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Welcome to the Animal page. On this page I will be sharing my love for animals with you


Frogs are some of God’s weirdest creatures. They are well known and live pretty much anywhere that is warm and has water. Frogs as we all know are amphibians which means they are born in the water and when they grow up they leave the water behind. For frogs though they love the water and can swim very well. But other frogs are tree frogs and love to hop around the canopy. Most frogs are carnivores eating whatever they can cram into their mouths. Their diet ranges from insects to for the larger frogs sometimes small mammals. Speaking of small, frogs come in all shapes and sizes. From the massive Goliath frogs that can be 13 inches long and weigh 7.2 pounds to the Paedophryne amauensis which is smaller than a dime. Frogs can jump, walk, run and some can even fly. Flying frogs have webbing in their feet much like other frogs, but flying frogs use their webbing to glide in the canopy from tree to tree. Frogs eat a lot of things but they are also eaten by a lot of other animals as well. So frogs have developed ways to defend themselves. Some frog puff up so much that they can’t be swallowed. Some are fast and can hop away quickly. And then we have some of the most toxic animals in the animal kingdom. Poison dart frogs are small frogs that are cute but deadly. One touch from their skin and you will be dead soon. They are famous in zoos but look don’t touch. Frogs are awesome animals that God has given us. Some people love frogs while others prefer they didn’t cross their paths. But frogs help keep insects in check and help the environment. Frogs are awesome. Thank you God for giving us frogs.













Before we get started I just want to say that my heart goes out to the animals in Australia who lost their lives to this evil brushfire.


God has given us many awesome and unique animals but none are more unique than marsupials. I am sure that we are all very familiar with marsupials. We know that they raise their young in a pouch. There are many different kinds of marsupials. Kangaroos, koalas, wombats and so on. Today We are going to talk about 5 things that make marsupials cool.

  1. Most live in one place. You can find a lot of animals in many different places. Eagles are found in many continents, tigers are spread out over much of Asia. Well most marsupials live in one place on this planet. Australia is home to many marsupials as well as the surrounding islands. Opossums are the only marsupial to live outside of Australia.
  2. Not all pouches are the same. When a joey kangaroo is born it is very tiny, naked and blind. But God gave this tiny thing powerful forearms and a strong sense of smell. The mother will leave a trail of saliva from the birth canal to her pouch which contains a precious teat for the joey. The joey uses its strong sense of smell and forearms to climb to the pouch. Wombats are diggers so a wombats pouch faces out so the mother doesn’t kick dirt into the pouch. Koala’s pouch has a sphincter that prevents the joey from falling out while its mother climbs trees.
  3. Koalas are stubborn. Koalas are a picky bunch of animals. There are many different kinds of eucalyptus trees, the koala prefers 30 of them. If they don’t find the right leaves, they simply will not eat.
  4. Marsupials fill the void of other animals in Australia. Since most of the animals in Australia are marsupials they had fulfill the roles that other animals play in the ecosystem. Like grazing on grass like a cow does, kangaroos fill this spot and graze and stir up nutrients in the soil. Who needs monkeys in Australia when you have koalas, gliders and tree kangaroos. Need carnivores to make sure the herbivores don’t eat everything and throw the ecosystem out of wack? Quolls, and Tasmanian Devils and also the dingo which is not  a marsupial.
  5. They used to be much bigger. The Procoptodon was the largest kangaroo was about 8 feet tall the same size as an ostrich. Giant wombats was the largest marsupial and was about 9 feet tall.

So there we have it. Those are just some of the things that make marsupials awesome. Thank you God for giving us such awesome animals. Next time we will be on the Disney page and we will discuss Disney marsupials.


pjimage (4)

Another one of God’s awesome animals is the bear. I love bears. Bears are strong massive animals that deserve our awe and respect. Throughout history evil man has sought the bear for its use in games where they must fight to survive. They were often starved to make them more aggressive. This was a cruel life for bears. It is the main reason that Africa doesn’t have any bears. Long ago the Atlas Bear roamed the Atlas Mountains of North Africa. Mostly herbivores, these large bears were often captured for earlier said games. They were also hunted relentlessly for sport. Man is the reason that the Atlas bear is extinct.


