Disney challenge 3

Today’s challenge is who is your favorite heroine? And I have to say that Mulan is my favorite heroine. However, there are many other wonderful Disney heroines. But Mulan is awesome because she becomes a hero to save her father. I don’t think she really expected to save China but she does. She is a problem solver and a thinker and wants to uphold the family honor. Which she does. Even when it was discovered that she wasn’t a man and was cast out, she still fought for her country. A country that almost killed her after pulling off an amazing defeat of the Huns. She then returns to warn the soldiers that the Huns are still a threat. And may I point out that Mulan not Shang, the captain of China’s greatest troops defeated Shan Yu. Mulan is one tough woman. Mulan is seen fairly often in the Disney parks. She can be met in the China pavilion in Epcot and she appears in a few nighttime shows. Mulan is a great heroine who saved China even when everyone told her that she would never bring her family honor. And that is why Mulan is my favorite Disney heroine.

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