t be happier.


These are just some of the awesome Disney mothers that we have looked at today. I couldn’t cover them all and that is ok. Some sons and daughters lose their mothers, while some mothers had to sacrifice themselves to save their child. All these Disney mothers demonstrate what a good mother is. Self sacrificing caring and loving women who will do anything to teach their children right from wrong and to follow your dreams. Happy Mother’s Day. And as always may all your dreams come true.

Pixar : The Experimental Era



When Pixar first entered our world we were surprised that toys could come to life and change our lives. Pixar has come a long way since then and now Pixar is a household name and the Pixar has a massive presence in the Disney parks. After the release of Toy Story 3 it was thought that Pixar could do no wrong. That their stories were awesome though out stories that had a reason to exist. And so we enter the Experimental Era. In this era we begin to see  a lot more sequels. In fact most of these movies are a sequel or a prequel. This is also the first time where Pixar movies did not do as well has they have in the past. This era starts with Cars 2 and is currently still going strong. So lets look at the Pixar Experimental Era and see if the experiments were a success.


Cars 2

We start with Cars 2. This is the first Pixar sequel to not be a Toy Story movie. This movie is hated by pretty much everyone. And I hate it too. They decided to push Lightning McQueen to the parking lot and make Mater the main character and give him a spy movie to drive around in. The main problem here is that there is too much Mater. Mater should have always been a side character. I would have rather seen the relationship with McQueen and Sally be more developed. To go from a movie as massive and epic as Toy Story 3 and then release this junk yard garbage is an embarrassment to the Pixar name. Cars is everywhere and many people believe that the only reason Cars 2 exists is to sell toys. But despite Cars 2 being awful, it made money which paved the road for another sequel that we will talk about later.

6 June 15


Next we have Brave. Brave is not a sequel but is actually Pixar’s first fairytale. Merida is a princess with wild red hair who just wants to be herself and ride her horse and shoot arrows. But her mother has her own plans for her daughter. This movie is very good. I love the story even though there are some plot elements that I think they took from Brother Bear. I love the triplets and when they get turned into bear cubs, they are even cuter. They never talk, but are funny and love their sister and do all they can to help her. Merida is the only Disney official princess that is from Pixar. Her movie did very well but has not spawned a franchise. Brave can be seen in firework shows in the Disney parks as well as in parades. And Merida is a meet and greet character. So give Brave a watch.

6 June 16


Monsters University

Now we come to the first and only prequel movie made by Pixar, Monsters University. Before their days at Monsters Inc. all monsters must attend Monsters University to become good scarers. And this is how Sully and Mike meet. At first they are rivals but eventually the become friends. After learning that Mike is not scary, Sully confides in him that from day one the only reason Sully was successful was because of Mike. Sully believed that just a big loud roar was all that was needed to scare kids. But Mike, despite not being scary uses his big brain to come up with plans to scare people. We also meet Randall for the first time, who at first is friends with Mike. But after being invited to join a fraternity, Randall soon proves himself to be a good scarer. This is also where the rivalry between Sully and Randall starts. Though it is just a college movie with very predictable scenes, this movie is not bad. I love the design of the monsters. Each one is different. They did pretty well with keeping everything about the first movie in tact. We learn why the Abominable Snowman was banished. We see Waternoose and Roz though only through cameos. And like I said we see the friendship of Sully and Mike begin. And now they are the best of friends. I love how they added this movie to the Laugh Floor in Disney. Now instead being a college where you go to learn how to be good scarers now you go to Monster University to learn how to be good comedians. So give Monsters University a chance if you dare.

6 June 17

Inside Out

Now we come to my favorite Pixar movie. I love Inside Out. I love the characters, the story and I love the music. This movie is awesome. I love the emotions and how they play off one another and we literally get to see what is inside our heads. And we learn that sadness has its place and can be useful to deal with your problems. Bing Bong is a sweet imaginary friend that cries candy. We all cried candy to when we was forgotten. I also loved the worlds of Riley’s mind. But at the end of the movie when we look into other people heads and see what they are thinking was the best. I loved the boy, and the cat the best I think. All of the emotions are funny and really make you love this movie even more. Joy is the lead emotion and she loves seeing Riley happy. So when Sadness touches the core memories and makes Riley sad, Joy believes that Sadness is hurting Riley. But we soon learn that Sadness has a place in Riley’s head. Oh I love this movie and I wish there was an Inside Out ride in the Disney parks. This movie did really well at the box office. I would love to see a sequel to Inside Out but it must be as good as this one.