But today we still have many awesome bear species. From the massive polar bear to the tiny sun bear. Bears come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The polar bear is the largest bear and terrestrial carnivore and does mostly only eat meat. It prefers seals but will also hunt belugas and on the rare occasion walrus and reindeer. They mostly just eat the fat and blubber and leave the meat to the arctic foxes that always follow polar bears. Bears are found in Asia, Europe and North America as well as South America. The Spectacled bear is the only bear that lives in South America. Spectacled bears use to live in North America too and in my home state of Florida. They are the last of the short faced bears that are now extinct. These short faced bears were much larger than even today’s polar bear. In Asia we have the Sloth bear, Asiatic black bear and sun bears. As well as the famous but highly endangered giant panda. In North America we have brown and black bears. Black bears are mostly smaller than brown bears, but they are not always black. Some black bears can be brown, red, cinnamon and many other colors. Brown bears have subspecies like the Kodiak bear which rivals the polar bear in size, as well as grizzly bears. Asia also has brown bears. These bears sometimes take on Siberian tigers. Many tiger species actually hunt bears from time to time. Mostly the Siberian and Bengal tigers. God made an awesome animal and I love them so much.


Bears are very popular and there are many who own a teddy bear or have read Winnie the Pooh or looked into the sky and found Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. So we need to do all we can to protect bears and not let them cruel and horrible lives. Thank you God for creating bears. May they stay on this earth for a very long time. In the next few blogs we will be looking at other bears. On the Pokemon page we will be talking about bear Pokemon. And on the Disney page we will be talking about Disney bears. I try to post every Wednesday. Be sure to return to learn the other pages. Until next time cya.



One of the most recognizable animals that God created has to be the beautiful tiger. Tigers are beautiful, powerful animals that are known for the orange and black stripes as well as their teeth and claws. Tigers are the largest members of the cat family with the Siberian Tiger being the largest tiger subspecies and thus the official largest cat. There are 9 subspecies of tiger. 3 are extinct and all 6 living tiger subspecies are endangered. They the Bengal, Indochinese, South China, Malayan and Sumatran and of course the Siberian tiger. Sumatran tigers are the smallest subspecies of tiger. Tigers are powerful hunters and hunt many different animals. Bengals and Siberian tigers have been known to hunt bears. But most of the time, tigers hunt deer or antelope and are even capable of taking down the 1 ton guar. Tigers are a force to be reckoned with but they are not without their enemies. Tigers compete with other predators for food. Bengals face striped hyenas, dholes and bears as well as crocodiles. Tigers can usually defeat these foes with ease. But on rare occasions a very large pack of dholes could overpower a tiger. Tigers mate whenever they want and usually give birth to 2 or 3 cubs after a gestation period of about 93 to 114 days. If a lion and tiger ever mate they give birth to massive but sterile animals. If the male is a lion and the female is a tiger, the cub is called a liger. Ligers, due to their tiger genes, become the largest member of the cat family. Even larger than the Siberian tiger. If the male is a tiger and the female is a lion, the cub is called a tigon. They are not as large as the liger but are also sterile. Although in rare occasions some are not. But the offspring don’t live very long. Tigers are loved by many all over the world. Tigers are present in many Indian and Asian mythologies and have become household names in Jungle Book and Winnie the Pooh fans. Tigers are awesome and beautiful. It would be a shame to lose these wonderful animals. But all tiger species are endangered. Some are doing better than others like the Bengal. Numbers are up for Bengals but they are still classified as endangered. South China tigers are critically endangered and may be extinct in the wild. Sumatrans are also critically endangered. And Malayan tigers are also critically endangered. But people seem to care about tigers and their are many conservation acts to save tigers everywhere. I love tigers and thank God that he created such a beautiful and powerful animal.





