Disney’s Revival Era

After a series of failures and box office bombs, Disney was finally tired of doing so poorly. Disney was ready to become known once again as a studio who knows how to tell good stories and give us great movies again. This gave us the Revival Era. The Revival Era in my opinion started with Bolt and has continued to this day and this is one era that I hope will never end. But we will talk about that later. Right now let’s just look at these awesome movies that came out during the era known as the Revival Era.

Caution : we will be looking at Ralph Breaks the Internet. I will try not to spoil anything. But you might want to see Ralph Breaks the Internet before you view this section.




Some argue that should be a part of the 2000 Slump era, but for me this movie does not belong in that era. If anything, it ended the era so we could call this movie the transition movie. The movie that helped make everything better. Bolt is an awesome story about a dog that is part of a tv show and thinks that he has superpowers. It is pretty fun to watch him learn how to be a normal dog. The story is done very well and it is animated beautifully. There is not one character that I felt didn’t need to be there, well maybe Rhino but he is funny and doesn’t really hurt the plot like some trolls I know. This is really a simple story but it is told very well. A girl just wants to be with her dog, a dog that thinks he is a superhero and doesn’t know how to be a dog. So, when he believes that Penny has been kidnapped, he stops at nothing to rescue her. Along the way he meets a declawed cat name Mittens. They travel cross-country to find Penny. Along the way Bolt learns that he is not as super as he thought. He has to learn how to be a dog. And in the end being a normal dog is better than being a superhero if you can be with the ones you love. This movie did very well at the box office and is the best Disney movie since Lilo and Stitch, sadly a franchise has not been made, but Bolt does appear sometimes in the Disney Parks on merchandise. He has a card in the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom game. If Bolt were to appear as a meet and greet, he would be met in Animal Kingdom. Bolt is a hidden gem that needs to be watched. Also, the pigeons are hilariously stupid an as Rhino would say, that is totally awesome. Oh, and puppy Bolt is very cute.




Princess and the Frog


After the disaster that was Home on the Range, Disney decided to distance themselves from 2D animation. The very thing that gave us Disney. They decided to move to the computer animated movies and we got the horrible Chicken Little. Well over time Disney decided to return to their roots and make another 2D animated movie and thus, Princess and the Frog was born. Princess and the Frog is a very good and funny 2D animated film. With this movie we got our first African-American princess and she is awesome. Instead of wishing on a star and her dreams magically coming true, Tiana learns that if you want something in life you have to work hard and maybe your dreams will still come true. But this doesn’t stop her completely from wishing on stars. Her dream is to open a restaurant that her father never could. Along the way she learns that not getting what you want but having what you need is more important. She learns this from a lot of different and awesome characters We have Louis the alligator who loves jazz music and can even play the trumpet. Also, Mama Odie who is the voodoo queen of the bayou and she is funny and awesome. We also have the Shadow Man aka Dr. Facilier as the villain. While not my favorite villain, he does have a nice villain song and made us cry for a bug. Oh yeah, he evil. Ray is one of the best sidekicks since Timon and Pumbaa. He never gives up on his friends and does all he can to help Tiana’s dream come true, And Naveen the prince who gets turned into a frog by the Shadow Man is not a bad Disney prince. Just a little selfish and a lazy bump on a log. But he learns that he should put others first and find love.  This movie did very well at the box office and it showed Disney and the world that you can still make awesome 2d animated films. The songs in this movie are awesome as well. I love the Evangeline song and Dig a Little Deeper. This movie is heavily featured in the Disney parks. Appearing in parades, meet and greets and nighttime shows. Princess and the Frog is an awesome Disney movie.