6 June 18

The Good Dinosaur


The Good Dinosaur is one of the worst Pixar movies. The animation is horrible and the dinosaurs look like play dough that you can squish at any time. There is no story. A dinosaur gets lost, needs to find his way back home, his dad dies, meets a boy who acts like a dog. Dinosaur finds home, Spot leaves with no real reason why. I do like the relationship that develops between Spot and Arlo but there is not much else here. I don’t know that this movie is anywhere in the Disney parks which is weird since there is a Dinoland in Animal Kingdom. So maybe Disney doesn’t like this movie either.

11 November 23

Finding Dory

People swam to the theaters to see Finding Nemo. It has become one of Disney best achievements. Kids everywhere know Nemo and Dory and they love the story of Finding Nemo. Because of this love, people have wanted a sequel to Finding Nemo for a long time. Well now it is here. Finding Dory is a sweet story about Dory finding her family. She meets new friends along the way and Marlin and Nemo brave many obstacles to find their friend. This movie is very funny and has heart too. And baby Dory is one of Disney’s cutest babies. But in the end Dory finds her family and earns that her short-term memory loss is actually a good thing. It was one of the reasons that she found her parents. And who knew that Marlin could drive a truck? This movie is awesome and is worth a watch. And yes Finding Dory is featured in the Disney parks. Destiny and Bailey sometimes make appearances on Turtle Talk with Crush. Finding Dory did very well at the box office and was the second Pixar movie to cross the $1 billion mark worldwide. Let’s face it, we love Dory.

6 June 19

Cars 3

Though Cars 2 is hated, it did very well at the box office and since Disney loves money, they decided to make another Cars movie. Cars 3 is a much better movie than Cars 2. In this movie Lightning McQueen is back as the main character. In this move Lightning finds that he not as fast as the new young cars. He now must learn how to be a mentor to a new racer like Doc Hudson was to him. This movie is fun and awesome. A major improvement over Cars 2.

6 June 20



Coco is an awesome movie about Miguel who loves to sing. But his family is against him becoming a singer and wants him to become a shoe sailer. He soon finds himself in the land of the dead and learns the reason behind the hate for music in his family. He learns to remember his family and prevent them from experiencing the Second Death when a family member is forgotten. This movie has heart and is a really sweet story. This movie has a small presence in the Disney Parks. But it is only a matter of time before the Three Caballeros ride is changed to a Coco ride. Watch Coco and remember your loved ones who have passed on.

11 November 24

Incredibles 2

If there was a sequel that was wanted even more than Finding Dory, it has to be a sequel to the Incredibles. Well after years of pleading with Disney to give us a sequel and finally they did. Incredibles 2 is awesome. Elastigirl is now the main character. She is given an opportunity to stop a new mastermind who doesn’t believe superheroes are necessary. Bob is left to take care of the kids. And we have an epic adventure of being a family while saving the world. Jak-Jak was by far the best part of this movie. I loved the Jak-Jak vs the raccoon scene. It is one of my favorite Pixar scenes. So funny and awesome. Is is better than the original? Well the animation is better of course and the story is just as good as the original which makes this movie a good movie. Incredibles 2 is incredible and I am glad that it exists. I would say that it is as good as the Incredibles but the Jak-Jak scene makes it better than the original.

6 June 21


Toy Story 4


Review coming soon


Review coming soon



So there we have it. These are all of the Pixar movies that we have in the era known as the Experimental Era. Some of these movies were awful and we wish they never existed. But others are fan favorites that we couldn’t imagine not having in our life. So if the experiment was to have more Pixar, I would say that the experiment was a success. Is Pixar making too many sequels? Maybe but of the sequels we got, most of them we wanted. Bottom line is that Pixar is awesome and is here to stay. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So should we take a look at the many direct to video movies that Disney made? Many with lackluster stories and poor animation? Let me know what you would like for me to talk about on my blog. I also talk about animals and Pokemon on here.