Happy Mother’s day

Hello everyone and Happy Mother’s day

There are a lot of awesome Disney moms so I thought it would be cool to talk about a few of these great Disney moms.

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Bambi’s mother.

Probably one of the most iconic Disney mothers is Bambi’s mother. She loves her son with all her heart and teaches him the ways of the forest. She teaches him about Man and the danger He can cause. She teaches him how to survive in the harsh winter. But most of all Bambi’s mother gave her life to protect her son. When Bambi and her mother were eating grass suddenly they started running for their lives. There was no Great Prince to help save them, Bambi’s mother did what she had to do to keep Bambi alive. She told him to run and don’t look back. I think also sadly Bambi’s mother knew that was not going to be able to escape Man. So rather than have her son see her get shot, she makes sure that all he is focusing on his getting away from Man. Unfortunately we then get the sad scene of Bambi searching for his mother. And he can’t find her. Then finally the Great Prince shows up and informs Bambi that his mother can’t be with him anymore. Then we get a midquel of Bambi dealing with his mother’s death. Something we do not get to see in the original. Bambi’s mother is an awesome mother and a very good Disney character.


Dumbo’s mother

Very similar to Bambi’s mother, Dumbo’s mother loves Dumbo with all her heart and does not find his big ears ugly or annoying nor is she hateful toward Dumbo for being different. She loves Dumbo and they have some sweet moments together. Dumbo’s mother does not tolerate anyone bullying or mistreating her son. And she will do anything to keep Dumbo safe. But the cruel ringmaster locks her up for this and now Dumbo is on his own. He does go to see her one night after being humiliated during a circus show. And we have one of the most sad scenes in Disney history. Where Dumbo grabs his mother’s trunk and just sobs because they can’t be together. And then Mrs.Jumbo sings Dumbo a lullaby while rocking him in her trunk. Oh my what a scene. Finally when Dumbo proves to the world just how awesome he is, is Dumbo reunited with his mother. And Dumbo and his mother couldn’t be happier.


Perdita is an awesome and unique mother. She has 15 puppies of her own and then without question adopts 84 puppies in an effort to save them from the evil Cruella De Vil. And Perdita braves cold temperatures and Baduns to get her puppies back.


Duchess is a sweet mother who wants the best for her kittens and teaches how to be fine ladies and gentlemen.


Sarabi loves her son and is very proud of him. She is not above embarrassing her son either. They have a great relationship. Sarabi is quite a large lioness, standing nose to nose with Scar. She is a fierce lion but also has a gentle side. When Simba returns to Pride Rock, all he wants to do is find his mother to make sure that she is safe. When he saw her get struck by Scar, the furious Simba emerges. Simba and Sarabi are pleased to be reunited. As far as Sarbi knew, Simba died alongside her husband in the wildebeest stampede. So for about 2 or 3 years Sarabi believed that her son was dead and the her land was being ruled by a tyrant. But now her son is alive and is able to defeat Scar. And when Simba climbs Pride Rock in the end. Sarabi looks on with a smile on her face. Her son is the king of Pride Rock and she couldn’t be prouder.

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There are so many other great Disney mothers. Kida’s mother sacrifices herself to protect her people and her daughter in Atlantis. Queen Leah had to endure 16 long years without her daughter. As did Rapunzel’s mother for 18 years. Ariel’s mother sacrificed herself to save her 7 daughters. And Ariel also became a mother and loves her daughter with all her heart.

Sina loves Moana with all her heart and is very understanding of her daughter’s love of the ocean. She also understands her husband’s fear of it and the reason he does not want Moana going on the ocean. But in the end when Sina understood that Moana needed to go on this quest to restore the heart of Te Fiti. Sina is very supportive of her daughter and helps her pack. Giving Moana her blessing on the quest. In the end mother and daughter are reunited and they begin sailing together and they both couldn’t be happier.


These are just some of the awesome Disney mothers that we have looked at today. I couldn’t cover them all and that is ok. Some sons and daughters lose their mothers, while some mothers had to sacrifice themselves to save their child. All these Disney mothers demonstrate what a good mother is. Self sacrificing caring and loving women who will do anything to teach their children right from wrong and to follow your dreams. Happy Mother’s Day. And as always may all your dreams come true.

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