My love for Disney

It all began with my parents giving me my VHS copy of Peter Pan. That was my introduction to Disney. I have always loved Disney. I would act out the movies while watching them and I played Captain Hook in all my childhood role playing games. For a long time Peter Pan was my favorite movie ever. When I would go to my Grandmother’s and play with my cousin, we would play Captain Hook and Wendy. Wendy was a pirate and Peter Pan was the bad guy. I remember marching down my aunt’s wedding signing “Follow the Leader”. Well Peter Pan has been dethroned. While it is now my second favorite Disney movie, Lion King has moved into the throne and is now king. I love the Lion King. I can remember the first time I heard the first few words of Circle of Life. We had just gotten Aladdin on VHS and the next movie was Lion King. I ran to tell my mother that they were making a movie about lions. I also remember going to see it in theaters. I asked my mom what we were going to see and she said the Flintstones. I said I don’t want to see the Flintstones. Then she said 4 tickets for the Lion King please. My mouth hit the floor, “you said we were seeing the Flintstones”. Mom says oops. And with that I saw the best Disney movie ever. And now that I am older I love it even more. And Scar is my favorite villain. I love the lion so much. He is cool looking and very evil. I do love most of the Disney villains. I am not fond of the dog skinning, poacher villains, but the rest are pretty epic and awesome. I had only been to Disney World once or twice in my childhood. I am a Christian and the Christian community decided to boycott Disney during my childhood so I was not allowed to go to Disney. Well since I have grown up and the boycott was lifted, (not that it would matter), I now go to Disney as much as I can. I love going to Disney and hate leaving. Walking down Main Street toward that awesome castle is one of the best feelings in the world. I could go on forever about how much I love Disney and that is what this blog is for. I will be posting about various things that I love about Disney. And yes while I love Disney, there are some things about Disney that I don’t like, we can discuss those too. So, enjoy yourself on this blog and as always… May all your dreams come true.


Partners, a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, sits i

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