God created some very interesting and unique animals. One of these amazing and kind of bizarre animals has to be the pangolin. I wonder how many people have actually heard of a pangolin. But pangolins are real and there are 8 species. The giant pangolin is of course the largest. It grows to 4.6 ft in length, Males are larger. Also giant pangolins have eyelashes. I love the fact that the smallest pangolin has the longest tail of all of the pangolins. This is why it is called the long-tailed pangolin. Pangolins have scales but they are not scales like a reptile’s scales. The scales are made of keratin the same thing that your fingernails are made of. These scales fit well together, the pangolin can roll into a tight ball if a predator tries to eat it. Once in a ball it is nearly impossible to pull it apart. Pangolins have strong claws that can open termites mounds. It uses its sticky tongue to eat the ants and termites. It has no teeth so it has no way to chew the ants. So it swallows small stones and they break down the ants in its stomach. Pangolins are nocturnal. Some pangolins can climb trees and have prehensile tails to help grab branches. Unfortunately, pangolins are endangered. Deforestation and hunting are the main reasons. Poaching for the pangolins scales has caused some pangolin species to become critically endangered. The Chinese pangolin is a cute small pangolin that is critically endangered. The ground pangolin does not climb trees, lives in Africa and is listed as vulnerable to extinction. So it is doing better than most pangolin species. The other pangolin species are the tree, Philippine and Sunda. Overall pangolins are awesome creatures that this world would sorely miss if they became extinct. Thank you God for giving us this unique awesome animal. An mammal that has scales like a reptile and a gizzard like a bird. And where only the giant pangolin has eyelashes. Pangolins are awesome.






Toucans are some of the most well known birds in all of the world. Their colorful beaks are always so nice to see. There are many different kinds of toucans and birds that are related to toucans but do not share the same name. We will be focusing on the birds that are known as toucans. The other birds that are related to toucans are called toucanets and aracaris. The Lettered aracari is the smallest toucan. There  are 8 species of true toucans. They are known for their large bills that make up have of their bodies. Toucans are frugivores which means they eat fruits. But they will also eat meat such as small birds and insects. The 8 species of true toucans are the toco toucan, choco, green-billed, channel-billed, keel-billed, citron throated, white throated and yellow throated toucan. The largest toucan is the toco toucan and is probably the most known toucan. I also feel that the keel-billed toucan is popular toucan. It has a beautiful bill and is one of my favorite toucans. Many of these toucans are seen in zoos all over the world. Toucans nest in a hole in a tree. They do not seal themselves in the tree the way hornbills do. Most toucans are thriving but there are some like the channel billed toucan that are listed as vulnerable to extinction. The channel billed toucan is another beautiful bird. It has a yellow throat and a blue bill. The toco toucan is the largest toucan has I said earlier. Most of its size is its large bill. It has the largest bill relative to its body size. The toucan’s bill looks heavy but it is actually hollow. Toucans fly really well even with these enormous bills. Sometimes toucans will fence with their bills which I am sure is a sight to see. Due to toucans being frugivores they also help in dispersing seeds which allow for more trees to grow. Due to the popularity of toucans, Toucan Sam is the mascot of the cereal Fruit Loops. And Pokemon has a pokemon known as Toucannon which is based off of a toco toucan. I love these birds and I thank God for giving us these awesome beautiful bird. Toucans are awesome.







One of the most beautiful animals is the  leopard. The leopard is a big cat in the genus Panthera. Being a big cat, the leopard can roar but not purr. While classified as a big cat, the leopard is actually the smallest of the big cats. There are 8 subspecies of leopard, the most common leopard is the African leopard. The Amur leopard that lives in Siberia and Russia is considered to be the most critically endangered cat and is extinct in some regions of Siberia. The Arabian leopard is the smallest of the subspecies. Leopards are well known for their stealth and their amazing ability to climb trees. The ability to stash their kills in trees safe from hungry predators gives them a edge over their competition. A leopard while being mostly a carnivore is an opportunistic hunter as well. They like to lie in wait in a tree and then drop down on their prey. They hunt many antelope and deer species depending on where they live. They can hunt other things if antelope are scarce. They are known for “defeathering and defurring” their prey before they eat it. A leopard can give birth to 2-4 cubs. Cubs are very cute but also very vulnerable, so the mother does her best to hide them while she goes on hunts. Leopards are solitary animals and only come together to mate. A male’s territory usually overlaps multiple female territories. The leopard as faired better than its other cat relatives. The leopard is classified as Vulnerable to extinction but there are some subspecies such as the Amur Leopard that was mentioned earlier and the Arabian leopard. The Persian leopard is considered to be endangered. And like every other animal in Java, the Javan leopard is also critically endangered. Leopards are a beautiful animal and it would be a shame to lose them. Some leopards, you may know can be melanistic or black. They still have spots which can be seen on sunny days. Thank you God for giving us these awesome animals. The leopard is one of your best creations. So what do you think about the leopard? I love leopards.






