Disney Legends

Disney Legends are the people behind many of our beloved Disney characters. Others are legends because they did something great in Disney history. Today we are going to look briefly at three Disney legends that have stood the test of time and our beloved members of the Disney family.



Verna Felton.

We kick things of with a woman who was with Walt Disney right from the start. Her first role was the Elephant Matriarch in Dumbo. She has voiced countless other beloved characters as well. Such as the Fairy Godmother, The Queen of Hearts and her last role an elephant in the Jungle Book called Winifred. Winifred would be the matriarch of her herd if her husband Colonel Hathi wasn’t in charge. Verna Felton died one day before Walt. She is missed but her voice lives on in the characters that she brought to life.


Paul Frees.

Paul Frees is a Disney Legend that acted in many live action movies for Disney such as the Absent Minded Professor and the Shaggy Dog. He is also the voice of the Ghost Host in the Haunted Mansion ride. You may recognize his voice by his non-Disney work. He voiced many Christmas characters such as Jack Frost in the Rankin/Bass Christmas movies. I am a huge fan of the Haunted Mansion and it is nice to finally have a face to go with the voice that invites us to join his mansion of happy haunts. He really is a haunting and awesome Disney Legend.

Jodi Benson

One of the most beloved characters, Ariel is voice by a wonderful woman who has the voice of an angel and gave this little mermaid a beautiful voice. Jodi Benson is a wonder and I love her a lot. Aside from Ariel, Jodi Benson has voiced many other characters for Disney. Including Lady in the Lady and the Tramp sequel, as well as Barbie in the Toy Story franchise and she has also voiced some tv characters like Helen from the Hercules the tv show. She is also the voice of Weebo in Flubber. I love to hear Jodi Benson sing. She really is a wonderful Disney legend.

pjimage (1)

So there we  have it. Those are just three of the countless Disney Legends that have lent us their acting talents and given us amazing characters and attractions to love and cherish. As I said there are many more Disney Legends and I would like to look at more of them in the future. So until next time Disney fans…. May all your dreams come true.

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