This year was not a bad year for Disney. It probably could have been better but I would say that Disney is proud to leave 2018 strong. That being said Disney did have some minor bumps throughout the year. So here is the best things to happen to Disney in 2018. A worst list will follow.
This years movies were some of Disney’s best. Christopher Robin was a sweet Winnie the Pooh story that is adorable and is definitely a highlight this year.
We also finally got a sequel to the Incredibles. And did not disappoint. It was well received and made us want even more Incredible action.
I have not seen it yet but Mary Poppins Returns has gotten a lot of love. Apparently it is sad too. Angela Lansbury and Dick Van Dyke appear in this movie. 2 Disney gems that are practically perfect in every way.
And Ralph Breaks the Internet was another sequel that we go this year and it was awesome. I do think one of the characters went “turbo” which was a bad thing in the original, but somehow it is not in this movie. But still Ralph wrecks it in a good way once again and I can’t wait to add it to my collection of Disney movies.
Disney Parks
I visited the Disney parks twice this year and I had a blast. I stayed at a resort that I have never stayed at and it is one of the best Disney resorts to me. I stayed a Port Orleans Riverside and it was beautiful and spacious and we took a boat to Disney Springs and got to see Disney Springs at night. My nephews went and they had a blast too. My second trip, I saw Illuminations Reflections of Earth one last time. This is the firework show in Epcot. I am sad to see it go but look forward to seeing what replaces it. And seeing Disney at Christmas time is always fun.
Toy Story Land
Toy Story Land opened this year in the summer and although I have not seen it yet, I have heard very good things about it. Slinky Dog Dash is a fun looking roller coaster that I might actually ride. Some negative things have been about the lack of shade and no Al’s Toy Barn to buy Toy Story merchandise. But still this new land looks awesome and I can’t wait to visit it.
I am sure there are other great things that Disney gave us this year but these were just some of the awesome things that I thought were awesome that we got from Disney this year. I am really looking forward to 2019, some awesome movies are headed our way. But until keep an eye out for the worst things that Disney has done this year. And yes Disney does have a few. See you in 2019 and as always may all your dreams

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