The life of a Tasmanian devil is not an easy one. They are the largest living carnivorous marsupial and  they can eat anything they want. But mostly they eat kangaroos, betongs and potoroos. They have also been known to take sheep. The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial which means it raises its young in a pouch. Devil love is not the most romantic thing ever. When the female is ready to mate the males will fight over her and she will choose the dominant male. Mating takes place indoors but when she has had enough she sends him packing the “devil way” She will fight him until he leaves. Gestation is only 21 days and she will give birth to dozens of joeys. The thing about devils is females only have 4 nipples so the first 4 joeys to make it to those nipples win. The ones that don’t make it are eaten by mom. Life as a devil is not easy. The Tasmanian devil is an endangered species. It used to roam all through the continent of Australia. But now only lives in Tasmania and surrounding islands. Devils do not do well in captivity. Though females have a harder time than males. A disease called devil facial tumour disease which causes tumours to grow on the devil’s head and mouth preventing it from eating so the devils starve to death. This is a very tragic disease that is widespread throughout the devils. But a healthy devil is known by its tail. Devils store fat in their tails so a devil with a fat tail is a healthy devil. So a devil’s tail is very important to it. Which makes me wonder how healthy Taz is from Looney Tunes. He has a very scrawny tail with no fat on it. The world sees Tasmanian devils has these savage animals that will eat anything in their path. But they are actually scared of humans. They will freeze when around humans and females shake violently when humans are around. They are very tough animals and strong animals too. There bite is very powerful. It’s jaw is designed much like a hyenas which has one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom. The Tasmanian devil is a very cool animal and we need to take care of it. I thank God for giving us this animal. So what do you think about the Tasmanian devil? Let me  know in the comments. And until next time always remember … Animals are awesome.


If there is one animal that everyone loves and knows about it is penguins. Penguins are awesome birds the God created. They are flightless but are amazing swimmers and love being in the water. Penguins are only found in the southern hemisphere. There are some people who think that penguins live with polar bears. But this is not the case. Polar Bears live in the North America and the northern hemisphere. Most penguins live in Antarctica and the southern tips of Africa and Australia. Most likely the reason that people believe that there are penguins in the north are because the great auk, an extinct sea bird that was flightless looked like a penguin. There are 18 living species of penguin from the 3 ft tall emperor penguin to the 13 in. little blue penguin of Australia. Gentoo penguins are the 3rd largest penguin and the fastest. It reaches speeds of 22 mph. King penguins look very similar to emperor penguins but are slightly shorter and live on islands around Antarctica. Penguins fall prey to leopard seals, orcas, fur seals and skuas. The emperor penguin is one of the deepest diving sea creatures. It can dive to depths of 900 feet. Emperor penguins have to be some of the toughest animals on the planet. They breed in the coldest time of the year in Antarctica. They find a mate, have an egg. The female then gives the egg to the male. Then the females return to the sea to feed. During this time so many things can go wrong. For one it is very cold and the males must endure harsh winds and snow and temperatures well below freezing. But the eggs is kept warm under a flap of skin. While the female feeds she must avoid becoming prey herself. If she doesn’t return, the male might be forced to abandon the egg to be able to return to the ocean to survive. But if the females do make it back, they will have a hungry mouth to feed. Some how amongst all of the identical males and chicks, she finds her mate and chick. God created them for this and did an amazing job. We love penguins and there have been many movies about penguins. Probably the most famous is Happy Feet. Which does a pretty good job of portraying penguins accurately. The emperor penguin is the largest penguin living. But there used to be penguins that were much larger than the emperor. Anthropornis was the largest penguin ever discovered. It was 6 feet tall. It must have been an impressive sight to see. A penguin that could look a human in the eye. Thank you God for giving us these awesome animals. We love penguins and we love you. So what do you love about penguins? Let me know in the comments below.

17 awesome penguin species


Today we are going to be talking about a very cool dog that you probably have never heard about the bush dog. The bush dog lives in South America and is about the size of a terrier but don’t let this guy’s size fool you, they are powerful hunters and hunt things such as capybaras and even tapir’s which are the largest land mammal in South America. No matter where an their prey goes they will follow. They are pack hunters but sometimes hunt alone. Some dogs will chase the prey into water where other dogs lie in wait. They give birth to about 3 or 5 pups and can live in captivity for up to 10 years. The Detroit Zoo has these awesome dogs so if you are in that area go see them.  The bush dog is listed as near threatened as an endangered species so that probably means their numbers are good but if things change to their environment the bush dogs could become endangered. These dogs are unique but very cool just like their relative the maned wolf who is a wolf at all. but more on the maned wolf later. So have you ever heard of a bush dog? Let me know in the comments below. And if you have any ideas for post please share them and share this blog with your friends and family. So until next time remember animals are awesome because they have an awesome Creator.