Disney has been known for its sometimes-expensive movie projects and a few have held the title of most expensive animated movie, well Tangled is the queen of this title and remains the most expensive animated movie ever. However, while movies like Sleeping Beauty did not do well originally, Tangled blew the competition away and was tremendously successful. With a new form of animation, the blended CG and 2D animation together to look like a painting. As well as an awesome story, characters and songs, Tangled as gone on to be one of Disney’s greatest achievements. Tangled is an awesome movie from beginning to end. Maximus is probably the best Disney horse ever and an awesome character. I mean he sword fights Flynn Rider. What horse does that? And Rapunzel is an awesome Disney princess who wants to leave her tower and has a dream but also doesn’t want to upset her “mother”. You know the story. Her hair has magical powers that can glow and heal and even make villains younger. This is why Mother Gothel had her locked in a tower where no one would ever find her precious flower. Flynn Rider is probably a descendant of Aladdin because he loves to steal and has a nice smolder. He also loves Rapunzel and reluctantly at first helps Rapunzel’s dream come true. The songs are probably the best feature about this movie and of course the best one is See the Light. It is a very nice romantic and sweet song. Some of the best characters are those who never say a word. Rapunzel’s real parents lost her on the day of her birth. For 18 years they had been searching for their daughter. They never say a word but we can see it on their face that they are heartbroken. I love it that the movie takes time to let us see that. This movie is amazing. I have a dream that you see this movie. In the Disney parks Tangled is present. We have the Tangled bathrooms in the Magic Kingdom and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider can be met and they are featured in parades and night-time shows. And there is a new tv series about Tangled and a few shorts from Tangled. Have I said it enough times? Tangled is awesome and deserves a watch.


Winnie the Pooh


Another 2D animated movie that came out during the Revival Era was a movie about everyone favorite bear Winnie the Pooh. This movie is a sweet story about Pooh’s quest for honey and the search of Eeyore’s tail. This is probably the weakest movie that came out during this time. It is not bad but it could have been better. A lot of the plot I feel has been done before such as Eeyore’s tail. So I feel like they should have tried to tell a new story. But for what we got like I said it’s not bad. I have often said I don’t think you can make a bad Winnie the Pooh movie. The Backson was a nice credit scene. And it is funny. So give this movie a watch if you love Winnie the Pooh. This particular Winnie the Pooh movie is not featured as much but Winnie the Pooh himself and his friends are present in the parks. With rides and appearing in parades and night-time show. For more details about where to find Winnie the Pooh in the Disney parks visit the Dark Age of Disney blog on here.

Wreck-It Ralph

11 November 13



Our next movie is another awesome movie known as Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph is tired of being the bad guy in his game and learns that being a bad guy does not mean you are a bad guy. He goes from game to game looking for a medal that will make him a hero. He soon lands in Sugar Rush a racing game that has an evil presence within its code. He meets Vanellope a kid racer who is very annoying at first but over time, they begin to bond and become friends. King Candy is an evil racer who loves the spotlight and doesn’t want to share. He took over Sugar Rush when his game got unplugged and went “turbo”. Going turbo is when a game character abandons their game and causes both games to be unplugged. My favorite character in this movie is Fix-It Felix who is the star of Ralph’s game and finds love along the way in searching for Ralph. I love his antics and he is just a very cool character. This movie was very successful and has even spawned a sequel which we will talk about later. This movie has heart and is very sweet. It also gave us our final traditional villain battle. After this movie no villains die and some movie don’t even have villains. Wreck-It Ralph has a presence in the parks. With the standard parades and night-time shows. He doesn’t have a ride which he needs, so he can wreck it. Wreck-It Ralph is a great addition to the growing Revival Era. I wonder what could top it?



11 November 14

And now we get to talk about the big movie the movie. The movie that showed everyone that Disney will never be topped again. Frozen is a Disney movie that everyone knows about. Some love it while others can’t stand it. But Frozen is the highest grossing Disney movie and has spawned a massive franchise. I like Frozen, it’s not my favorite but I do like it. The story is good and most of the characters are awesome. I hate the trolls. I wish they were not in the movie. They make everything worse when they are around. And they have no redeeming qualities. Elsa and Anna are awesome and they play off of each other very well. Kristoff is a nice love interest and you can tell that he loves Anna. Olaf is amazing and he really captures the innocence and fun of Elsa’s ice powers. Hans is a very good villain. He is modeled to be the love interest and hero but, in a twist, he is in fact an evil villain who can change his plan on a dime to make things work out for him. He also as a silver tongue and is very charismatic. The songs are what we love most about Frozen and can sing them all. Walt had wanted to make a Snow Queen movie, but could for some reason never make it. And this movie had been in development hell since 2011. I am glad to see that their hard work paid off and we got an awesome movie because of it. Frozen is everywhere in the Disney parks. Frozen Ever After is a fun ride based on Frozen. And of course, Frozen is featured in parades and in shows. Frozen is now on Broadway and a sequel is coming next year. Frozen will never go away and I am ok with that. We will never let Frozen go. So, let it go.



