Happy Fathers Day



Today we honor all of the great Disney dads. Disney has given us so many wonderful fathers. Some have to endure so much. Such as dying, forced to be without their child for a length of time. While other fathers got are willing to do whatever they need to get their children back. Mufasa is an awesome father who paid the ultimate price to safe his cub. But even after death, Mufasa was a voice of reason to his son and helps Simba fulfill his destiny. I think about the Disney princesses and their fathers. Ariel and Triton, Maurice and Belle. Ariel is a rebellious teenager who does what she wants no matter the cost. But Triton does his best to keep her safe. Both have tempers and opinions but at the end of the day they both love each other very much. And Triton allows Ariel to leave him to have her dreams come true. Belle actually is the one who sacrifices for her father. She will do whatever she can to keep her father safe. Even if this means becoming a prisoner in a beast’s castle forever. Pongo is another awesome Disney dad, who faces  cold temperatures and evil villains to get his puppies back. But that is not all. When Pongo learns that Cruella obtained many more puppies for her evil plans, he takes them in without a second thought. There are so many other wonderful Disney fathers. However, where there is good there is also bad. Some fathers never have what it takes to be a good father. Some wish their son was never born so he would embarrass his father. Buck Cluck is such a father. He only likes his son when he is not embarrassing him. But in the end even Buck learns to love his son and support him no matter how it makes you look. Some Disney fathers were not able to see their child grow up or see their dreams come true. But they often left some of their wisdom behind to learn from. Like Tiana;s father, he never got the place he always dreamed of but he had something better, he had love. And as long as his ‘babycakes’ was happy, so was he. Tiana takes quite a while to learn this, but she never forgot what her father told her. and his advice is what helped overcome the powers of the Shadow Man. So wish your father a Happy Fathers day and give him a big hug. And as always may all your dreams come true.

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