Are the Disney Princesses Christian?

Are the Disney Princesses Christian?

Let’s see if the have character traits that say that they are more likely to be Christian or at least follow Christian beliefs.

Lets look at Snow White since she is the first Disney Princess. She is the only princess to be seen praying. Now we do not know who she is praying to, but I would like to thank she is praying to God. She is kind and compassionate even to those who are trying to harm her. Now is she so kind that she allows the Queen into her home despite the birds and animals warning? Yes, but does that hurt her case for being a Christian? No! Jesus says be kind to your enemies. He also says do not let evil into your home. Is Snow White to kind to realize the signs of evil? Maybe. In her world the only person she has found to be evil is the queen. Grumpy may be grumpy but he is not evil. And I think Snow White does know the difference. So I do believe Snow White is a Christian.


Now lets talk about Cinderella. Cinderella is somewhat like Joseph in the Bible. She has both parents in the beginning of her life. But then her mother dies and her father remarried. And then he dies. It is then that the Stepmother reveals her true nature. That she was vain and cruel and forced Cinderella to be a servant in her own home. But through it all she remains kind and forgiving and dreams that one day her wish will come true. Could it be that her wishing and dreaming could have been her way of praying? Yes she has a fairy godmother and magic exists in her world. But in that world could God use them to make a kind girls dreams come true. We really do not know what Cinderella’s dream was. But the fairy godmother must have seen something in Cinderella to come and help make her dream come true. Cinderella is kind and after her dream comes true and she becomes a princess she is still kind and forgiving. She is able to forgive Anastasia for years of abuse and ridicule and even for destroying her mothers dress, to help Anastasia find true love. And if it were to happen I am sure that she would forgive her stepmother too. So yes I would like to think that Cinderella is a Christian.


Aurora I have no clue because we really do not see enough of her to find out. She daydreams and sings and is kind to animals. She is obedient to her “aunts” even if she would rather not be. And then for the rest of the movie she is either silent or asleep.


Ariel since she is under the sea and has ties to Greek mythology I can’t say if she is a Christian or not. Does she act the way a Christian is supposed to act? No. Ariel is rebellious and goes after what she wants no matter the cost. She basically gives her life to Ursula just to get legs and try to kiss a guy she has never met. In the end she gets what she wants and doesn’t really learn anything. Yes Christians make mistakes but Ariel doesn’t seem to care about anyone but herself.


Belle on the other hand I do think is a Christian. She is kind like Cinderella and caring of others. She does not let people walk all over her either. She loves to read and if she had a copy of the Bible I am sure she would read it. And seeing how huge the Beast’s library is he has to have it. He might not have read it though which is why he was turned into a beast. Belle is able to look past his physical looks and see his heart. And she sees the man underneath the beast.


Jasmine is from Agrabah an Arabian country and it is clear that Jasmine is Muslim. The Sultan even says Allah sometimes.


Pocahontas being an Indian seems to have animistic beliefs. But history tells us the Pocahontas converted to Christianity and changed her name to Rebecca. But since this is the myth telling of Pocahontas I can not say if she became a Christian or not.


Mulan is Chinese and seems to believe that their ancestors guide them and they even pray to them. And we know the that China has its own mythology and believes in many gods and dragons. So no Mulan is probably not a Christian.


Tiana I would like to believe is a Christian. Although she seems to care more about work and getting her restaurant than love. She learns that with love all the rest falls into place. And she knows that sometimes things don’t always go your way. But you just have to make the most of it. There is the part where she technically prays to a star so we do have to think about that. Is she an astrologer? I don’t know.


Rapunzel is probably not a Christian at least while she is in the tower. But maybe after she marries Flynn she learns about God and becomes a Christian.


And as for Merida, she is Scottish so whatever Scottish people believe in is probably what she believed in. I believe they worship the moon or something like that.

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Does it really matter if the Princesses are Christian? Maybe not but being a Christian it’s nice to be able to see God in Disney and I do quite often. So tell me if you think I am right or if I make no sense of any of that stuff. Just leave a comment to let me know what you think on this topic, OK. And as always until next time Christians and Disney fans… Trust in God and may all your dreams come true.

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