The Many Eras of Disney

The Golden Era.


Throughout Disney’s life it has had it’s ups and downs but through it all Disney never gave up and kept moving forward and gave us a wonderful library of entertainment. Walt Disney started his company so long ago and many people told him that it couldn’t be done. Well no matter the challenge, Disney always found a way to pull through. The many eras of the Disney Company started with the Golden Era. This was the time when Disney first showed what his awesome company can do. Now some people say that the Golden Era went from Snow White to Ichabod and Mr. Toad. But I like split those eras into two. The Golden Era and the Packaged Era. The Golden Era is what started it all and showed the world what one man can do with a dream. The Golden Era in my opinion was the first 5 full length animated films Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi. And I am going to talk about these movies now.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs gloriously entered our lives on December 21, 1937. It took the world by storm and changed it as well. Snow White was the first full length animated feature. We love Snow White and we are right to do so. Snow White has a great story and awesome characters. Other than Snow White’s naivety I can’t think of one negative thing to say about the movie. We love the dwarfs, who doesn’t love Dopey or Grumpy or any of the others. Each is awesome in their own way. This movie made us long for romance and sing with the dwarfs and cry as well. Snow White is a very moving movie as well. The funeral scene is one of the saddest in all of Disney history. Snow White and the Dwarfs are frequently seen in the Disney parks and we have the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Disney World and Snow White’s Scary Adventures in Disneyland. Disney would be ashamed to not honor the movie that made them a force to be reckoned with. Snow White remains one of the highest grossing Disney movie of all time. I could keep talking about Snow White but we have more awesome movies to discuss.

12 December 1


After Snow White the pressure was on to produce another great masterpiece. Well WW2 hit during this time and it was pretty hard to produce a movie but Disney did it. The 2nd Disney movie was the wonderful Pinocchio! However, Pinocchio did not do well at the box office at first and Disney actually lost money because of Pinocchio. But with a war nothing is as it should be. But over time and re-releases Pinocchio did start to make money. Into today’s world, Pinocchio is a classic, loved by many. The story is very good. And the characters are awesome as well. And the villains are very memorable. But the songs are what probably makes Pinocchio very popular. When You Wish Upon a Star is the anthem of Disney and probably one of the most recognized of all of Disney songs. The character Pinocchio learns a lot from the Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket on how to be brave, truthful and unselfish to  become a real boy. Pinocchio is seen often in the Disney Parks and has a restaurant in Disney World and a ride in Disneyland. Pinocchio is a wonderful follow up to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Disney would not be the same without it.

2 February 1


Fantasia is a rather unique movie in the Golden Era in that it is a packaged film. It is a series of shorts that either have a story or are just works of art. Each segment is accompanied by a famous musical number. This movie is long. And I often find myself skipping the talking parts of Deem Taylor and go right to the cartoon itself. Each one is memorable and awesome though some are better than others. Rite of Spring is a great piece that tells the story about dinosaurs. Pastoral Symphony is about Greek Mythology creatures enjoying a bacchanal and probably the most famous pieces are the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Night on Bald Mountain. Sorcerer’s Apprentice gave us Mickey Mouse’s most famous role as he tries to fill water with a magic broom with the sorcerer’s magic hat. And then we have Night on Bald Mountain where the awesome villain Chernabog wreaks havoc on a Halloween night before being repelled by church bells and the Ava Maria. Fantasia is a very unique classic that is not done anymore. There were a lot of things that went wrong, had to be changed during production. Fantasia came into our lives on November 13, 1940 and like Pinocchio it didn’t do well at first. But overtime people began to love Fantasia and it is one of Disney’s best. Fantasia is scattered all over the Disney parks. Chernabog is a frequent villain that is seen in shows and parades, Mickey wears his sorcerer’s outfit in the nighttime show Fantasmic that is heavily influenced by Fantasia itself. Also much like Pinocchio, Disney would not be the same without Fantasia and Mickey would not have hi famous role. Fantasia is a great Disney movie.




11 November 1


After the failures of both Pinocchio and Fantasia, Disney was really hurting to produce a movie that did as well as Snow White. Disney turned to a simpler and much shorter and less expensive source. The world’s only flying elephant flew into our lives on October 23, 1941. And it was the answer that Disney needed. It did tremendously well. An immediate hit. The story is about a baby elephant with big ears who’s mother gets locked away for protecting him. The movie is short and sweet but has heart and is a wonderful story. There are not a whole lot of characters but the characters that we do have are amazing, for the most part. While I am not a huge fan of the elephants and the ringmaster and clowns, I do love Dumbo. He is just a cute sad animal that never asked for these ears. But with the help of his friend Timothy Q. Mouse and some crows he is able to put those ears to use and show everyone just how awesome he is. Much like the rest of the Golden Era movies, Dumbo is present in the Disney parks in one of the most iconic Disney ride. Dumbo the Flying Elephant is one of those rides that will never leave and everyone should ride at least once in their life.  Overall Dumbo is a great Disney movie and I am glad that is exists.