Big Hero 6

11 November 15

Big Hero 6 had to follow a really successful movie and it did not disappoint. Disney’s first Marvel animated feature and one that is not a part of the MCU is a nice superhero movie. Baymax is awesome and Hiro and Tadashi are cool as well. But none of the other characters are cool some of them are annoying. The villain is a one-dimensional villain who was very lame. But other than that, this movie is worth a watch. As tradition with Marvel movies there is an end credits scene and a Stan Lee cameo. And a pretty cool one at that. Other than Baymax being available to meet there is not much else of Big Hero 6 in the Disney parks. If you’re a Marvel fan you will enjoy this movie. It is worth a watch.




3 March 3

Zootopia is another movie that is awesome from the Revival Era. Judy Hopps just wants to be the first bunny cop and believes that she can be a good cop. But everyone else in her world does not believe that she can. She sets out to prove them wrong and along the way meets Nick Wilde. Nick Wilde is a con artist fox who trusts no one and originally bumps heads with Judy. But along the way they bond and become friends. They work together to find out why animals are going savage. Flash the sloth is one of the funniest characters. I love the DMV scene it was so funny. The villain is kind of forgettable but her plot is what helps drive the movie so that’s cool. Zootopia is a fun ride that is awesome. Other than appearing in parades there is not a huge presence of Zootopia in the Disney parks. Zootopia was very successful at the box office and is one of the few animated movies to cross 1 billion dollars. You will not be bored by Zootopia, it is so funny and epic and it tells a really good story.


11 November 16

Moana is probably my favorite movie of the Revival Era. The music is awesome and wonderful and actually better than Frozen. I love the character of Moana too. And Maui is fun and as a pretty tragic back story but has awesome hair and a cool song as well. What can else can I say? Moana is awesome. I love the fact that there is not really a villain. Te Ka is just Te Fiti but her heart has been removed. The story is a nice story about a girl who loves the ocean. The ocean is actually a character that has a mind of its own and chooses Moana to be the one who would help Maui return the heart of Te Fiti. Moana as a baby is one of the cutest Disney babies. I love when the ocean plays with her in the beginning. The music is awesome like I said, I think my favorite song is How Far I’ll Go along with I am Moana. I love Moana so much. This movie was released the same year as Zootopia and although both are awesome movies, I like Moana more. It won Best Animated Feature and was nominated for Best Song. Moana has a small presence in the Disney Parks and I hope that changes. She does appear in the fireworks show Happily Ever After in the Magic Kingdom. Thank you, Moana, for being an awesome movie. And Moana says you’re welcome.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

11 November 17

I just saw Ralph Breaks the Internet and it was a good movie. But it was not better than Wreck-It Ralph. For on there are continuity issues and character errors. I can’t say much because I don’t want to spoil it. But a character goes turbo in this movie and I think she is very selfish for doing it. But the movie never accuses her of going turbo. Also, the movie never explains how Vanellope is able to leave her game now. Unless when the game reset in the original she was no longer considered a glitch. Other than that, the movie is great. I like some of the new characters. I wish Felix had gotten more screen time and the subplot they gave him didn’t really go anywhere. But yes, the princesses’ scene was awesome. And I loved exploring the internet with Ralph and Vanellope.


So there we have it. Those are the movies so far that have come out during the Revival Era of Disney. This is an era that I hope never dies. So what do you think about the Revival Era? Which movie is your favorite from the Revival Era. Next time we will begin looking at Pixar.

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