Disney challenge 2

Today’s challenge is who is your favorite Disney Princess. My favorite Disney princess is Belle. She is an awesome character who is not only beautiful but smart and doesn’t let the world around her tell what she can and can’t do. She is not really looking for  anything in particular, just to have more than a provincial life. She dreams of adventure. This  could be due to her love for books. Many of the books she reads are about adventures. Well her own adventure turned out to be quite epic. She helped a beast rediscover his humanity while risking her freedom to save her father’s life. Belle loves her father and will do anything to keep him safe. She never dreamed of falling in love with a beast and it was certainly not love at first sight. She only starts to fall in love with the Beast after he starts treating her better. She almost can’t believe the change in him, but she is willing to call him friend. The Beast never expected Belle to return when he released her Which is why he lost the will to live. He was shocked and thrilled when she did return. And the two live happily ever after. Belle is seen quite often in the Disney parks in meet and greets and in a few Beauty and the Beast shows and parades. She is also in a few nighttime shows as well. Belle can be seen in the TV show House of Mouse and had a short lived series of her own called Sing Me a Story with Belle. Belle is an awesome Disney princess which is why she is my favorite.


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