10 October 1



Bambi was the 5th animated classic that was produced by Walt Disney. It came out in 1942 during the heart of World War 2. So naturally it didn’t do very well at first. But overtime Bambi became known as a classic. The Story. The story of Bambi is very simple, life in the forest through the eyes of a young fawn named Bambi. This movie is slow paced and doesn’t really have a drive. It is just every day life in a forest. There are some intense moments but most of the movie is calm and gentle. So, let’s talk about some of these intense moments. Bambi’s mother dies, we all know this and it has never been forgotten and has affected millions. It effected Walt so much that during the rest of his life no major character besides villains died. We see this in Lady and the Tramp and Jungle Book. Where both Trusty and Baloo miraculously survive their battles. We did not get another major character death until the Lion King with Mufasa being killed. Another parent death that no one forgets. But anyway, back to Bambi, another intense moment is whenever Man is in the forest. During the last half of the movie the forest is in terror of Man. There are many this time and they mean death for who ever encounters them. The only thing they can do is run. The Characters. Bambi has some of the best characters in all of Disney. We have Bambi, Bambi’s mother, The Great Prince of the Forest, Thumper, Flower and Friend Owl and also some few minor characters such as the squirrel and chipmunk. Oh and of course Faline the love of Bambi’s life. Thumper and Flower were added by Disney and were not in the book that the movie is based on. And we love these two. Flower only really gets 2 scenes but they are so iconic and memorable that we just adore Flower. I am sure that all of us can quote Bambi meeting Flower word for word. And when Flower gets twitterpated is very memorable and cute. Thumper is Bambi’s best friend and teaches him about the forest. He likes to thump, eat blossoms not greens and has a love/hate relationship with his sisters. Bambi is a fun character who learns a lot from his mother, Thumper and the Great Prince. He loves life and really loves his mother. He is a pretty obedient fawn. He never disobeys his mother and listens to her. When he rushes out the meadow without thinking, his mother rushes to stop him and warns him that there might be danger. He learns from this and follows her every word. He is very sad when he loses her. He also learns from his father, the Great Prince. When he grows up he becomes a strong young buck who can hold his own in a fight and triumph and protects the love of his life, Faline with all his might. He meets Faline after being told what being twitterpated is by Friend Owl. At first, he is nervous and tries to get away from her, but after one kiss he is hooked. He defends her and stays by her side for the rest of the movie. And becomes the father of two adorable fawns. The Songs. All of the songs are memorable as well, I like them all except for Let’s Sing a Gay Little Spring Song. Not for the song itself but for where it is placed in the movie. The song comes right after Bambi learns about his mother’s death. We never get to see him deal with it he just looks back at his childhood and walks off and we get happy little birds singing about being twitterpated and happy and it just should not have been done that way. But aside from where it was put in the movie it’s a cute song. And Love Is a Song being a wonderful opening song and I love it a lot. Looking for Romance is a nice love song about Bambi and Faline falling in love and all that comes with that. April Showers is a nice filler song that everyone loves as well. I think it would have been cute if we could have heard Bambi’s mother sing him a lullaby as he goes to sleep. Bambi is a great Disney movie that I love and really have nothing negative to say about other than where they placed a song. But thanks to Bambi 2 we do get to see Bambi deal with his mother’s death and we get to see his relationship with the Great Prince develop. Something that we never really saw in the original. Yes, the Great Prince comes to help him in the end but before that he had no real relationship with Bambi. That’s something to note, as a fawn he had his mother, as a buck he had his father looking after him. Pretty cool if you think about it. There are a few goofs to look for next time you watch. During the whole Man scene at the end Faline’s eyes change from blue to yellow. Which I actually like. Yellow means alarm, something’s wrong so I like that clever goof. Also, during one scene can’t remember which, the gray squirrel that hangs out with the chipmunk turns into a red squirrel at one point. Bambi has a presence in the Disney parks, he doesn’t have a ride but he does appear in Fantasmic and a few other shows such as Happily Ever After and World of Color.  Thumper and his wife are walk around characters. Flower used to be a creepy walk around character but he has been retired. You can find Bambi on merchandise and in topiaries. Bambi is a great Disney movie and I am going to give Bambi an A-. Thanks for stopping by and remember …. May all your dreams come true.

4 April 1

The Golden Era is a wonderful era of Disney that gave us 5 awesome Disney movies to cherish forever. And these movies would help keep Disney alive til its next great era. But that era was years away and right now Disney was facing a war. Did Disney have what it took to survive WW2? Find out in the next era.

Coming soon the Packaged Era


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