The Wonderful World of Water

Water, all life on this planet needs it. Our world is practically covered in this wonderful water. Our oceans are so vast that man has never been able to search it all. And yet there are so many wonderful animals living in this water. But not just in the ocean. In rivers and lakes there is also life. These awesome animals live in this water. In the river I think about the pike. A pike is a large freshwater predator that ambushes its prey. Swans and ducks swim on the surface and raise their babies on the riverbed. Otters swim and play and hunt for fish. In the ocean the massive humpback whales swallow hundreds of herring with one gulp. Even deep down at the bottom of the sea where the sun can’t reach there is life. And God has equipped these animals with special features to survive down there. The angler fish is not going to win any beauty contests but it has large teeth and a lure the shines in the dark and lures prey and other angler fish to it. Because the deep ocean is so large it is hard for angler fish to find mates. So the female angler fish lures males to it with its lure. The males are tiny compared to females. They attach themselves to  a female and provide her with sperm in return for food and survival. Up back where the sun shines orcas hunt for many different prey and come up with impressive strategies to hunt each prey they come across. So next time you take a drink of water think about the wonderful world of water.  Think about the  awesome animals God made that live in the water. Sharks are another great animal that God gave us. They are amazing. The bull shark has the ability to swim in both fresh and salt water. Tiger sharks eat just about anything. And those awesome great whites torpedo out of the water to catch their seal prey. It may be unfortunate that these animals are predators but they aren’t doing it to be evil. Sharks, orcas and all other carnivores eat other animals because it is what they have to do to stay alive. Penguins also enjoy the water and dolphins too. Thank you God for giving us water and the awesome animals that live in it. If you would like for me to talk about a specific animal let me know in the comments below.

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Today I am talking about another dolphin species that is critically endangered and it literally facing extinction. It’s called the vaquita dolphin and it is the smallest dolphin in the world. They are gray with eye circles and is very cute. I am so sad that this dolphin is this close to extinction. There are only 30 left in the wild. That could be one pod. They live in the Gulf of California. Due to their numbers being so small, their might not be anything that can be done. The gene pool is so small now so there is a risk of inbreeding. However we have many success stories of animals facing extinction and now there are so many that they can not be counted. Animals such as the American alligator and bison. Both of these animals were facing extinction and now you can find alligators in almost any freshwater habitat in America. So maybe something can change and help the vaquita survive and escape extinction. This is not a very long post, I just wanted to share this with you.  I love animals and I hate to lose any of them. So i hope that the vaquita has an awesome comeback story, but if nothing changes the vaquita dolphin will be extinct in a few short years. Thanks for visiting the blog and I hope you enjoy what you read.

Snakes are clever, snakes are fast. If you see one let it pass. Snakes are awesome animals that survive without legs. Snakes come in all sizes from the massive extinct titanoboa which grew to be 42 ft in length. To the Barbados threadsnake which is the size of a quarter. Snakes have streamlined bodies and elongated organs. They usually only have one lung. The most famous feature about snakes is their ability to produce venom to capture prey. Venom is very precious to a snake and it is not meant for us. It is very hard to make venom, so when a snake has to waste its venom on something that is not prey, both the victim and the snake suffer. A snake would rather be left alone and not waste its venom on something that it is not going to eat.  Elapids are a family of venomous snakes. These snakes include cobras, coral snakes and sea snakes. Elapids’ fangs are fixed and don’t spring forward like Viperids. The king cobra is the longest venomous snake which actually eats other snakes including the deadly krait. The taipan is another elapid that is very poisonous. It lives in Australia and are brown long snakes. Viperids is another family of venomous snakes. These include rattlesnakes, copperheads and bushmasters. Viperids fangs spring forward when they bite their victim. They are also very posionous.  colubrids are venomous snakes who have their fangs in the back of their mouth. although not all colubrids are venomous, they include mangrove snakes and boomslangs.   Another feature about snakes is that some are not venomous and constrict their prey. Pythons, boas and the anaconda of some of these constrictors. They bite the prey item on the head, coil around it and every time the animal exhales the snake squeezes and squeezes. Not a fun way to die. But these are things that snakes must do to survive. Some snakes are oviparous breeders while other snakes give live birth. A ovoviviparious animal is an animal who lays eggs inside their bodies and the babies hatch inside their mother and then are born. Young snakes are able to care for themselves from birth. Something that is very fascinating about snakes is their ability to move without legs. Some swim while others climb, some even glide, but they all do it without legs. And no they did not evolve from something else with legs. They were created that way. God gave every animal what they need to survive and snakes are no exception.  Also snakes never stop growing which is why they can grow to be very long snakes. The longest snake alive is the reticulated python which can reach lengths up to 22 ft. The heaviest snake is the green anaconda which can weigh up to 215 lbs. Also snakes are well-known to shed their skin as they grow. When a snake begins to molt, their eyes turn blue and their vision is blurred. They move over rocks and rough terrain to help shed their skin. Snakes are also deaf and can not hear the music that a snake charmer play. They are actually just mimicking the movements of the charmer.  God also gave snakes the ability to dislocate their jaws to be able to swallow any prey. No matter the size.   Whether it’s an egg or an antelope. Snakes are very cool animals and I am glad that God created them. I think my favorite snake my be the reticulated python. So remember, snake are clever snakes are fast if you see one let it pass. And snakes are awesome.


220px-Chrysopelea_ornataimages (1)maxresdefault (1)

Today we will be talking about a rather weird bird…. the shoebill stork.


The shoebill is a strange bird that doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. They are slow-moving and rarely fly. Their most distinctive feature is their shoe shaped bill hence the name. They are also called whalehead.  Shoebills spend their days standing still like a statue, if you bother them they simply move away. Though they are called storks, they share features with pelicans and also seem to be related to hamerkops, a brown small bird. Shoebill eat mostly fish occasionally  baby crocodiles, frogs and insects. Their favorite prey is lungfish which they use their bills to dig down into the mud where the lungfish live to eat them. Shoebill often  lay 1 to 3 eggs, the eggs are oval-shaped and have brown specks on them.  The chicks are as grey as their parents and hatch after 30 days of incubation. A few zoos have the shoebill but I would love to see one. They fascinate me.  They just don’t seem to have a care in the world. Shoebill storks are awesome birds and I am glad that God created it. Some animals I think God must had fun creating. God says,  “I will create a bird that will act like a statue and stare at you with those yellow eyes and never move”.  And Adam names it the Shoebill. Which I would  really love to know what Adam really name the shoebill, since shoes didn’t exist yet. Maybe he is the one who named it whalehead. Either way God made an awesome bird called the shoebill stork.



Today we are going to talk about some awesome animals that are critically endangered.

First lets talk about the Javan rhino. The Javan rhino is a very rare subspecies of rhino that is found on the islands of Java and and Sumatra. At one time Javan rhinos could be found in India and China. But now there is only a very small number of them left. 58 to 61 specimens were found in a National Park in Java. There are no Javan rhinos in captivity. Javan rhinos look almost identical to the Indian rhino. A Javan rhino’s horn is not very large compared to other rhino species. Females might not have them at all. This is one of the reasons that the Javan rhino is so rare. They have been poached for their horns because many believe the a rhino’s horn has medicinal properties. Also deforestation of their homes is another reason. With their population so small the fear of inbreeding is a huge threat as well.  All rhino species are endangered but the Javan Rhino will probably be the first to become extinct in just a few short years.

The Amur leopard is another critically endangered species. It is the rarest cat in the world with only 103 found in the wild. This is good news because at a time there were only 18-20 individuals left in the wild. Amur leopards also suffer with inbreeding issues since their population is so small. But there are a number of Amur leopards in captivity and hopefully we can help keep the species from extinction. Amur leopards live in Russia and northeastern China. They compete with Siberian Tigers for food as well as being hunted for their skins. Siberian tigers are also endangered. With numbers improving it is very hopeful that this awesome cat can be saved. It can be done. Just ask the American alligator and bison. Both were facing extinction and now there are so many alligators that they are found on almost every fresh body of water  in the America.

These are just some of the many critically endangered mammals. We will be talking about some critically endangerd birds next time so be sure to be here for that. We must help keep these awesome animals alive for generations to come. Animals are so cool and I would hate to lose even one. So, until next time… Enjoy animals while you can because you never know when one my go the way of the dodo.